Our Mission

GreeneryFinancial is an online information website that attempts to aide newbie financial enthusiasts and seasoned veterans alike make money more efficiently, save more money on their everyday spend, and invest in a way that benefits them in the long-term.

Our purpose in creating this website is to answer the ever so common questions regarding basic financial principles, as well as to provide a reliable source for people to turn to when they’re not quite sure about something related to finance, be it which brokerage would be the best choice for you to invest through, or what’s truly the right side-hustle for you to pursue to make some extra income or even retire early.

We hope to be a useful resource for those new to finance and wealth management and seasoned veterans alike. We intend to keep this resource up to date however if you believe there is a mistake regarding a specific brokerage or product, or simply disagree with our assessment, then please contact us.

What Makes Greenery Financial Different?

We aren’t a typical financial site owned by a large multi-million dollar corporation with dozens or hundreds of employees — instead we’re a modest start-up created with the intent to provide financial education on topics that often those large money-seeking companies are not interested in covering.

We primarily focus on serving countries that have less financial infrastructure and resources as we believe, after traveling to many developing countries such as Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, the Philippines, Egypt, Nigeria, and many others, that one of the critical things needed to uplift people out of their situation is genuine helpful honest education.

Everything published is always done so only after vetting by locals we grew to know in our travels to these countries, and rankings are dictated based on a combination of their personal experiences and knowledge, as well as our personal investigations — which always includes financial analysis of the companies that may be recommended by us and hands-on experience with the companies we cover.

When using our site you can rest assured that what we say is what we believe — sometimes this may mean telling the straight-up truth that a popular company or app is horrible and a waste of time or can’t be trusted in our opinion. We don’t intend to mislead people or sugar-coat things — We personally know how frustrating it is to deal with “money making methods” that simply are scams and dealing with corrupt businesses that screw you over, so we’ll never promote such garbage no matter how much they offer to pay us to change what we say about them.