Which Adnetwork is for you? (Adpushup Vs Ezoic)

Ezoic Vs Adpushup Graphic

I’ve used and tested both Ezoic and AdPushUp and while they’re both better than adsense one of them is significantly better in my opinion than the other.

The better one in my experience is Ezoic, as they had decently higher revenue (and thus profits) than AdPushUp, and simply had a more straight-forward and clean platform. They also don’t slow down your site much at all compared to Adpushup due to their superior integration options.

We’ll go into detail below, but my experience with the two has Ezoic on-par with everything Adpushup has, while also exceeding in some key areas like eCPM.

Due to the superior product and revenue Ezoic brings in they’re the only one of these two that I use, and in fact I use Ezoic on most of my websites, as they’re the best adbroker for websites with less than 100,000+ visitors per month, and even then they’re pretty on-par with their competitors.

Which Makes More Money?

As both Ezoic and Adpushup are both respectable companies neither are going to supply you with garbage spammy dangerous ads, so really the main thing that’s likely important to you is how much money they make you.

I’ll go over three of my websites that I tested with both platforms and their performance on each network for this section.


  • Food-related Website – $5.28 averaged CPM
  • Outdoors-related Website – $4.14 averaged CPM
  • Foreign-targeted Website (Latin-America) – $1.92 averaged CPM


  • Food-related Website – $8.55 averaged CPM
  • Outdoors-related Website – $5.39 averaged CPM
  • Foreign-targeted Website (Latin-America – $4.05 averaged CPM

I can’t say what CPM you’ll achieve, where your traffic comes from, or what your niche is on your site. But that’s my experience with both networks. The results are abundantly clear in my opinion.

Namely That:
  • Ezoic outperformed Adpushup consistently by a decent margin
  • Adpushup doesn’t perform very well in international markets

What About Requirements for each Adnetwork?

Ezoic simply requires a good quality non-spammy website and for you to have 10,000 pageviews per month, although they’ll often accept less than that if your site appears good quality and growing. Because of this I’d recommend applying even if you don’t quite meet their requirements yet, as you can always reapply if you get rejected for too low of traffic or something, and they’ll tell you why you’re rejected so you know what you need before reapplying.

Adpushup requires you to make at least $1000 per month using their platform, which generally means between having 80,000 to 300,000 pageviews per month, or in other words 8x to 30x more than Ezoic requires. They generally want decent to good quality websites as well and will reject “spammy” websites.

Which has better support?

I don’t really have a big sample size with Adpushup, as I didn’t need to contact their support many times, however when I did I felt the responses weren’t very detailed or professional, nor helpful, and it took awhile to get an answer back in the first place.

I would like to stress that I do not have a big enough sample size to confidently say Ezoic’s is better, as while Ezoic’s support is consistently great in my experience and quite attentive, I may have just got a bad support agent with Adpushup and it may not always be bad.

Bottom Line: I cannot say for sure if Adpushup’s support is bad, okay, or good, but I can say Ezoics is pretty good.

Which is "less heavy" on your website?

Ezoic has options to integrate through a wordpress plugin or through nameservers (which provides a great free CDN) which do not slow down your website whatsoever. Adpushup requires Javascript integration, which makes it slow down your sight significantly, as well as makes it more likely adblockers and noscript plugins will block the ads from appearing at all.

Is Adpushup or Ezoic Better?

As you’ll probably agree with me, Ezoic is hands down better than Adpushup. They have lower requirements, good support, higher payouts, and are just over-all much better than Adpushup. I don’t really see why anyone would go with Adpushup over Ezoic, maybe some niches they’re better for, but from what I’ve heard and experienced that wasn’t the case.

Keep in mind if you join either of the adnetworks mentioned in this post you will likely receive much lower CPM’s for the first few months. This is because I take my CPM averaged from the 30 days following 6 months of being with an adnetwork, after time they’ve been given to optimize and their partners have had time to approve your website for their ads. When you start you’ll likely get half the CPM, quickly (after a month or two) jump up to 80% of it, then hit it after about 6-8 months, and up to double it after a year or two with the network from my experience.

You can sign up for Ezoic by Clicking here.

If for whatever reason you’d like to go with Adpushup, you can sign up for them by clicking here.

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