The 4 Best Money-Making Apps in Bangladesh (Nov-2021)

bangladesh money making app

There’s some guides out there for this already — but as someone who’s read them all and tested out all the apps I could find, I have to say they generally get things wrong and aren’t very honest.

Most guides recommend terrible things that are just a waste of time because they earn commissions through referring you to them to fill out surveys or do whatever other nonsense. I’ve wasted dozens, likely hundreds of hours in total of my life trying those methods that just don’t work and are often downright scams, so I won’t even bother adding them as an option to consider.

This is why we only will be covering 4 apps — as from what we’ve found the rest are horrible and either outright scams or pay essentially nothing. Unfortunately all of the apps that work in Bangladesh require you to have some real skills or capital ($$$) to invest.

Best for Side-Income: Upwork's Digital Jobs App

If you know how to do coding, are good with photoshop or graphic design, web design, or really anything digital, or simply anything digital you can get a job on Upwork for a couple hours a week or much more if you sign up and create yourself a good professional profile and apply for jobs with thoughtful offers.

You can expect to make anywhere between 300 Taka to 1600 Taka per hour of work you do depending on what type of thing you know how to do unless you have a college degree and lots of experience — then you can earn a little more than that if you get reviews and work on the platform for quite some time.

Best for Passive-Income Investing: Passfolio's Investing App

If you have some extra money to invest then we’d definitely say this is the best option — Passfolio allows you to buy US-stocks and some other big-name stocks around the world without having to pay any type of fees on your stock trades — they also allow you to buy cryptocurrency for a very small fee.

Ultimately while this won’t make you tons of money right away, especially if you have little money to your name, it’s definitely the best option for Bangladeshi folks when it comes to investing your money or making substantial amounts of money without working long hours every day for years. 

They also offer up to $100 (8500 taka) free in a US-stock when you sign up and register your account — however unless you get lucky it’ll probably be more around $1-$5 or 85 -> 400 taka. You can read more about that on this page of our website where we talk about the promotions passfolio currently offers.

Best for Long-Term Employment: Kormo Jobs

If you simply want to check out different forms of employment because you don’t earn much from your “real life job” or don’t like it then Kormo Jobs app is the best way other than in person to find jobs in Bangladesh — personally we work online so we haven’t personally used Kormo jobs like we have the other apps on this list, however we’ve heard from many people we personally know that it has some good opportunities. 

Just keep in mind on Kormo jobs you should only take jobs from legitimate companies that offer full-time work or internships — you’ll generally need a degree or a quality education and English skills to be able to get a job on Kormo jobs, and of course be able to work the 35 -> 50 hours a week they generally require.

Best for Fixed Income: IFarmer Investing App

While we’d prefer Passfolio to IFarmer, IFarmer does offer a good diversification or higher yield/return than stocks in most cases — the only issue is you cannot quickly withdraw your money as the way this app works is you essentially loan money to farmers for a season to, for example, buy buffalo which they then grow and sell for a profit, giving you a portion of their profit.

Personally we wouldn’t use Ifarmer unless we were “investing” in plant/fruit farms, as they’re the least risky, however if you don’t mind being a little riskier you can opt for shar’iah compliant animal farms as well (that have profit-sharing), we wouldn’t invest in their animal-related non-shariah farms though, as they’re riskier in our opinion.