The 3 Best Adnetworks for Indian Traffic

Best adnetworks for Indian traffic

There are only 3 Adnetworks that are worth bothering with that serve Indian Websites, the rest have horrible CPM’s in my experience or don’t even pay you what they owe you.

Each of the adnetworks is very different and depending on the quality of your website and the amount of traffic you get per month will determine which one you’ll be able to get approved for.

If you get nearly 10,000 pageviews to your website per month or more than that you’ll be able to achieve a MUCH higher CPM as it’ll open the door to more premium Adnetworks that have tools (Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Analytics) that’ll enable you to make significantly more money.

The Undeniably Best Option: Ezoic

Ezoic is what I use for almost all of my websites, and what I exclusively use for all my websites that target “developing economies” such as India. They have great quality Ads, great customer service, and amazing technologies that very few adnetworks have. In fact, only “premium” adnetworks give you access to the data and the artificial intelligence Ezoic gives.

One of my websites targets Indian & Nepali traffic and I use Ezoic for the Ads I run on it, and while the CPM obviously isn’t up to par with wealthier countries CPM’s, it’s amazing compared to every other platform I’ve tried or heard of for international traffic.

  • Ads are Good-Quality
  • Payout is Great ($2 to $5 CPM)
  • Payout Threshold is Reasonable to Low ($20)
  • Accepts Decent to Good Quality Websites
  • Accepts Sites with a minimum of a few thousand pageviews a month, ideally over 10,000 pageviews per month

Full-transparency short of outing my Niche and domain name, my site started with only about a $0.80 CPM and then climbed to a bit over $3 after around 7 months of using the artificial-intelligence they offer for free through their Ad-Tester tool, and then has bounced around in the $3-4 range since then. The traffic is over 80% from India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

As you’ll see as you continue reading this article, Ezoic is hands down the best option. I’d recommend everything try to apply for Ezoic even if you don’t quite have the traffic yet as they’ll often approve you with less so long as your site is good quality.

If it’s a spammy site, maybe don’t apply for Ezoic, but I figure not all of your sites will be spammy, and the ones that aren’t definitely will earn more with Ezoic.

You can apply for Ezoic’s Adnetwork by Clicking Here.

The Shadier Second Best Option: PropellerAds

I’m not going to hide it from you, PropellerAds isn’t the best AdNetwork out there. The ads they serve are often of questionable quality and appear quite “spammy,” however they pay significantly more than most other networks and they actually pay you unlike many of these smaller ad networks.

Essentially what I’m trying to say is that while they’re not my favorite ad network they’re the best option for those who want to maximize profits off their websites and were denied for Ezoic. I’d still recommend applying for Ezoic if you have at least a few thousand visitors per month though, as they’ll pay more than PropellerAds and be much less spammy.

  • Ads are Lower-Quality
  • Payout is Decent ($1-2 CPM for Indian Traffic)
  • Payout Threshold is extremely low (As low as $5 USD)
  • Accepts Pretty much any quality of website
  • Accepts Pretty much any traffic amount

The bottom line is if you really need to bring in some money and don’t mind having some sub-par ads on your website, and you were rejected for Ezoic, then this is probably your best bet. I’d recommend just improving your website look or content and asking Ezoic to check-over it again if you’re rejected the first time before resorting to PropellerAds.

You can sign up for PropellerAds by Clicking Here.

The More Legitimate Second Best Option: Google Adsense

I’m not a big fan of Adsense either, and I hate to include it in this round-up, but it’s honestly the only other trustworthy adnetwork that has a reliable CPM for sites with primarily Indian & Nepali Traffic. It’s much more legitimate and has far better ads than PropellerAds, but they keep more of a cut of the revenue you generate so CPM’s aren’t as high as PropellerAds.

  • Ads are Decent-Quality
  • Payout is Relatively Low ($0.50 to $1.20CPM)
  • Payout Threshold is Very High ($100)
  • Accepts Decent Quality Websites
  • Accepts Pretty much and amount of traffic

Personally I would never use Google Adsense, as in my mind if I’m not willing to put propellerads on a website then it should be high quality enough to get into Ezoic, which means I just need to work on it a little more so it brings in more traffic so I could get approved for Ezoic.

The payout threshold is just too high in my opinion and the CPM’s just aren’t worth it.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not right for you, I cannot say for sure as I’m not familiar with your website in particular. But if you want good-quality trustworthy ads that don’t make your site look too spammy, you could go with Adsense.

I’d just recommend trying to get approved for Ezoic, and if you aren’t approved I’d keep reapplying every few months after asking then what would help me get approved. It just makes so much more in the long-run it’s a must in my opinion to move to them once you have sufficient traffic and website quality.

You can apply for Google Adsense by clicking here.