The Only 3 Good Adnetworks For Small Publishers

Best adnetworks for small websites

There’s way more than 3 Adnetworks out there really only 3 are worth considering if you have a low-medium traffic website or blog. These 3 have the best to offer for each category of website compared to the others out there.

What do you mean by “Tier of Website” you may be asking.

Well it’s something normally not used or talked about, but what I mean is how high-quality is your website compared to what advertisers want.

What Tier of Website is your Site?

Does your site have primarily have Western or high-cost of living visitors? Does your website have a consistent Topic or is it just about whatever you want to talk about that day? Is all your traffic legitimate, non-paid for, and purely authentic?

Those are all important questions to answer, as they’re the primary ones that’ll determine which of the 3 below mentioned networks would be best for you. Below I’ll attempt to guide you to find which your site would work best with by giving an overview of them, what they pay, and who they accept.

The best if your site is up-to-par: Ezoic.

Hands down Ezoic is the best if you can get approved for it. They offer the Highest CPM of any platform that accepts low-medium traffic websites. I personally use Ezoic on the majority of the websites I own, and couldn’t be happier.

  • Requires a Good-Quality Website that has legitimate traffic
  • The Best option for both International & Domestic Traffic for small publishers
  •  Legitimate Content (Not Copied) that has value
  • Approved by Adsense to prove your site is up-to advertising standards
  • Have at least a few thousand visitors a month with a preference towards sites with 8,000+ a month (better CPM)
  • CPM’s range from $3-4~ for developing-world traffic, $6-12 for Western or “first world” traffic
  • CPM’s start at about half to 2/3rds the above before slowly creeping up as their AI learns
  • Has Machine Learning AI to optimize the ads to enhance your user-experience & generate more revenue
  • Lowish payout minimum that pretty much guarantees most sites will pay you monthly
As I said, I use Ezoic for most of my websites. They’re hands down the best option if you fit the above requirements, or believe you will soon. If you think you even have a chance at getting approved I’d recommend trying to sign up for Ezoic as even if you get denied you can simply email in asking them if your site can be approved after you fix a few things or get a little more traffic.

Best For CPM If Your Site isn't up-to-par with Ezoic's Standards: Propeller Ads

This depends on your goals, if you don’t mind potentially a little more “spammy” type of ads (non-relevant to your content, off-topic, sale-sy, etc), but want higher revenue, I’d recommend going with the below-mentioned provider called Propeller Ads. If you have primarily non-“first-world” traffic then this is really your best bet.

Otherwise you might want to skip this section and go down to the next and final adnetwork I’d recommend.

  • Accepts nearly any website that’s not literal spam
  • Pretty dang good for International Traffic
  • Alright for First-world traffic
  • Accepts low traffic sites (2000 pageviews a month)
  • CPM’s are about $1-2 for international traffic, $3-6 for “first world” traffic
  • Very low $5 payout minimum

While Ezoic is significantly better in every category, PropellerAds is an alright choice if your website is denied for Ezoic. Ad quality can vary, so make sure you’re okay with what’s being displayed on your website before sitting back and collecting the money, as while lately Propellerads has decent quality ads in the past they had extremely spammy annoying garbage ads. Just being real with you.

If you want to give PropellerAds a shot you can sign up for it by clicking here.

The Last Adnetwork you should consider:

If you don’t want to sacrifice having “spammy” ads on your site for a little more money then you’ll probably want to go with as they are the next best option and have very high-quality ads, however they generally only work with websites with US/Canadian/UK traffic.

  • US/Canadian/UK Traffic Only
  • CPM’s are <$1 for international, $2-5 for the above mentioned countries
  • Accepts very low traffic
  • The site must have decent content
  • Higher payout threshold (must earn more before it’s paid to you)
You’re probably better off signing up for Ezoic and if you’re denied simply working on increasing your traffic or improving your site than spending the time putting ads on it. They pay quite low, albeit a bit better than Adsense, and significantly better than the other largely scam-networks out there that often times don’t even pay you.