BlockFi Signup Bonuses Revealed 
(Up to $1250)

These are all the currently active codes & links BlockFi offers — Currently there are two promotions which can net you up to $1250 in rewards so long as you sign up on the appropriate promo page and meet all the requirements of the promotions.

For any of these promotions you’ll need to be a new signup who signed up through a qualifying promotional link, such as this one which will take you to to their website — once there simply sign up and you will qualify for the below-mentioned offers. 

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How to Earn $10-> $250 Easily & Quickly:

This is the basic and easy signup bonus BlockFi offers, simply sign up through this link to be eligible.

Once you make an initial deposit of $100 or more of any cryptocurrency you’ll receive a initial deposit bonus of between $10 and $250 (depending on the amount you deposited, see chart below) — we’d recommend sending 5% more than the tier you’re going for requires to ensure when it’s confirmed into your BlockFi wallet that it’s valued above the intended tier even if a small price decline occurs during the transfer.

BlockFi Deposit Bonus Schedule
Deposit $100+ $10 Bonus
Deposit $1,500+ $20 Bonus
Deposit $20,000+ $40 Bonus
Deposit $75,000+ $100 Bonus
Deposit $100,000+ $250 Bonus

This is the base promotion BlockFi offers and will ALWAYS be available according to what we’ve been told, while the others listed below are special promotions which are temporary and will change over-time. If they expire we’ll note that they expired or remove them.

The above is the maximum available sign-up bonus offered, anyone telling you that you can get $250 for depositing $1000 or something similar is being dishonest and just trying to get a commission for their self at your expense.

Up to $1000 Depending on Deposit/Trading Volume

This promotion is not available to everyone like the above two, and requires much higher deposit amounts to make it worth the bother. To receive this bonus, like the others, sign up through this link to be eligible

Once you do this you’ll be eligible to receive an Email from BlockFi inviting you to receive this promotion. Not everyone will receive this email — but it can come anytime from right after signing up (within a few days) to a few months after. 

When you receive this email (if you do) you can then click the link and deposit fiat into BlockFi and trade it with Cryptocurrency using their trading interface and you’ll receive a rebate/bonus for doing so depending on the volume you trade.

BlockFi Trading Bonus Schedule
Trade $1000+ $10 Bonus
Trade $2,000+ $25 Bonus
Trade $5,000+ $70 Bonus
Trade $10,000+ $175 Bonus
Trade $25,000+ $450 Bonus
Trade $100,000+ $1,000 Bonus

Due to the trading fees/spread blockfi charges this isn’t really so much of a bonus as it is a rebate that makes the trades more or less free for the next 30 or so days, as you’ll recieve the above rebates/bonuses for the next 30 days after recieving the email and accepting the offer.

This offer used to be up to $2000, however in early 2022 they reduced it to the above figures. The $2000 trading bonus is no longer being sent out as far as we’re aware of — keep in mind you can stack this bonus with the $250 bonus mentioned previously in this article.

Refer-A-Friend Bonus ($40, not stackable with $250 bonus)

Blockfi referral promo code offer

If you have less than $20,000 to deposit you’ll likely want to go with this bonus instead of the up to $250 bonus, as you can get up to $40 as shown above in the email they sent me requesting me to refer people.

Just like before you’ll want to sign up through this link — just ignore that it says $250 — you’ll be able to override that offer with this offer if you want by entering in the code “aaf07db8′ in place of ‘partner250’ during the sign-up process.

This will override their normal bonus and apply this refer-a-friend bonus, which is just a flat $40 so long as you deposit $100 or more and hold it on blockfi for some time — of course if you know someone who already uses blockfi feel free to ask for their code instead if you want them to get a small bonus for referring you to BlockFi rather than me — I don’t mind.

Refer-a-friend Programme

Once you’ve signed up to blockfi and all that you can also begin to refer people to blockfi to the $40 bonus using your own code, and as the promotion details you’ll also get $40 for each person who signs up and deposits crypto using your code. There’s no cap to how many people you can refer in their refer a friend program, so this is a great way to get some extra cash especially if you’re in university and  hear people talking about cryptocurrency or bitcoin.

Canceled/Finished Promotion Graveyard:

There’s been a few older promotions that have more or less been wrapped into one now — namely $10 free after depositing $100+ in crypto, $20 after depositing $500+ of crypto, and $50 after depositing $500+ of crypto, all of which are no longer available. You can now get even more than that, at least if you deposit a bit more, so ultimately the loss of these bonuses isn’t a big deal. The $50 for $500+ of deposits was quite good, but the current promotions are quite good still.

BlockFi Trading Bonus Email

There also used to be a $2000 signup bonus for trading screenshotted above back in 2021 — however since it’s been replaced by the above-mentioned trading bonus from our understanding.

The new bonus is better as the % back on all trades is higher, at around 1% verses the old offer being only 0.3% of trades.

Common BlockFi Promotions & Referral FAQ:

There’s been quite a few people who’ve had questions or problems regarding BlockFi’s promos codes and signup offers, so we’ve decided to expand this article to include some of the most common ones we’ve seen and had people message us about. If you have others feel free to contact us through our contact page and we’ll try to get back to you right-away to help you out with your question.

Can you apply a referral code after signing up to BlockFi?

You can message BlockFi support and try to, explaining how you forgot to enter in your friends code (ours or someone else’s) and that you want to apply it, however you must do this before you deposit funds into your account, and it’s not 100% guaranteed to work. I’d say it’s probably better to just sign up again.

But now with the special link system BlockFi has that auto-applies the code (you shouldn't have to apply any and shouldn't be able to 'forget' to use one. If you already signed up without then you'd be best off just making a new account with a separate email address in my opinion.

Can you withdraw your funds after using a referral or promotional code from BlockFi?

Yes, however if you do so before the terms of the bonus say it’s allowed you’ll forfeit the bonus — generally this is within 30 days of a deposit. If you withdraw before then you will cancel the promotion and not be eligible for it again — however you can withdraw the funds if you want, it’s just you will lose the bonus. So long as you don't go below the initial deposit for the bonus you were trying to get you should get that bonus level once the 30 days are finished.

Can you use a signup promotional code AND a referral promotional code at one time?

While currently BlockFi doesn't have any promotions that require a code to be entered, back when they used codes you could use both at once -- so if they return them in the future they'll probably allow both to be used again together. Currently they have no restrictions on which bonuses you're eligible for, so long as you're a new client who signs up through the special link they give to blockfi partners or occasionally post on their social media, you are eligible for all bonuses currently available.

Table of Contents