BunnyCDN Signup Promotions (Up to $60+ Free!)

bunnycdn promo code sign up

Bunnycdn is our favorite and personal choice for our website’s CDN, and they offer some decent sign-up promotions for new-users to try out their platform that we cover below.

Ultimately the easiest one to get is got simply by signing up through someone else’s link such as this one so that you receive a 14-day 1000GB free trial which is worth around $60~ depending on how much of it you use — and it’s completely risk-free, as you pay after you try out Bunnycdn.

Beyond this there’s a refer-a-friend program we’ll cover below that is also quite nice — netting you $20 in BunnyCDN balance credit for every friend you successfully sign-up to the platform. 

BunnyCDN's Sign-Up Bonus (14-day/1000GB free trial)

As we mentioned above this is the easiest to get promotion BunnyCDN is currently running, as all it requires is you to sign up through someone’s referral link (you can use ours by clicking here) and you’ll get your first 1000GB/14-days of BunnyCDN for free, which amounts to a value of up to $60 or so.

Currently it’s the only sign-up bonus BunnyCDN offers, however after you’ve signed up you can earn more rewards through their refer-a-friend program.

BunnyCDN's Refer-a-Friend Program ($20 per sign-up)

While the above promotion is easier to get, BunnyCDN’s refer a friend program is much more lucrative as if you refer just 5 friends you’ll earn $100 in bunnycdn credits, which for most people will last them a year or two, making the service practically free (for them) to use.

All you’ll have to do is go to the “billing” page after logging into your bunnycdn account and going to the tab that says “earn credits.” Once there copy your referral link and share it with friends — you’ll get $20 in credits if they successfully sign-up and continue to use the platform after their free trial and they’ll get the same 14-day/1000GB free trial that we mentioned above for signing up through your link.

Does BunnyCDN have any other promo codes or offers?

No, currently those are the only programs they seem to have available — keep in mind for both of these you have to sign up through someone’s link rather than enter in a promo code, as BunnyCDN doesn’t use actual promo codes for their sign-up bonuses and rewards, but rather a link-based system. Because of this rather than entering in a promo code such as “y06m1batmq” into a box while signing up you have to sign up through someone’s link to receive a bonus.