Celsius vs. Crypto.com - Which is Better for You?

Celsius vs Crypto com loans lending interest

Clesius Network and Crypto.com are the two best Crypto Lending & Loan platforms, but which one is the better choice for your use-case (lend/loan)?

We hope to give you the information you need to decide for yourself which is better for you — personally we use both Celsius and Crypto.com as they both are fantastic and we believe they’re both trustworthy — not to mention they both offer great sign-up bonuses that we’ll go over towards the end of this article.

In general we’d say Celsius is the better choice if you’re taking out a Crypto-backed loan as well as generally a bit better for staking/lending out your cryptocurrency — however Crypto.com by far wins out when it comes to payments and purchasing cryptocurrency, as well as of course debit cards — as Celsius doesn’t offer such a product/service currently.

Which Offers the Best Yields - Celsius or Crypto.com?

Without a doubt Celsius has better yields — the only way Crypto.com gives comparable rates is if you stake 10,000+ CRO with them and use 3-month term schedules, and even then Crypto.com’s rates are basically the exact same as Celsius Networks rates — which do not require a lock-in/term-schedule, but rather are able to be withdrawn at any time without any sort of penalty or fee.

The only case that this is not true is for $CRO tokens — These are Crypto.com’s native tokens so of course they give a better yield than Celsius on them — as they’re the ones that are in control of the supply and hold the majority of the tokens their self. 

If you want to check the current rates each company provides this is Celsius’s current rates and this is Crypto.com’s current rates.

Which has less fees - Celsius or Crypto.com?

Celsius has overall lower fees as they allow cryptocurrency withdraws for free, and have interest rates on crypto-backed loans that are between 1% and 5% or so while Crypto.com only offers crypto-backed loans with interest rates around 10%+.

Crypto.com does offer lower fees when it comes to cryptocurrency buys/sells however as they have an in-house Crypto-Exchange, while Celsius has to outsource such services, and thus the fees they charge for buying Crypto on the platform is higher. Due to this if you want to buy Cryptocurrency we’d say it’s better to use another exchange like Voyager, as they’re commission-free.

Which Has The Best Signup Bonus Offers - Celsius or Crypto.com?

While we’d say it’s worth snagging both Celsius and Crypto.com’s signup bonus — Regardless we’d say Celsius’s is undoubtedly better, as theirs does not require you to buy and lock up their native tokens for 6 months to receive the sign-up bonus like Crypto.com requires.

You can read more about Celsius’s sign-up bonuses and promotions on this page, and you can read about Crypto.com’s Sign-up bonus on this page. Both bonuses are relatively easy to get and provide $50+ in cryptocurrency for completing them.

Which is more Trustworthy - Celsius or Crypto.com?

While they’re both relatively trustworthy in our view, and we keep money on both platforms as they both have good backing and security procedures, personally we believe Celsius Network to be more trustworthy and safer than Crypto.com as while they’re newer they have better backing and operate a more straight-forward safe business than Crypto.com does, and thus is less at risk of bankruptcy or other financial troubles.

Ultimately we’d not worry — and don’t worry about the money/crypto we keep with both of these companies, however for many reasons we keep and trust Celsius more than Crypto.com, but as we said — ultimately we’re comfortable with both of them, so if you hold/stake $CRO on Crypto.com don’t fret, we believe them to be up-to-par and quite trustworthy as well — it’s just that in an event of a market collapse they’re more vulnerable than Celsius is in our opinion.

What Advantages does Celsius have over Crypto.com?

Celsius offers better interest rates in general, has lower fees for both crypto-backed loans and withdrawals, and is generally a little better capitalized and safer to keep large amounts of cryptocurrency with. Celsius also has easier to get sign up bonuses, as well as higher ones, which is a nice plus.

In our personal experience we’ve also had better (quicker, more personal, helpful) customer service and support responses from Celsius Network’s team when we’ve encountered issues. We believe this is because Crypto.com’s main service is Crpyto debit cards, rather than staking/loans, and thus they have higher priorities and more customers to serve than Celsius does currently.

If you think Celsius is the right choice for you, or you just want to collect their tasty sign-up bonuses, check out their promotional offers here before signing up.

What Advantages does Crypto.com have over Celsius?

Crypto.com is pretty much an all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange, staking, lending, and loan platform — which makes using them super easy and simple for folks who aren’t confident enough to buy on a separate exchange and transfer into Celsius’s platform.

They also offer better interest rates on their native token $CRO as well as an infinitely better cryptocurrency exchange platform with lower fees and more cryptocurrency’s supported than Celsius’s, as Celsius doesn’t have an exchange and simply outsources this service if you do it on their platform.

If you think Crypto.com is a good choice for you, or you simply want a tasty $50 sign-up bonus and a crypto debit card then check out their current promotions here.

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