Coingate Working Sign Up Bonuses & Promos [2022]

These are all the currently available sign-up bonus offers, promo codes, and referral codes that you can use when signing up to the Coingate, as well as how they work — generally with Coingate all you must to do is use a special sign up link like this one, sign up, complete the KYC documents, and then purchase a gift card with cryptocurrency, generally at around a 7% discount from what they’d otherwise cost.

The easiest promotion to participate in currently with Coingate is simply their Refer a Friend program or affiliate program which allows existing users to refer new members to Coingate, vouching for them and giving them the ability to get whatever sign-up bonus may be running currently. 

You can use our referral link by simply clicking here as we already have went through the process to become a Coingate affiliate and are now able to refer people to the platform for such bonuses.

 The above should give you the maximum sign-up bonus available from what we understand — however sometimes, often times, this bonus is nothing as Coingate generally does not offer new users any sign-up bonus, beyond the 7% discount mentioned before.

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Coingate's Refer a Friend Offers:

With Coingate’s refer a friend program simply need to sign-up with a referral link from a friend (use ours by clicking that one, friend 😉) and then you’ll automatically be granted the sign-up bonus, whatever the maximum is that they’re currently offering — generally this is only the normal 7% discount, so don’t have high-hopes.

Once you’ve signed up and gone through the sign-up processes like verifying your email address, identity, and phone number, you can participate in their refer a friend program and refer your friends to Coinage — doing so can grant you a small ‘finders fee’ of around 1% of what people spend/buy on the platform, which isn’t much, but hey it’s something — something is always better than nothing.

Coingate's Affiliate Program Offers:

Coingate currently has an affiliate program through Impact, which grants affiliates access to offer those they refer 7% discounts off the regular cost of some stores gift cards, while receiving a small commission for the referred users first purchase using Coingate.

You must have a website or quite a large following to be accepted to their affiliate program and use Impact, so most people won’t be able to use this program/offer and instead will have to use the refer a friend offer mentioned above.

Expired Coingate Promotional Offers:

Coingate hasn’t has any other real sign-up promotions as far as we’re aware of — sometimes such as Black Friday I believe they partner with merchants/shops to offer deep-discounts when you purchase using Coingate, however this varies heavily and may not be the case next time.

Coingate Sign Up Bonus & Referral FAQ's:

Some questions have been asked to us about Coingate’s sign-up bonus offers, so we’ve decided to expand this article to include the most common questions we have seen and had people contact us about. If you have other questions feel free to contact us through our contact page and we’ll try to help.

Does Coingate have any bonus for using their trading platform?

As far as we’re aware, no, you can use the platform if you like after signing up, but from our understanding they do not offer any sign-up bonus or discounts for it like most exchanges do — this is likely because their core business model is the gift cards and merchant payments, not trading or being a crypto-wallet.

Will Coingate start offering a real sign-up bonus beyond discounts in the future?

While I’d like to give you a solid answer for this, ultimately there’s no way for us to know — from what we’ve heard Coingate doesn’t have any plans to offer real sign-up bonuses, but rather just discounts on the products/services they facilitate payment to and from. Hopefully they do in the future — I think a great promo would be a free $20 after buying a $200+ gift card, hopefully one day they add it.

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