Cointiply Sign-Up Promotions (50 -> 100+ Coins Free!)

Cointiply Promotion Code Reward Free Coins

Cointiply often has sign-up promotions that range from a certain amount of coins just for signing up with a specific code to a percentage-bonus to rewards you earn in the app for a set period of time.

Generally there’s only one sign-up promotion available at any given time — Simply use someone referral link such as ours when signing up and then go to the “earn” section on the app or website and enter in one of the latest promotional codes. As the code changes weekly check Cointiply’s Twitter to find working promotional codes beyond simple referral links like this one

The rewards for it vary, sometimes it’s as little as 25 points or coins, sometimes it’s a percentage-bonus of your earnings in the app for a certain period of time — regardless there’s no point not doing it.

How Much are Cointiply Coins Worth?

This may vary, but generally when redeeming for bitcoin 1 coin = 1 satoshi, meaning for downloading an app you could get anywhere from 0.002BTC to 0.008BTC currently. This can be worth it if you don’t mind the bother, particularly if you’re in a low-cost of living developing country.

Is Cointiply Safe to Use?

Some people are concerned if Cointiply is safe; I don’t really see what the concern is. We all see advertisements all the time and this is largely what Cointiply does, serve advertisements or “special deals” for you to download particular apps or complete surveys.

Ultimately we’ve had no problems when testing Cointiply and don’t consider it unsafe to use, however keep in mind they will likely collect some data when you use the app and potentially sell it to 3rd parties — so if you’re concerned with location data don’t enable it in the app

Is Cointiply Worth Your Time?

We’re honest about these things — and so we’ll give it to you straight: Generally Cointipily is not worth your time or the bother using it.

Unless you live in a developing country and are unemployed, have free wifi to tap into, and little skills to leverage working on a platform like Upwork, then it’s not really worth your time. You won’t make more than $5 -> $10 worth of BTC a day, and generally it’ll be much much less than this, around $1 a day.

Does Cointiply Have Any Other Promotions?

Beyond the currently bonus you can get by signing up through someone’s referral link and going to Cointiply’s Twitter to search for their latest promotional codes (AMAZINGMEMBERS is one of the latest/best), they do have one single other promotion — and that’s the other side of their affiliate program. 

You can read more about it under the “refer users” page in the “earn coins” section after signing up and logging into Cointiply — but essentially you get a percentage of all Coins your referred users make.

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