Does Costco or Aldis have better prices?

Costco vs Aldi Example

Both Costco and Aldi’s can save you tons of money compared to traditional grocery places like Walmart, but which one has better quality for the price?

This may not seem as straight-forward as you may think, as Aldis is free to shop at, while Costco requires a membership fee of $60-$120 a month depending on which tier you get.

This effectively means that you have to save an extra $5 to $10 a month to make Costco’s membership worth it when compared to just shopping at Aldis.

Which place is Cheaper?

This category is essentially a toss-up; Costco and Aldi both generally try to sell their products very close to cost + overhead expenses, with Aldi making money off fruits & vegetables and the margin benefit they get due to the low-spoilage percentage they achieve with the low prices and limited selection, while Costco makes money off the membership fees people pay.

When comparing prices of different products Aldi’s made it out cheaper in 14 out of the 22 products I looked at that I commonly would buy, however this is primarily because Aldi has EVERYTHING available in their private label brands, while Costco only has certain things in their brand, albeit most things. The thing is, the margin that Aldi beat Costco out by was pennies.

However, due to Costco’s membership fees, I’d say Aldi is slightly cheaper. However this doesn’t necessarily mean you should only shop at Aldis and not get a Costco membership.

Which place has better quality of products?

This depends on which products you want to buy; in my experience Aldi’s fruit is a million times better than Costco’s, as they seem to stock more of what’s in season and buy a TON of it when they buy it, and from whatever supplier is available rather than the big generic ones like Costco does.

However, if you eat a lot of meat you may prefer Costco, as their meats are apparently better quality, and they offer organic meat which Aldi often doesn’t. I can’t really speak for the quality myself (Vegetarian/Vegan), but that’s what I’ve heard over and over from people for years and years.

Beyond those differences the quality of their products is a toss-up in my opinion; I prefer Aldi’s Hummus and junk-food snacks, while Kirkland (Costco brand) has better trash bags in my opinion.

Should you shop at Costco or Aldi?

I’d say if you’re single, or just a couple with no kids skip the Costco membership and just stick to Aldi’s, at least if you aren’t meat-a-holics. It’ll save you a bit of money, some time with the crazy Costco parking, and probably get you to eat a little more fruits & vegetables as Aldi usually has better prices and quality in that department.

If you’re a big family and crunched for time, and want a place you could probably pick up everything you need then I’d say Costco might be better, as Aldi’s has a limited selection that more or less forces you to go to a place like H-E-B or Krogers for specifics you may like. Either way you’ll probably need to stock up on specific seasonings at a place like Krogers, H-E-B, or Whole Foods.

Personally I don’t want to commit to using Costco, or dealing with the crowds and crazy parking, so I stick with Aldi’s for most goods, a regular grocery store once every couple weeks for other little things, and an international (Asian or Indian) store once every month or two for some basics in bulk like Rice, Cumin, and other goodies like frozen Samosas, Channa Masala, Dumplings, and Edamame.

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