Signup Promotions ($50+ Free!)

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We’re not going to include lots of information on the app here and what it does, if you want that information you should look up a review — we’re just going to be helping you get the best signup bonus as easy as possible.

Currently there’s only one competitive promotion offers, and that’s just the $50 in CRO referral bonus upon opening an account. You’ll also get 90-days of commission-free trading when you use the below code. You can get that promotion by simply clicking this link and/or entering code 2qhn6cbdb9 in the referral box when you’re signing up and giving them your email right when you start the sign-up process.

If you’re already past that step I’d recommend simply deleting the app and reinstalling it and signing up with a different email address so you can apply the code and get the free $50 or so that’s currently offered. Alternatively you can add it under the settings in the referral category if you just signed up within the last few days.

Important Information After Signing Up To Collect the Signup bonus:

While the $50 bonus will automatically get deposited into your account/wallet right after signing up with the above-mentioned code (2qhn6cbdb9) you’ll not be able to withdraw or immediately sell these funds unless you buy or deposit 1000 CRO and “stake” it in their platform, which you’ll then get back after the staking period ends (6 months) if you so desire, or you can continue to stake them and earn more rewards.

Upon staking the CRO you purchased or deposited you’ll be able to withdraw and sell the free $50 signup bonus you recieved in CRO from signing up with that code.

How to get more than just $50 in free CRO:

After you’ve staked 1000 CRO and recieved your signup bonus you can immediately apply for the Ruby Red card and receive 100% cashback on on Spotify memberships — so if you use spotify or other music-streaming platforms and wouldn’t mind switching to shopify, this is another great bonus you can get almost immediately after signing up.

There’s plenty of other bonus things you can get and neat features to the app like the bonus savings rates you’ll be offered, low to no fee cryptocurrency purchases, and sometimes other bonuses like 2% bonus on fiat deposits into your exchange account in the app.

What to do if your KYC verification isn't working:

If you’re being rejected there’s nothing more that can be done other than trying again and again. Make sure you are not wearing a hat or anything obscuring your face for the selfie portion of the KYC and ensure your ID/License/Passport is photographed on a plain solid background without anything touching the ID, as I believe the KYC provider uses is very strict and will reject any applications that have small mistakes like that.

Otherwise try another form of identification. Don’t worry if you’ve already begun signing up and used the referral code (2qhn6cbdb9— they’ll honor the rewards that were present when you signed up so long as your verification is completed eventually, however if you didn’t sign up with a referral/promotion code like the one we posted above then you’ll lose-out on the promotion bonus if you don’t enter the code within the first week or so.

Is Safe to Use?

Figured I’d answer this for all the cautious folks — yes their app has over a million downloads and verified users and have been around for years — they even have a couple cryptocurrencies that have spawned out of them that are worth well over a billion dollars.

They’re definitely trustworthy when it comes to getting a signup bonus and trusting with a few thousand dollars — I wouldn’t put a fortune and your life savings in crypto and trust them with that, but that’s just because I think it’d be a little impertinent to trust a single entity with your life savings, or invest it all into crypto for that matter, as it’s always good to have some physical assets for financial security and risk-diversification.