Sign Up Bonuses & Referral Codes [2022] Sign Up bonus Referral Code Offer

These are all the currently available sign-up bonus offers, promo codes, and referral codes that you can currently use, as well as how they work — with there’s two separate main promotional opportunities, one for their cryptocurrency exchange, and one for their general cryptocurrency platform. For the exchange only non-US people can get the bonus, while for the general platform both US and non-US people can receive the sign-up bonus from our understanding.

Currently there’s only one promotion for US-people, and that’s just the $25 in CRO referral bonus upon opening an account. You’ll also get 30-days of fee-free credit/debit card deposits into your account when you use the below code. You can get that promotion by simply clicking this link and/or entering code B8YARFX9BD in the referral box when you’re signing up and giving them your email right when you start the sign-up process. NON-US people can receive this bonus as well..

For non-US people there’s a few different bonuses to get that we’ll cover below — you can do the above bonus as well, but there’s a few more we’ll cover below that’s not available to US-people. We’ll specify the terms for each offer below of course, and explain how to get them, as each come with specific terms that much be followed.

Table of Contents's Refer-a-Friend Card + Lending Offer:’s refer-a-friend promotion offers new sign-ups $25 generally depending on the current promotion is offering — to receive the bonus you simply need to sign-up with a referral link from a friend (you can use ours by clicking that one, friend 😉) and stake $400+ worth of $CRO tokens on the platform and you’ll automatically be granted the sign-up bonus offer, whatever the maximum is that they’re currently offering — usually $25. 

Alternatively you can sign up in the app and enter in the code “B8YARFX9BD” to receive this sign-up bonus offer, or another code a friend gives you. 

How to get more than just $25 in free CRO:

Once you’ve signed up, completed your KYC, and deposited some funds, you can also participate in the refer-a-friend sign-up bonus with your friends, sending them your special referral link (or code) to help them get the $25 signup bonus offer.

Upon staking the CRO you purchased or deposited you’ll be able to withdraw and sell the free $25 signup bonus you recieved in CRO from signing up with that code. Keep in mind when staking this amount of CRO you’ll qualify to get’s Ruby Red card, which also gives free Spotify membership (or rebates on the cost). Exchange Sign-up Bonus Offer: also has a second sign-up promotion, however this one cannot be used by people in the USA currently, as US-folks do not have access to’s exchange platform currently. Almost all other countries in the world do though, so you should be able to get this bonus if you don’t live in the USA.

Anyhow to get this bonus you need to sign up through this link — it’ll redirect you to their exchange platform webpage where you’ll sign-up and complete the normal KYC process. Once you’ve signed up there’s nothing else to do — you should receive $10 free in $CRO tokens immediately for you to use (or withdraw) as you wish. 

This exchange sign-up bonus CAN be stacked with the above card/lending/app bonus for a total of $35 in rewards.'s Affiliate Bonus Offer: has a secret affiliate program that allows websites, big account holders, and certain others to refer people who are friends or not, without any issues or penalties — this program isn’t available to everyone though, so most people will not be able to sign up for it. We have, so we know what it offers — and that’s just a little kickback bonus for the referrer, when someone is referred and signs up to the platform.

By signing up to it you can grant readers of your blog or your friends the $10 exchange sign-up bonus we mentioned above — when someone signs up through the link you’ll also get $10 — however this means you will not get the normal refer-a-friend bonus the exchange offers, which pays you more but doesn’t reward your friends.

We’ve decided to only use links that provide y’all the maximum sign-up bonus offer, as well quite frankly you deserve — we don’t think you should get any less than the most you possibly can for signing up. If we make a little less but you get more that’s fine with us — after all without you we wouldn’t make any money from the sign-up, as it wouldn’t happen at all if you don’t sign-up!'s Expired Sign-up Bonus Offers:

At this moment doesn’t have any other expired promotions or sign up offers — they’ve not had many promotional campaigns yet beyond the ones mentioned above that are currently running — and are intended to be permanent from what Nexo’s team conveyed to me.

Okay that’s sort of a lie — they have had other promotions, namely secret QR codes hidden in their advertisements in the past, however these have all expired and they’ve stopped doing this from our understanding — they did this in 2020/2021 so it was quite some time ago.

You may have encountered links or codes from some coupon sites that don’t work — those aren’t expired or old promos usually — but rather just spam, as they do not personally go create partnerships or accounts with cryptocurrency platforms like we do and did for this post — instead they just put jibberish or scrape codes from forums, sometimes that work but often that don’t, and often they lie about the reward/sign-up bonus you’ll get (can be nothing) — we don’t do any of these things as we want users of Greenery Financial to have a positive experience — and our word means something believe it or not.'s Sign-up Bonus & Promotions FAQ:

There’s been some questions asked to us about’s sign-up bonus offers, so we’ve decided to expand this article to include the most popular questions we’ve seen and had people contact us about. If you have more questions feel free to contact us through our contact page and we’ll try to help.
#1. — Can you apply a referral or promotional code after signing up to

Unfortunately this isn’t always possible and is handled on a case-by-case basis, as if you’ve already been with the platform a long time or have already made many deposits it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get the bonus to apply — however you can still contact their support and ask, but generally if you’ve been with the platform and done KYC it’s not possible for you to get the bonus if you didn’t apply the offer during sign-up from our understanding. 

You may want to sign up with a different email and if you haven’t completed the KYC process yet, as that way you should get the bonus without needing to contact support — assuming you meet the requirements for the bonus outlined before.

#2. — What Countries Are Eligible for the Sign-Up Bonuses Mentioned Above?

As far as we know if you are allowed to register for you’re allowed to get the sign-up bonuses mentioned above, the only places that cannot sign-up and thus participate in Nexo’s sign up bonuses are sanctioned countries such as Iran, North Korea, etc.

You can use the above promotions in all the European Union (EU), The United Kingdom (UK), The United States of America (USA), Singapore (SG), and most of the rest of the world from our understanding — so long as you can use the platform you can get the bonuses mentioned above. Keep in mind US clients can only use the non-exchange offer mentioned above, for $25, not the other offers currently.

#3. — Can you withdraw your funds after using a referral link or promo code from

Yes, you can withdraw the funds in-full immediately after depositing them, however if you locked up your CRO or other tokens to earn interest you will not be able to withdraw them until the lock-up period has ended.

#4. —  What to do if your KYC verification isn’t working?

If you’re being rejected there’s nothing more that can be done other than trying again and again. Make sure you are not wearing a hat or anything obscuring your face for the selfie portion of the KYC and ensure your ID/License/Passport is photographed on a plain solid background without anything touching the ID, as I believe the KYC provider uses is very strict and will reject any applications that have small mistakes like that.

Otherwise try another form of identification. Don’t worry if you’ve already begun signing up and used the referral code (B8YARFX9BD— they’ll honor the rewards that were present when you signed up so long as your verification is completed eventually, however if you didn’t sign up with a referral/promotion code like the one we posted above then you’ll lose-out on the promotion bonus if you don’t enter the code within the first week or so.

#5. — Is Safe to Use?

Figured I’d answer this for all the cautious folks — yes their app has over a million downloads and verified users and have been around for years — they even have a couple cryptocurrencies that have spawned out of them that are worth well over a billion dollars.

They’re definitely trustworthy when it comes to getting a signup bonus and trusting with a few thousand dollars — I wouldn’t put a fortune and your life savings in crypto and trust them with that, but that’s just because I think it’d be a little impertinent to trust a single entity with your life savings, or invest it all into crypto for that matter, as it’s always good to have some physical assets for financial security and risk-diversification.

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