vs. BlockFi - Which is Better? [2022] and BlockFi are both trustworthy Crypto Lending & Loan platforms in our opinion, but which one is the better choice overall for you?

We hope to give you the information you need to decide for yourself which is better for you — personally we use both and BlockFi as they both have advantages that we’ll outline below, and we believe they’re both trustworthy — not to mention they both offer pretty decent sign-up bonuses that we’ll go over in a later section of this article.

In General we’d say BlockFi is a better choice in terms of Crypto-backed loans and Cryptocurrency lending when compared to — However in terms of a crypto-exchange or other crypto-service provider (such as crypto-debit cards or payments) is definitely the better choice — this is why we say the better choice depends on your needs.

With that being said, that assumes you don’t have $40,000+ to throw into’s loyalty program — if you do they’re the best for everything, but that’s not reasonable for most people.

We’d recommend comparing other platforms to these before making your decision on which platform to use, a good alternative to look into is Nexo. You can read our comparison of BlockFi vs Nexo here or our comparison of vs Nexo by clicking here if it interests you.

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Which Offers the Best Yields - or BlockFi?

This category is pretty much a draw — has better rates for their native token $CRO and slightly better rates for USDC & PAXG, however BlockFi wins out or is equal to essentially all of’s other lendable cryptocurrencies — often a hair higher.

If you’re trying to squeeze out every bit of yield then we’d say you should check out Celsius (another cryptocurrency lending/loan platform) that has higher rates than either BlockFi or — make sure to check out the promotions Celsius currently offers as well if you like sign-up bonuses.

Which has less fees - or BlockFi?

We’d say BlockFi wins this category without a doubt — not only do they offer 1 free withdrawal per month but they also offer 30% -> 70% lower interest rates on crypto-backed loans than, which means there’s really no question who has the lowest fees out of the two.

The only place has lower fees is for Exchanging cryptos between each other — BlockFi’s exchange partner charges you a couple percent while has an in-house exchange with fees of <1%. 

Which Has The Best Signup Bonus Offers - or BlockFi?

As always we think it’s silly to not take advantage of all the sign-up bonuses you can get, as you can always snag them and leave the platform — but if you’re one of those types who don’t want to share their KYC information with lots of parties/companies then you may care about this.

BlockFi offers a straightforward $20 to $250 after depositing $500+ of Crypto as well as sometimes other promotions (learn more here), while offers $50 after staking 1000 or more $CRO tokens on the platform (learn more here)

Overall we’d say both are worth getting, however BlockFi’s sign-up bonus is better than’s — however Celsius’s (another crypto-backed loan/lending platform) has even better promotions than BlockFi, so if you’re sign-up bonus hunting check their promotions out as well.

Which is more Trustworthy - or BlockFi?

While they’re both relatively trustworthy in our view, and we keep money on both platforms as they both have good backing and security procedures, personally we believe BlockFi to be more a bit more trustworthy and safe than as while they’re newer they have better backing and operate a more straight-forward safe business than does, and thus is less at risk of bankruptcy or other financial troubles.

Ultimately we’d not worry — and don’t worry about the money/crypto we keep with both of these companies, however for many reasons we keep and trust BlockFi more than, but as we said — ultimately we’re comfortable with both of them, so if you hold/stake $CRO on don’t fret, we believe them to be up-to-par and quite trustworthy as well — it’s just that in an event of a market collapse they’re more vulnerable than BlockFi is in our opinion.

What Advantages does have over BlockFi?

While it may seem like we’re ragging on don’t get us wrong — there’s plenty of advantages to using instead of BlockFi.

The main advantages are that is an all-in-one platform that has a Fiat on-ramp as well as many other great services we personally use and would say benefit most cryptocurrency users/owners — Namely crypto debit cards, a fantastic exchange, and some great “crypto-pay” features to pay friends, family, or purchase items from merchants/businesses that support it.

If you hate giving KYC or personal info out is arguably the best all-in-one platform, so if that’s what you’re looking for they’re likely your best bet. Make sure to check out’s current promotions here and snag them if you plan on using them — there’s no sense in not getting them if you’re going to sign up anyway.

What Advantages does BlockFi have over

If you’ve read the rest of the article this should be pretty obvious — BlockFi has way less fees and generally better interest rates both for Crypto deposited with them and loans taken out from them, making them just a downright better choice if that’s the services you’re looking to use.

Beyond those niche things, BlockFi doesn’t have really anything else to offer — they provide a simple service, Crypto-backed loans and Interest-On-Crypto, and they do exceptionally well in these categories — but that’s all they do, they aren’t a real all-in-one crypto-service provider.

Much like with they offer some pretty nice sign-up bonuses and promotions, so make sure to check them out here if you plan on signing up with them and using their services. Generally they offer $20+ in easy to get bonuses which are able to be withdrawn immediately if you so wish.

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