Complete List of Must-Follow Cryptocurrency Subreddits

Best Crypto Reddit Forum Communities Trading

While there’s hundreds of different subreddits about crypto many are the abandoned, unmoderated, or quite frankly nearly identical. I put together a list of the best and most active subreddits for trading and investing, along with some smaller ones that will be interesting to readers who enjoy following specific coins.

Feel free to use the skip-to-section buttons below — The first section we’ll go over what we consider to be must-follows for everyone, afterwards we’ll get into specific recommendations we would have for traders, long-term investors, and then just some we believe serve unique purposes or are worth a follow regardless of how you plan to make money with crypto or are involved with cryptocurrency.

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Must-Follow List for Everyone in Crypto:

We’ll start off with what we think everyone should follow and explain why — we follow all these subreddits, although we check some more than others. If you get annoyed by seeing the same news on different subreddits you’ll probably want to only follow a few from

r/Cryptocurrency – The Biggest Crypto Subreddit of All

While r/cryptocurrency used to not be the biggest cryptocurrency subreddit, or even close to it (used to have less than half the members as r/bitcoin had) in 2021 it experienced massive growth to become the undisputed largest subreddit about cryptocurrency.

It’s a must-follow as it is the best all-round subreddit for keeping up with the cryptocurrency space — you’ll get the biggest most important news, any real big scandals that may be developing in the cryptospace, along with a lot of baseless speculation and comedy related to cryptocurrency.

r/Bitcoin – The Oldest and Most Famous Crypto Subreddit

r/bitcoin is the largest subreddit for all things bitcoin. While being the biggest community of bitcoin enthusiasts isn’t as big of a deal as it used to be it’s still one of the most popular subreddits for discussing bitcoin, as well as cryptocurrencies in general.

There’s a bit of cross-over between content between r/Cryptocurrency, and a lot of it is more ‘comedic’ or casual discussion, but it often has unique news and information about Bitcoin that other subreddits and news sources don’t have — such as a recently update upcoming for bitcoin and explaining exactly how it’ll effect the network.

r/Ethereum – The most useful place to get News on Ethereum & Defi Developments

While it may be quite obvious to some that r/Ethereum is the place to go for information related to Ethereum, most people don’t realize it’s not just an echochamber like most coin-specific subreddits.

All major Ethereum news is shared here as well as big news related to Defi (eth or not) and large altcoin project updates. We would say this is a must-follow for any regular user of Ethereum on Reddit, although not quite as important as the above two.

r/BlockChain – Critical discussion around Developments & Advancements

While this used to be essential in my opinion, if you had the patience for the discussions (often quite technical) they currently seem to have locked the subreddit to existing members, so unless you’re an Existing member you cannot view or join the subreddit.

This is because the quality of post was going down to a large degree — if you know someone or contribute valuably to other crypto subreddits or chatgroups you can get an invite to r/BlockChain quite easily — but due to shitposting I don’t think they’ll open back up to the general public for quite some time, if ever.

Must-Follow List for Crypto-Traders:

While the above 4 we think are essential for everybody, there’s dozens more that are valuable to follow depending on what you care about — we’ll list some we believe will be useful to traders and keeping up with new projects/announcements first before going into what subreddits are good for longer term investors.

Before getting into what subreddits we recommend we’d like to specify we’d highly suggest avoiding the pile of poo that is r/CryptoMoonShots as it’s been targeted by bots to upvote garbage scams and is nothing more than a wasteland at this point. Avoid it.

r/EthTrader — The Biggest (decent) Altcoin-related subreddit

While r/ethtrader used to be extremely high quality and helpful, as it’s popularity grew it’s no longer quite as useful in our opinion — but it does still provide a unique take and unique news that help traders in particular. It just isn’t dominated by up-and-coming altcoin discussion in detail anymore, and instead is more of a mix of what it used to be an r/cryptocurrency (mentioned above).

We’d still recommend it though, but it’s not as big of a must-follow in our opinion as it used to be, but rather a good place to ‘shoot-the-shit’ and have community discussions among traders rather than strictly business/getting-trading-ideas. It’s a mix of the two really.

r/BitcoinMarkets — Highest Quality & Value-Giving Trading Subreddit

This is our personal favorite crypto trading subreddit, and while it predominantly focuses on bitcoin-related trading discussion there’s often discussion about other large-cap cryptos, and the general macro-economic environment and it’s relation to the current cryptocurrency bullmarket (or bearmarket, when things turn sour).

It’s not a place for shitposts or comedy, but rather quality TA, trade ideas, and discussion, so if you’re going to contribute try to keep the quality high and on topic.

r/CryptoMarkets — An OK less large-cap focused version of BitcoinMarkets

While we personally prefer r/bitcoinmarkets as it’s more high-level discussion oriented and in our opinion higher quality (longer more detailed posts rise up), r/cryptomarkets is a decent place that has more altcoin discussion with a mix of unique trading-related news.

r/DeFi — Unique Decentralized Finance News.& Opportunities¬†

While it’s not all about trading it’s one of the subreddits I’d consider essential for traders as there’s lots of discussion of new develoments in defi and progress on projects related to defi, which present great oppertunities to trade.

There’s also quite a bit of discussion of new defi trading platforms and yeild-farming oppertunities, which to me is something most traders would care to keep up with, at least if you aren’t as much of the fundamental/Technical-analysis type of trader.

Must-Follow Cryptocurrency Investors:

While we already covered quite a few investing subreddits, as r/bitcoin and r/ethereum have lots of useful investing information, we feel like there’s a few others that are specifically investing-focused that are good for non-traders in particular.

r/CryptoTechnology — Good Discussion on Crypto-Tech Fundamentals

While not everything on the subreddit is investing-related, there’s lots of unique information that gets posted here that is useful for investors, particularly newer ones that don’t know the how different types of cryptocurrencies work and how they fundamentally operate.

It’s a good starting point and we’d recommend it if you’re looking for an educational subreddit related to investing in cryptocurrency.

r/EthFinance — Mix of Defi-Developments & Long-Term Ethereum Economy Outlooks

While you can argue this isn’t a strictly investing subreddit, we’d say it’s more valuable to investors as the discussion is usually more about fundamental developments and long-term trade oppertunities, rather than the short-term, more speculatory stuff that dominates most other crypto subreddits.

r/CryptoMining/ — An Inside look at how the Miners Feel & are Acting

While you could argue you may not care about how cryptocurrency mining is doing we believe if you’re investing in crypto for the long-term understanding the miners and the sentiment they have for the market is essential.

The more miners that exist, the more energy/resources are dedicating to securing the blockchain, and the more valuable networks generally become. So, while the mining discussion on r/cryptomining isn’t useful for day-traders, it’s fairly useful for investors who are buying into the market for the foreseeable future.

Other Interesting & Valuable Cryptocurrency Subreddits Worth A Follow:

While the above are all the essential ones we’d say pretty much everyone should follow, or at least check-in on from time to time, below are a few other particularly good quality or useful subreddits in our opinion (related to crypto).

r/Monero — Unique discussion about Privacy Coins & Government-Crypto Related Topics

While you may not invest in monero, and it may not be a coin that’s performed fantastically, it’s one of the oldest, with amazing tech, and a solid community that has quality discussions all the time.

While we personally own some monero, we’d say it’s one of the coins to check in on from time to time as it’s clearly not going anywhere — it has real adoption, a strong community, and good fundamentals. It may not be for you, but it’s worth a watch in our opinion.

r/BitcoinBeginners — Good for Newbies to Ask Questions & Learn Basics

This is without a doubt the best subreddit for crypto newbies, as it has great discussions about the basics of crypto basics and it’s a ‘safe place’ to ask questions and get pretty good answers without judgement from people.

It’s not a place people who’ve been into crypto for many years would benefit from, unless you just like giving back to the community and helping others, but it’s a great place for people new to crypto or with no previous experience to ask questions or learn the basics.

r/Dot — An Insight to one of the larger ‘EthKiller’ Projects

While this sub is dedicated to one specific cryptocurrency, we think it’s worth checking out and checking up on from time to time as they have lots of serious discussion and, well, we personally think DOT is one of the crypto projects that may be worth holding onto in the near future.

We’d say it’s a little more speculative than other crypto projects like Ethereum or Bitcoin as adoption/deployment of the ecosystem hasn’t fully taken place, but it’s one to keep an eye on if you’re invested.

r/Buttcoin — Fantastic Shitposting & Fun Memes

This sub is just pure memes and shitposting, so if you just want some bubble-gum for your brain, it’s a sub worth following, or just for checking out once in awhile like we do for a brief laff.

There’s no real value in the sub beyond that, the best content you’ll find is some dank memes to share with that one friend who messages you every once in awhile about Bitcoin.