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Current Bank Signup Bonuses & Promos [2022]

These are all the currently available sign-up bonus offers, promo codes, and referral codes that you can use when signing up to the Current, as well as how they work — generally with Current Bank all you must to do is use a special sign up link like this one, and then get a direct deposit of $200 or more (employer deposits work best) and you’ll get $50+ right-away as a thank you from Current for trying out their fintech bank-like platform.

The easiest promotion to participate in currently with Current Bank is their hidden secret promotion page we linked to above, which is generally only handed out on special promotional materials — well we’re leaking it to you here.

The above should give you the maximum sign-up bonus available from what we understand — which historically has always been $50 ever since they came out with this promotional page.

From our understanding you cannot use more than one promotion, and that’s the best one they offer — so ultimately the below-mentioned promotions are more or less irrelevant as they’re either identical or give you less in rewards.

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Current Refer a Friend Offer:

Current has or used to have a refer a friend program, but it only offers $1, both for the person who signed up and the friend who referred the person who signed up — ultimately making it a terrible waste of time not worth bothering with — I mean you can ask a friend with a current account for their refer a friend link, but ultimately the hidden promo page offers higher bonuses.

Current Affiliate Program Offer:

Current currently has an affiliate program through Impact, which grants affiliates access to refer non-friends to Current, however as far as we’re aware of this doesn’t grant the users the sign-up bonus, this is why despite being part of the affiliate program we are not sharing our affiliate link here — but instead the promo page link.

If you’d like to support us you can do so by signing up through this link — however if you want that sign-up bonus you’ll want to use this link which will take you to their landing page that has the sign-up bonus.

Expired Current Promotional Offers:

Current hasn’t ha any other sign-up promotions as far as we’re aware of — they’ll sometimes send out fliers or advertisements, however as far as we know and have seen they either have one of the above-mentioned offers, or they had no promotional offers on them and were simply advertisements with no bonuses attached.

Current Bank Sign Up Promotion FAQ's:

Some questions have been asked to us about Current’s sign-up bonus offers, so we’ve decided to expand this article to include the most common questions we have seen and had people contact us about. If you have other questions feel free to contact us through our contact page and we’ll try to help.

Can you get the sign-up bonus if you already signed up?

As far as we know no — you must sign up through their hidden promo page, and you can not get it applied retroactively if you’ve already signed up for an account. Unfortunately unless you have another mobile number and address you won’t be able to resign-up again with the link to get the bonus — you’re just out of luck.

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