Is Dan Lok's High Ticket Closer Program Worth It?

dan lok high ticket closer

This isn’t a normal article of ours, where we give a general review on what we think of course, product, etc, and what value it provides. Instead we’ll answer the simple question of if Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer program is a complete waste of your time, money, and effort, or if it’s actually a legitimate good sales course you should even consider buying.

In short, according to someone on our team, my father, who has 30+ years experience cold-calling and lead-page calling and managing call centers that generated millions of dollars a year in profit consistently, Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer Program is, to put it frankly, absurdly overpriced and provides little benefit to someone who wants to learn to sell on the phone, or through any medium for that matter.

Instead of buying such an expensive outrageous course he recommends simply finding a commission-only job in the industry where you work in a physical location if possible, try your best, and shadow the boss and those good for a few months and adopt their techniques. They usually are more than happy to let you sit in and listen as ultimately in such businesses the manager/boss get paid a percentage of what the people he manages (you) earn, and less turnover means much less work for them.

Before you do this you should probably take a cheap entry-mid level course in sales so you don’t piss off your employer, the best one’s we’ve encountered are Grant Cardone’s Learn to Sell Anything Course and Practical Sales Techniques by Chris Croft. The former being especially helpful if you’re in a high-ticket industry, the latter being just generally good fundamentals to learn so you aren’t an “incompetent baby” to your boss/manager.

With those two resources, and a few months to a couple years of sales experience, if you’re confident and capable, you can make an absolute killing in sales be it working for someone else or if it’s going off and starting your own business. This is what my father did, and after just a bit over a year, like many people he later trained, he made a six-figure income which grew for years. This is achievable if you take it seriously, but just buying some expensive course and trying to get that income next month just isn’t going to happen. That’s just how it is, hype down and get real.

Our Experience In the High Ticket Closer Program:

Despite our relatively harsh words above, our experience in the course was not that bad. We believe most of the testimonials online are garbage paid-for shills, and most people who are very against it and say it was a scam are, well, incompetent. This is because our experience was quite okay, the course teaches some stupid fluff garbage, but also many important concepts that help with self-confidence as well as a few “tricks” that help you recover a potentially on the edge customer that’d otherwise have been wishy-washy and never bought anything.

But ultimately the course didn’t provide any information that I didn’t know from my father just from being around him in the office a number of weeks throughout my childhood, and ultimately these skills can be acquired by simply getting a commission-only (or primarily) job and working a few weeks to a few months on the job, after taking some basic cheap courses on sales like the ones we mentioned in the opening section of this article.

The only thing that Dan provided that those courses didn’t, or that you wouldn’t guaranteed pick up in the first few weeks to months on the job would be a 1 on 1 roleplay session with him, which my father did with him, and ultimately our take on it was that it wasn’t anything special and it’s “exactly what he did with new hires if they make it past the first month or two.” We both felt Dan didn’t really care to do the 1 on 1 session although after my father begun selling him he wasn’t so low-energy, but his team members were incompetent and had no clue what they were doing.

So to summarize our experience: It wasn’t horrible, but the course isn’t worth at all close to the around $2500 -> $3000 cost of the course. It’s worth a couple hundred USD at the very most, and that’s simply because you get some of Dan’s time who does actually know what he’s doing (although unless you’re already experienced a bit in sales the 1 on 1 session seems like it’d be sloppy, as he isn’t very structured/motivated to start – at least in our experience).

Why Dan Lok's High Ticket Closer Course is Too Expensive:

The reason we think Dan Lok’s High Ticker Closer course is worth at most a couple hundred dollars, although likely more in the price range of $45 -> $120, is because it really doesn’t provide anything unique or profound that sales managers wouldn’t provide you for free if you are on the job, and ultimately 90% of what’s taught in Dan Lok’s course is found in other courses online, such as the two we mentioned before, for 1/10th the price or less if you get the courses on sale.

We really just can’t see a justifiable reason it’s that expensive. The only explanation is Dan’s using the ol’ “high-ticket high-value” ploy where you sell a product for an exorbitantly expensive price so that customers feel like the product they’re getting is superior, and provides more value, and thus they complain less, request less refunds, and generally are more satisfied with the product they receive.

Does The High Ticket Closer Course Provide You The Skills You Need?

While I’d say it gives you a fair base to build on, albeit at an exorbitant price, my father who has 30+ years of sales experience firmly disagreed. He says while the skills taught in his course, and the other courses we mentioned, cover the basics of sales techniques they’re just that: the basics/fundamentals of sales.

Without having literally hundreds of hours of experience on the phone selling you’ll be horrible mess, and without at least a thousand you’ll not be close to the level that’s required to make six-figures in sales, or really anything above lower-middle class wage.

Those were more or less his words verbatim, and honestly I cannot disagree, that makes sense to me. Dan’s course provides the basics, but ultimately you cannot get the on-the-phone sales experience from the course that’ll allow you to respond efficiently and quickly and keep your cool with annoying or belligerent clients. The course provides the skills you need to start sales, but not at all the skills to do what Dan claims (earning 6-figures more or less once you’ve finished the course).

Is The High-Ticket Course a Scam?

We wouldn’t call it a scam — Just outrageously priced and dishonest about the potential results you can expect from taking the course. We definitely wouldn’t recommend or pay for Dan’s Course at the price he asks for it, however we don’t feel like he’s scamming people directly.

Gullible people who do not research big purchases will always get bamboozled to some extent and overpay, and Dan’s course is no different. If you research it, like you’ve done by landing on this article, you’ll likely realize that it’s way too expensive for what you get and there’s way cheaper courses out there at less than 1/10th the price.

The same happens in every industry, from hotels to airline bookings to courses-sales to road bicycles, there’s always people who bamboozle people and get people to overpay for something that’s not really worth the price. It’s not really scamming, it’s just duping gullible people.

Will Dan Lok's High-Ticket Course Make You Successful?

To Answer this question directly — No.

As we mentioned above to become successful in sales you need to have hundreds, truly well over a thousand hours of on-phone sales experience to truly become a “high-ticket closer,” so Dan’s course, nor any course, will make you successful. Only you can do that, and that’s only possible if you work your butt off and gather the experience needed to be a high-ticket closer. 

Ultimately this is how all businesses/careers work. Unless you downright scam people or are a very lucky/good bamboozler, it’s very hard and risky or time-consuming to create a successful business or get into a well-paying career position. Free Lunch is Unfortunately still unachievable.

What's the Best (Cheaper) Alternatives to Dan Lok's Course?

In our opinion the two best courses in terms of the value you get for their cost is Grant Cardone’s Learn to Sell Anything Course and Practical Sales Techniques by Chris Croft. We’d say they compliment each other quite well, however Grant Cardone’s is a little better value in our opinion, at least if you know some basics already from youtube videos.

But remember, these courses will NOT make you successful. They’ll give you a good foundation to start in sales, preferably in a commission-only position, and ease you into the sales process so you aren’t a useless dead-weight bag that gets cut (fired) after your first few weeks on the job.

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