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Liability Disclosure:

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Affiliate Disclosure:

Greenery Financial is a participant in multiple affiliate networks. In our articles, we may include what’s referred to as an “affiliate link.” What this means is that whenever you click and shop through a link placed on our site, we will earn a fee/commission.

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Disclosure of Equity & Asset Positions:

Currently administrators of GreeneryFinancial are primarily invested in Cryptocurrency (90-95% Liquid-Networth) with asset allocations of the following (approximate): 42% Ethereum, 37% Bitcoin, 8% Polkodot, 3% Cardano, 3% Cosmos, 3% Monero, 2% RenVM, and <1% allocated into the following – Snythetix,, Tellor Tributes, and Voyager Loyalty Token. These values may change due to price fluctuations, however these are the current allocations as of Q1 2022.
The rest of our portfolio, a smaller amount, is invested in the following Equities in the form of long-options or stock in no particular order – Markforged ($MKFG), Desktop Metal ($DM), Astra Space ($ASTR), Shapeways ($SHPW), Nano Dimension ($NNDM), Crispr therapeutics ($CRSP), Materialise ($MTLS), and Velo 3D Printing ($VLD).