How to Make Money Online from Kenya in 2020

Make Money Online Kenya

There’s some guides out there for this already — but as someone who’s already worked online and makes all of my money from working online, I have to say they really get things wrong.

Most guides recommend terrible things that are just a waste of time because they earn commissions through referring you to them to fill out surveys or do whatever other nonsense. I’ve wasted dozens, likely hundreds of hours in total of my life trying those methods that just don’t work and are often downright scams, so I won’t even bother adding them as an option to consider.

Moderate Earning Online Opportunities:

These won’t make you rich and earning 1,000,000 KES a month, those are mentioned later, but these are where you can get some extra income coming in to support yourself and your family, or to build a little savings to invest in a better opportunity later on.

Working on Upwork:

I’ll tell you straight up — this only works if you’re good with design, writing, or coding and other tech-related things. If not the only way you’ll really get any results is if you do something out of the ordinary, such as be a voice actor if you have a good voice.

The pay for an Upwork Gig is usually about 530 -> 1400 KES per hour or task, however it depends on your clients. It’s hard to get clients in your first week or two without accepting the lower end pay mentioned above, and with the time it’ll take to apply and finally get accepted for a job it may end up only bringing in 350 KES to 900 KES per hour until you have good reviews and have mastered your craft.

Sell Your Stuff Locally (Online):

Unfortunately there’s not much else that really nets a good return on your time than simply selling stuff you already have on various apps or websites in the city you live in. If you don’t have anything to sell, but do have a motorcycle or vehicle of some sort I’d recommend signing up with Uber or the like, as you can easily make 30,000+ KES a month, which isn’t fantastic, but it’s easily enough to get you by even if you live in Narobi, and it’s a great way to add a little extra income and build a savings in your free-time.

Beyond the above two options there’s nothing really that doesn’t require a bit of capital of heavy time investments to start earning money, but in the longer-term if you’re willing to wait many months, you can make REALLY good money doing some other things online if you put in the work and study how to do it.

High Earning Online Opportunities:

In this category everything will take quite a bit of knowledge to really get done, and quite a bit of ambission, however with some patience you can earn an absolutely enormous amount in less than a year if you are consistently working towards your goal.

Create a Youtube Channel:

This is by far one of the best long-term opportunities for someone to make money online through, regardless of where they live. This is especially true for us folks living in non-western countries, as we can earn in western currencies like the Euro or Dollar from viewers in those countries seeing ads, then spending the dollars back home where things are much cheaper.

The problem is it takes 3 -> 9 months before you really have any chance of making decent money off this, and during that time you’ll need to invest 10hours or so a week in making a few (2-3) youtube videos per week to get your channel going. The positive is once it gets going you’ll make money passively for many years to come with little effort, and it’ll easily increase if you keep working on it without any real limits.

You also have to have a plan on what topic your channel will be about. This is very important to being successful on youtube. Don’t just post whatever, keep it to one topic — are you showing the world about Kenyan recipes? Are you going to make videos about food in the country and show restaurants, street food, etc, like many people have done in other countries like India? Or are you going to discuss current events in Kenya?

I’d recommend avoiding big broad topics like teaching people to play football or something like that, as too many people are posting such videos — this is why I’d recommend doing something related to Kenya, as there’s very few channels that produce good videos about Kenya, the culture, and the food.

You can expect to make anywhere between 45,000 KES and 125,000 KES per month (passively, meaning it’d require <10hours a week to maintain this income) after a year or so of posting a few videos a week if you do some research on how to make good quality videos and stick to a single topic where you can provide value to others.

Create an Online Website/Blog:

This is much harder than doing a youtube channel, as not only do you have to stick to a topic, provide value to others, and do it for nearly a year before you make decent money off it, but it requires much more research and learning beforehand as there’s so many more websites out there already so the competition is much higher.
Just like youtube you can expect to make between 45,000 and 125,000+ KES per month if you build your own website — but keep in mind this will take an investment of 8000 KES for webhosting and a domain name as well as about 1000 hours of work writing articles for your website before you start making that much money consistently. But just like youtube it’ll pay you for years to come without much work on it at all once you’ve done the upfront work to get the income coming in.
Personally this is what I have done and made most of my money through. I saved a little bit, then lived in poverty for 6 months by choice — so I had time to invest in building a few websites to make money online through. After 6 months I could afford a modest life, and after a year I was making a bit over 125,000 KES per month.

What Other Ways are Available to Make Money Online in Kenya?

Unfortunately everything else either requires a large amount of capital (1,000,000+ KES) or simply are a waste of time that often pay nothing in the end (filling out surveys, mining cryptocurrency, clicking ads, lotteries, taking photos for stock images, etc).

If you aren’t willing to or simply don’t have the time to invest in making a website or starting a youtube channel, then without extreme amounts of money it’s hard to make a substantial income online to support your self through.

Due to that I’d recommend simply focusing on high-return real-life businesses to boost your income if you can’t do a youtube channel or online website. Good real-life businesses to start would be real estate photography or marketing, starting a cleaning service for expensive apartments, becoming a personal trainer (fitness), or generally something that caters to a ton of people (fruit selling, cheap-food vegetarian stand, etc) as while they seem like badly paying jobs these often are extremely profitable.

All of those are very cheap or free to start up and don’t require any sort of degree or hard to learn skills, and once you make money from it you can use the extra to work less to build a website or youtube channel, or simply to invest in buying an apartment unit to rent out or live in, which will greatly improve your wealth, especially as Kenya becomes more wealthy and developed in the coming decades.