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Top 3 Ethereum Development Courses (2021)

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While there’s plenty of Ethereum Development courses that cover solidity programming and all the specifics it takes to built a dapp on ethereum we believe these 3 courses are significantly better than the others we’ve encountered.

We picked the below three based on the experience our team had with various programs, as well as my personal experience going through multiple courses for this article.

Ultimately there’s a clear winner in our mind — and one we’d recommend if you have the funds for it and are truly serious about taking Ethereum Development seriously — as a career — and not just a hobby. 
To not bury the lead — If you want the best and will do this as a real career rather than just a fun hobby then go with Ivan’s Crypto Academy’s courses.

Best Basic Course for Beginners & Hobbyists to Start With:

If you are looking for a course that explains how the technology works so you can communicate with the developers on your team in a more competent manor, then this “Complete Developer Guide” course on Udemy would be our recommendation — This is because it’s extremely cheap for what you get: a relatively well put together course that explains the technical aspects and concepts of coding with Solidity on Ethereum.

Keep in mind though this course is cheap for a reason — it’s a bit out dated. Many of the lectures in it are from quite some time ago, 2017-2018 in some cases, and thus the code it teaches/demonstrates within the lectures are, well, not exactly correct anymore due to solidity experiencing multiple major upgrades since this course was initially published.

Regardless we believe it’s a good course if you just want to get a grasp of development, rather than truly dive in and do Ethereum Development as a Job/Business.

Best Budget/Hobbyist D'app Development Course:

If you aren’t looking for a full-fledged course but rather just a supplemental course to help you create a D’app on Etheruem and launch a basic ERC-20 Token, and already know plenty of coding you’ve self-taught or learned elsewhere, then this course will allow you to learn the specifics on D’app Development.

Keep in mind though it won’t teach you in detail about solidity or ethereum development beyond d’apps, so if you do not already have adequate knowledge this course is likely not a good choice for you — but we figured we’d include it as it’s the best course for d’apps in it’s price-bracket, however ultimately unless you’re just doing this as a hobby or to learn, having fun, then we’d recommend simply going with Ivan’s course mentioned below as it’s more complete, more up to date, etc.

Best Choice for Folks Serious About Ethereum Development:

As we mentioned at the start of this article, Ivan’s Crypto Academy’s courses are by far the most complete and best when it comes to ethereum development.

We say this because Ivan’s Ethereum-specific courses cover not only the fundamentals and basics, but they also have specific courses for creating smart contracts and D’apps, securing smart contracts and audit them, create games on the ethereum blockchain, and interact with Defi or build projects connected with other Defi projects, implement oracles, and truly everything that’s needed to become an ethereum developer.

Not only does Ivan’s Crypto Academy give you the knowledge to become an ethereum developer, but when you sign up for the Crypto Academy you also get access to courses teaching fundamentals, React Development, EOS development, and blockchain business marketing & management courses.

You can view our full detailed review of Ivan’s Crypto Academy by clicking here — or if you’re ready to give it a go simply sign up through this link and get 40% off Ivan’s monthly memberships.

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