Ezoic vs Mediavine - Which Adnetwork is Better? [2022]

I’ve used and tested both Ezoic and Mediavine and they’re two of my favorite adnetworks. One of them I was using with most of my websites, while the other I hardly used, however now I only use one of them.

I’ll go over the reasons below, but I’m not one to keep you waiting. I use Ezoic all of my websites now, however I used to use both Mediavine and Adthrive — before you start grumbling how this comparison will be overly favouring Ezoic I’ll come right out and say it — Mediavine is better for some websites and people. I just no longer use them as I prefer a more hands-on experience with lots of data, which Ezoic is better for, however for a more ‘managed’ experience mediavine is a perfectly respectable adnetwork that I’d recommend to a certain type of blogger.

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With that being said, before we get into the article I’ll give a summary, and my thoughts/conclusion overall: 

Basically I tested both Ezoic and Mediavine on various websites I had and came up with results below — these were WITHOUT video player ads as they were not available at the time the test were conducted for all sites.

The results were that Ezoic is largely the same as Mediavine in terms of earnings, edging out in tier-2/3 countries (developing countries) when it comes to earnings per 1000 visits. The deciding factor between both networks is really how hands-on you want to be with setup and ongoing management.

Basically with Ezoic if you don’t mind spending some time during setup and occasionally tweaking things you can have faster load-times and more data, but if you don’t want to do that mediavine is a bit better out-of-the-box.

Which Makes More Money?

As both Ezoic and Mediavine are respectable companies neither are going to supply you with garbage spammy dangerous ads, so really the main thing that’s likely important to you is how much money they make you.

I’ll go over four of my websites that I tested with both platforms and their performance on each network for this section.


  • Food-related Website – $7.32 averaged CPM
  • Outdoors-related Website – $5.69 averaged CPM
  • Travel-related Website – $7.26 averaged CPM
  • Foreign-targeted Website (India & Nepal) – $2.22 averaged CPM


  • Food-related Website – $8.55 averaged CPM
  • Outdoors-related Website – $5.39 averaged CPM
  • Travel-related Website – $9.78 averaged CPM
  • Foreign-targeted Website (India & Nepal) – $3.24 averaged CPM

I can’t say what CPM you’ll achieve, where your traffic comes from, what your niche is on your site. But that’s my experience with both networks. The results are abundantly clear in my opinion.

Namely That:
  • Ezoic outperformed Mediavine slightly but consistently in most niches
  • Mediavine is slightly better for Outdoors-related (US/Canadian) Traffic.
  • Ezoic is hands down superior for international traffic

Which has better support?

Both of their supports are adequate from my experience, with Ezoic being more human-like and willing to be more personal and give recommendations, while Mediavine is less human-like but more professional and seemingly slightly more knowledgeable/technical in their conversations. Maybe you’d like that, maybe you wouldn’t.

The real difference in terms of support isn’t through contacting them for help, but rather how they operate.


  • Automatically sets up ad-units like Google Adsense would
  • Has fewer settings, but will be slightly more managed by default
  • Doesn’t share as much data with you
  •  Purely functions off machine learning (Artificial Learning/Artifical Intelligence)


  • Ideally you should set up some ad units and place them
  • Automatically will place some ad units, but not as many in-content (high-paying) ad units
  • Has an amazing data-analytics dashboard to see dang near every metric you could think of (and then some!)
  • Functions off Machine-learning, however allows Human-influence to speed up the increase in revenue quicker

The Bottom line is: If you are willing to put in a little work setting up adunits that you’d think would look good and take a little time to learn to manipulate Ezoic’s platform options you’ll not only have your revenue ramp up and your user experience be optimized quicker, but you’ll also have more direct control over your website. If that’s you, and you don’t mind a little work for the first initial setup and some adjustments, likely just a few hours, you’ll probably be better off going with Ezoic. That’s me, which is why I am primarily with Ezoic.

If you don’t want to do that at all and aren’t interested in paying someone else to do it for you, you may be better off with Mediavine, however I cannot speak for this as I always adjusted my Ezoic settings and tweaked things that I couldn’t with Mediavine. Doing so may have been the cause of the higher earnings through Ezoic, but I cannot say for sure. Maybe Ezoic would do just as good of a job if left alone though, I cannot say for sure. It’s your call if you want to be completely hands-off which you choose of course.

Why do I have a website with Mediavine if I prefer Ezoic?

Okay I’ll answer this question now, and there are a few reasons which I’ll cover, and also some warnings on using Mediavine. 2022 EDIT — I have now sold the websites I had with Mediavine, so no longer have any websites with Mediavine.


This is the main reason I went with this option, as I never want to have most of my income freeze up if Ezoic somehow went out of business. It’s extremely unlikely, especially with how their business works (they have little overhead), but it’s still a possibility I’d like to hedge against with a smaller website of mine that will allow me to not have to dip into investments/savings if such a scenario occurred.

Contract Term & Revenue Impact

As I showed above, in some cases, such as the case with the Outdoors website of mine, I made about the same, even a little more with Mediavine, albeit the only site of mine to do so and by a relatively negligible degree.

So why switch back to Ezoic, as in it’s case I was with Ezoic first and decided to try Mediavine to get a clearer picture on which adnetwork was truly better, when I’m making a tiny bit more with Mediavine?

But this leads me into a warning: Even if I wanted to switch back with Mediavine you don’t have the option to do so for 30 to 90 days, and in doing so they’ll often try to keep you as a client. While I only have a rolling 30-day contract with them for that website now, it’s still a contract and if you decided to use Mediavine and you don’t like them you may be stuck for multiple months with them. This can be an issue particularly for internationally-trafficked websites, as their CPM for international sites appear significantly below Ezoic, and if you aren’t happy you’re stuck with them for many months.

Why do I have a site with Adthrive?

As it’s not too relevant to this article, I figured I should cover it in case you’re curious as I did mention it above.

Quite simply they are the best of both worlds and they pay a fraction higher than Ezoic for US-based traffic. The reason I only have one site with them however is because they have very strict approval, require longer-form content as the majority of traffic-driving articles, require extremely US-centric audiences, and require a minimum of 100,000 page-views a month to be approved.

While they’re great once you’re a big boy and may up your CPM by a dollar or two, most folks can’t get into them and most sites ran by individuals won’t get enough traffic to use them at least for many many years.

2022 EDIT — I have now transferred this site to Ezoic and completed a case-study on the transfer you can read here — but in short Adthrive severely underperformed Ezoic in the case study so I have stopped using adthrive entirely.

What About Requirements for each Adnetwork?

This is where Mediavine really is bad in compared to Ezoic, as Ezoic has much lower requirements for joining the platform with them.

The reason for this is Ezoic has a much lower minimum requirement on pageviews. Ezoic accepts websites with as low as a few thousand pageviews a month, although generally they prefer around 10,000 or more per month.

Mediavine requires 50,000 sessions per month, which comes out to about 67,000 -> 84,000 pageviews per month for most people. This being said, you’ll be stuck with a mediocre CPM through adsense or media.net until you have this many pageviews/sessions per month, which really makes using Ezoic a no-brainer in my opinion compared to Mediavine.

Which Adnetwork Is For You?

Back to this question; the adnetwork for most of my websites is definitely Ezoic, and I’m confident in saying they’d be a better adnetwork for 90%+ of websites compared to Mediavine.

This is abundantly clear in my opinion from my experience with them and others I know who’ve used both services. Even the person who originally recommended me to Mediavine now uses Ezoic for their new websites and continue to use them until they (in some cases) hit 100k+ pageviews and can use Adthrive. Generally they wait until their website is to 140k+ pageviews/mo to even migrate it from Ezoic because they don’t even consider Adthrive worth it above Ezoic.

If I’ve convinced you and you want to use the same adnetwork I use for most of my websites then you can signup using this link here.

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