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Gemini Sign-Up Promotional Offers [2022, $50+]

These are all the currently active codes & links Gemini offers — Currently there’s quite a few promotions which net between $10 and $50 at sign-up (depending on which you go with) and then there’s another that you can benefit from after signing up earning potentially hundreds of dollars worth of bitcoin form over the long-term if you understand how to take advantage of it.

The easiest and best promotion to get current in our opinion is to sign up on Gemini’s website through this link — you’ll need to do this through a browser not the Gemini app. Once you’ve done that you’ll be eligible for $50 free in Bitcoin after buying or selling $500 or more of Cryptocurrency on Gemini in the first few days of signing up.

If you don’t want to, or can’t afford to, trade that much then there are some other sign-up bonus offers we’ll cover below that you’d be eligible for — and we’ll explain in-detail more about the above.

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Gemini's Refer-A-Friend Program Offer:

Okay to be honest this promo is only good if you don’t have funds for the secret landing page offer we cover below — for this one you you simply need to sign up on Gemini’s website through this link — you’ll need to do this through a browser not the Gemini app or else you’ll have to manually enter the promo code “bqdmqzfe” to get the bonus. Once you’ve done all be above steps you’ll be eligible for $10 free in Bitcoin after buying or selling $100 or more of Cryptocurrency on Gemini.

After signing up and doing the above you’ll get your $10 in free bitcoin the next day, and you should be able to withdraw it any time you want — even immediately without losing your sign-up bonus reward.

The same applies to family or friends you refer of course — if you want to do such a thing just log into your Gemini account and scroll to the bottom of the page, there should be a box offering you to refer your friends/family for a $10 bonus for both them as well as you — and you if they buy or sell more than $100 of cryptocurrency within the first 30 days of opening the account. It’s quite simple really.

Gemini's Secret Landing Page Offer:

This is really the better offer — you get $50 if you trade $500+ within 3 days of opening a Gemini account through the secret landing page they send out only to targeted people — well we’re leaking that here to you, as there’s no terms against doing so and there’s no way for them to know if you got targeted or not.

With that being said to get it simply sign up through this link which will take you to the secret promo page on their site. When signing up do NOT enter in any other promo code than the one they have entered already — I’m not 100% sure if this works via the Gemini app, so you may want to use a desktop computer/labtop or do it in your phones browser to ensure you get the bonus.

You cannot stack this offer with the above $10 sign-up bonus, so do not try to enter both codes. You can only get one, if you enter another you’ll void the first offer.

Gemini's Affiliate Program Offer:

Gemini also has a secret affiliate program that allows websites, big account holders, and certain others to refer people who are friends or not, without any issues or penalties — this program isn’t available to everyone though, so most people will not be able to sign up for it. We have, so we know what it offers — and that’s just a little kickback bonus for the referrer, when someone is referred and signs up to the platform.

It doesn’t however seem to currently offer upsized signup bonus offers above the above-mentioned offers — however you can click this link to go the current offer us affiliates have access to — but generally it’s just the same as the the secret landing page offer — $50.

With that being said, if you want to participate as an affiliate or refer people to Gemini you can earn a small bonus from Gemini when you refer people to Gemini, which they give to you for helping them get the profit in the first place. Generally this is around $25, but this isn’t always the case — it can vary.

Gemini's Expired Promotion Graveyard:

At this moment Gemini doesn’t have any other expired promotions or sign up offers — they have only had a couple promo campaigns so far and they’ve yet to cancel any of them as far as we’re aware of — so this graveyard is empty!

You may have encountered links or codes from some coupon sites that don’t work — those aren’t expired or old promos usually — but rather just spam, as they do not manually go create direct partnerships or accounts with crypto platforms like we do and did for this post — instead they just put jibberish and scrape codes from forums, sometimes that work sometimes that don’t, and often they lie about the reward/sign-up bonus you’ll get (can be nothing) — we don’t do any of these things as we want users of Greenery Financial to have a positive experience — and our word means something believe it or not.

Gemini Sign-Up Promotions FAQ:

Some questions have been asked to us about Gemini’s Promotional bonus offers, so we’ve decided to expand this article to include the most common questions we have seen and had people contact us about. If you have other questions feel free to use our contact us page and we’ll try to answer your question ASAP.

Can You Apply a Gemini Referral Promotion after Signing Up?

Unfortunately from the looks of it it’s not possible to retroactively apply these bonuses — if you haven’t verified your account or bought/sold large amounts of cryptocurrency on the account — or sometimes even if you have — you can simply open a new account through this link and complete the above-mentioned requirements and you’ll be eligible for the bonus on that new account. 

Does Gemini Have Referral Codes?

While Gemini used to have referral codes they no longer use/require a code-based system, instead they use a link-based system where you must sign up through a specific link such as the ones mentioned above which have the referral/promotion attached already. 

If you have an old version of the Gemini app you may have the option to enter in a code — if this is the case feel free to give our code “bqdmqzfe” a use, it should give you the same $10+ offer as the link would give you, however for the $50 offer I don’t believe you can just use a code — you need the link.

Table of Contents