Gigwalk App Review 2022: Legit Or Lousy Time Waster?

Gigwalk is a handy application that you can download on your phone and that allows you to earn some money by completing different types of “gigs”. The app has been featured in some prestigious newspapers and websites such as Forbes and CNN. However, it is hard to find objective information about Gigwalk.

When I first looked it up I always got an unclear answer, or one that I just didn’t fully believe. Either the reviewer was WAY positive about it, or they were extremely frustrated. It made me wonder if they were honest reviews, so in the end I didn’t use the app for a long time. But now I decided to give it a shot.

I used the app for 2 weeks, one week I used it while going about my daily life, one week I used it as if it was a job, as in working on gigs full-time if they were available and going out of my way to do them.

In my experience you should keep in mind that this app is designed to help you make some extra money, meaning that it isn’t meant to bring in a steady and substantial income. This was reflected in my time using the app during those two weeks, as you’ll see in the sections below.

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How Much Does Gigwalk Generally Pay Per Task?

After setting up gigwalk and letting them access your location so they can serve you local gigs you get to choose which ones you want to complete. It’s a nice system, as it’s effort-less on your part and allows you to make extra money regardless of where you are in your city, or even while traveling — without having to figure out which gig is the closest, as it does that for you.

The amount of money you’ll be able to make on the app depends on your commitment but also on the types of gigs you decide to sign up for. Shorter and easier gigs will pay you less than those that are a bit more time-consuming. If you live in a city, it will be easier to find more gigs, thus making more money.

In general, you can expect to be paid anything between $3 and $60 (rare) per individual task. Keep in mind that it is much more common to be paid less than $15 per gig, but if you manage to complete a good amount per day, you’ll be able to make some decent money without too much effort.

Some of the most common complaints about this app are the low pay, poor customer service and some bad experiences with completing a gig without ever getting paid. Generally I didn’t have any of these problems — I didn’t use customer service and the pay was better than most other “money making apps” I’ve used, and I almost always got paid. Only three times in my 2 weeks did a company not approve the work I did — that’s 3 out of 100+ gigs.

How Much Does Gigwalk Actually Pay Per Hour/Day?

Personally I made about $35-45/day doing gigs all day after expenses, which ended up to be about $7-9/hr, doing it by bike and really hustling by butt off. I wouldn’t recommend bothering doing this unless you’re a teenager who will struggle to get a job besides McDonalds or your just want to spend a day biking around, as if you drive you wouldn’t make nearly as much money or be nearly as quick. After 4 days or so the amount of gigs dried up and I wasn’t able to do it daily.

When doing it while just out and about over the week it probably took an extra 15-30 minutes a day and earned me about $12 to $20 an hour, or an extra $15-20 or so per week. Gigs didn’t really dry up, but I was in a big city when I was doing this, so if you’re in a small town you may run out of tasks that are not out of the way.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A "Gig" On Average?

You will be able to choose only tasks that interest you and that fit your work schedule. On average you can expect to spend anything between 5 minutes and a couple of hours to complete gigs. As stated earlier, the length of the task will have an impact on the pay you’ll get. Usually the time given for tasks is way over what it actually takes and I could whip out a 15-20minute task in <5minutes excluding travel time. Most tasks I did were <30minutes to do.

Generally gigs will involve uploading images of products and their visibility or conditions in stores and supermarkets. Companies need such information to keep their marketing efforts under control and check on their efficiency. If you are already at the store, these kinds of the gig will take you only a couple of minutes to complete, so they’re the best for most folks to do.

Some gigs are just you going to a bank and taking pictures outside of it, but they’re less common, but pay quite well for the time commitment they take.

Where can you use Gigwalk?

Gigwalk doesn’t seem to be clear on the cities or countries in which Gigwalk is available, but from our research and readers we’ve concluded that it’s available in most big cities in the USA and Canada, and some locations in the UK. Small towns may have gigs too, but there may only be a few or they may be quite far away, so if you live in a city of <250,000 people I wouldn’t even bother with Gigwalk.

Unfortunately Gigwalk isn’t available in “developing” countries like the Philipines, India, South Africa, or Malaysia. It’s a real bummer as I think it would be a great money-maker in these countries, and I’d think there’d be a need for such verification as Gigwalk provides companies, but as of now they don’t operate in those countries.

What are some Alternatives to Gigwalk?

There are some alternatives that you can consider instead of Gigwalk, however none of them are substantially better. To get a better return you need to move up to “real job” apps like UberEats or DoorDash, or start your own side-gig/small-business.

One option is Task Rabbit, it’s an application connecting freelancers for everyday tasks such as cleaning or buying groceries. It works similarly than Gigwalk but it involves completely different kinds of tasks. I’d say you earn a bit more money and have more stability in doing Task-Rabbit, but it’s not as popular so finding work isn’t as easy.

You might also want to consider joining Freelancer, an online freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace where you can sign up for various gigs and get paid for them. You can do this in pretty much any country, so if you are in India or one of the other countries we mentioned above, this would be an alright alternative for you, but a lot of people do it so it can be hard to get jobs when you first start (before you get reviews).

Alternatively, you can make extra money with UserTesting, through which you can get paid to test websites and applications and speaking about your thoughts out loud. A similar concept is that of, where you can earn money by writing reviews of different products and services. These services are generally only for US & Canadian Residents though, so if you’re out of this region you’re out of luck when it comes to these money-making options.

Is Gigwalk Worth Doing or Is It a Waste of Time?

I’d say it’s worth doing if you can’t do ubereats/doordash due to your age or transportation limitations, but don’t expect a sustainable income from the app. I wouldn’t say it’s a time-waster, but it’s not something you should go out of your way to do, or probably even bother with if you have a “real job,” as just working there or at a service like UberEats would net you significantly more per hour in profits.

Personally I do not use Gigwalk anymore, as I’ve now developed enough skills to get freelancing jobs or work for myself, and I can earn substantially more through those options compared to Gigwalk. I wouldn’t say I’m negative on how Gigwalk is, but I’m not going to go push you to use it. It’s okay.

Is Gigwalk a Scam or Is It Legit?

Gigwalk is definitely not a scam, as most people will get paid within 24-48 hours after completing the gig just as I was. On occasion you may get a bad gig where the business rips you off and doesn’t pay, but this is extremely rare (1 in 100 chance).

Just keep in mind that if you want to use Gigwalk you are not going to earn a lot of money, but rather just really some extra spending-money and that you might experience some frustration at the beginning before you get a hang of the different job-types and how to perform them efficiently.