Hashiny Promotional Offers (Free Bitcoin Hashing Power!)

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Hashiny is a app-based bitcoin (and other cryptocurrency) mining portal that allows you to purcahse/rent hashing power for various cryptocurrencies – currently they offer a small sign-up bonus for those who are referred by other hashiny users.

To receive Hashiny’s highest current available sign-up bonus you simply have to sign-up through someone’s referral link — if you have a friend who uses Hashiny help’em out and use their link and you’ll give them 10% of any hashing power you buy in the future, otherwise feel free to use our referral code for Hashiny, which will also grant you the maximum available sign-up bonus.

Generally the highest available sign-up bonus for Hashiny is simply 5th/s for a week, however sometimes this varies — generally this amounts to between $2 and $10 of a sign-up bonus, which is pretty decent considering you don’t need to purchase anything at all.

Hashiny Refer-a-Friend Program:

As mentioned above, if you want to receive Hashiny’s current best sign-up bonus you must sign up through someone’s referral link — this can be a friend of yours, or you c can use one you find on the internet, such as our referral link to receive the bonus. Generally it amounts to $2 to $10 worth of bitcoin mined using the hashing-power they give you, given within the first week.

You can also flip this offer on it’s head and refer friends — and while you won’t receive any bonus hashpower when they sign up like they will, you will receive a small amount of any hashing power they buy in the future.