Hodlnaut Working Sign Up Bonuses & Promos [2022]

These are all the currently available sign-up bonus offers, promo codes, and referral codes that you can currently use, as well as how they work — generally you just need to click a sign up link such as this one or enter a code to receive the sign-up bonus, however we’ll go in-detail about the different options currently available.

The easiest promotion to get currently though is just simply Hodlnaut’s Referral offer which allows existing users to give (for free) $20 to new signups they refer to the platform.

You can use our referral code by entering Pp5zutEhQ into the referral box as we already use hodlnaut and have quite a bit of funds in our account, allowing us to generate special referral codes like the above.

The above should give you the maximum-available sign-up bonus from our understanding, however there’s some special terms attached to the offer we’ll go over below, as well as if there’s any other promotions we’ll go over those as well below.

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Hodlnaut's Refer-a-Friend Promotion

Hodlnaut’s refer-a-friend promotion offers new sign-ups between $20 and $40 depending on the current promotion hodlnaut is offering — to receive the bonus you simply need to sign-up with a referral code from a friend (you can use ours: Pp5zutEhQ) and deposit $1000 or more of assets in a single transaction into the hodlnaut platform and you’ll automatically be granted the sign-up bonus offer.

Keep in mind for this promotion you must deposit the $1000 or more within the first 7 days after signing up — so once you sign up you’ll need to complete the KYC verification and prep to transfer your digital assets over sometime within the next week to receive the bonus. You can complete a ‘test’ transaction before sending over the $1000+ transaction without risking your bonus.

Once you’ve signed up, completed your KYC, and deposited some funds, you can also participate in the refer-a-friend sign-up bonus with your friends, sending them your special referral code to help them get the $20+ signup bonus offer — or you can always send them our code (Pp5zutEhQ) if you don’t want to wait.

Hodlnaut's Affiliate Program Promotion

Hodlnaut doesn’t really have an affiliate program like most platforms do — instead it’s really just a copy of their refer-a-friend program, but marketed to be used for anyone, friend or not, if you have a business. Because of this the bonus ($20+) is the same and the code is the same — a working code to sign-up to the program and receive the bonus is (Pp5zutEhQ).

With that being said, if you want to participate as an affiliate or refer people to hodlnaut you can earn a small share of hodlnaut’s profits when you refer people to hodlnaut, which they give to you for helping them get the profit in the first place. This is the 10% figure that’s often quoted on other sites — this is the revshare you will be able to get when referring people to hodlnaut with a referral code.

This revshare is NOT taken from referred users deposits, meaning you aren’t hurting those you refer — they earn the same rewards as they otherwise would. You simply get a small share of the profits Hodlnaut may make off them — as being a business they keep some of the interest-rewards to their self. Well you can get some of that as well when you share in their profits and refer people to the platform.

Hodlnaut Expired Promotions:

Currently Hodlnaut doesn’t have any other expired promotions or reward offers — they’re a relatively new company so they haven’t had many promotional campaigns yet beyond the ones mentioned above that are currently running — and are intended to be permanent from what Hodlnaut’s team conveyed to me.

You may have encountered codes from some coupon sites that don’t work — those aren’t expired or old promotions usually — but rather just spam, as they do not manually go find codes and contact the companies to find out the best deals like we do and did for this post — instead they just put jibberish or scrape codes from other websites, sometimes that work sometimes that don’t, and often they lie about the reward/sign-up bonus you’ll get (can be nothing) — we don’t do any of these things as we want users of Greenery Financial to have a good experience — and our word means something believe it or not.

Hodlnaut Sign-up Bonus & Promotions FAQ:

There’s been some questions asked to us about hodlnaut’s sign-up bonus offers, so we’ve decided to expand this article to include the most common questions we’ve seen and had people contact us about. If you have other questions feel free to contact us through our contact page and we’ll try to help

#1. — Can you apply a referral or promotional code after signing up to Hodlnaut?

Unfortunately this isn’t always possible and is handled on a case-by-case basis, as if you’ve already been with the platform a long time or have already made many deposits it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get the bonus to apply — however you can still reach out to their support and ask, but generally if you’ve been with the platform and done KYC it’s unlikely for you to get the bonus if you didn’t already.

 You may want to sign up with a different email and enter a code (such as ours: Pp5zutEhQ) if you haven’t completed the KYC process yet at least, as that way you’ll get the bonus automatically without needing to contact support — assuming you meet the requirements for the bonus outlined above.

#2. — What Countries Are Eligible for the Hodlnaut Sign-Up Bonuses Mentioned Above?

As far as we know if you are allowed to register for hodlnaut you’re allowed to recieve the sign-up bonuses mentioned above, the only countries that cannot sign-up and thus participate in hodlnaut’s sign up bonuses are sanctioned countries such as Iran, North Korea, etc.

You can use the above promotions in all the European Union (EU), The United Kingdom (UK), The United States of America (USA), Singapore (SG), and most of the rest of the world — so long as you can use the platform you can get the bonuses mentioned above.

#3. — Can you withdraw your funds after using a referral or promo code from Hodlnaut?

Yes, and as far as we know you can even keep the sign-up bonus offered to you without penalty — which is quite rare, as most sign-up bonuses are clawed back if you withdraw your funds within a short period of time after collecting the bonus.

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