Hodlnaut vs Celsius - Which is Better? [2022]

Hodlnaut vs Celsius Comparison

Hodlnaut and Celsius are both trustworthy Crypto Lending & Saving platforms in our view, but which one is the better choice overall for you? We hope to give you the information you need to decide for yourself which is better for you — while elaborating a bit about our experiences using both platforms extensively.

We used to prefer Celsius over Hodlnaut, as quite frankly in the past we didn’t trust hodlnaut due to it being such a new unknown company, but those worries have past and we now keep nearly half of all our crypto assets with them, so while we still believe Celsius has some good features (lowest rates on crypto-backed loans for example) we overall think Hodlnaut is the better choice for us, and most crypto-savers currently.

With that being said we’d say it’s preferable to use multiple platforms to diversify your risk in any one of them having any variety of issues — another good crypto-lending company to check out would be BlockFi. You can read our comparison of Hodlnaut vs BlockFi here and Celsius compared to BlockFi by clicking here.

Below you can find a jump-to section if you want to just get to a specific part of the article immediately, but essentially we’ll start by going over which one is best for earning interest on your crypto assets followed by which one has lower fees both for withdrawals and trades on-platform.

After that we’ll go over the current sign-up bonus offers Hodlnaut and Celsius currently have, how trustworthy both platforms are (and how they’re regulated), before finally ending with a summary of it all and some FAQ’s about them both Celsius and Hodlnaut.

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Which Offers the Better Yields on Deposits - Celsius or Hodlnaut?

Hodlnaut offers slightly higher yields on deposited crypto — however this comes with a small caveat — Celsius offers comparable yields to slightly higher yields when you hold large amounts of their loyalty token with them for Etheruem deposits — but otherwise their rates are generally comparable to slightly lower than Hodlnaut’s rates currently.

With that being said, Hodlnaut only offers interest on stablecoins, bitcoin, ethereum, and…that’s it — while Celsius offers interest on many more crypto assets, making them obviously the better choice for non-supported assets such as Cardano, Synthetix, Binance coin, or gold-backed stable-coins such as PAXG. 

To sum it up — With Celsius you earn slightly less than with Hodlnaut (1% to 3% less) even when earning in CEL tokens (which gives you a bonus) — as a result Hodlnaut is generally the better choice for what they offer, namely stablecoin deposits, Bitcoin deposits, and to a lesser extent Ethereum deposits.

Which has less fees - Celsius or Hodlnaut?

This category is more or less a tie — Both Celsius and Hodlnaut have very little fees for the products they have — namely they both offer a free withdrawal per month from your cryptocurrency wallet to an outside external cryptocurrency wallet.

When it comes to their internal crypto swap/trading thingy though Hodlnaut has a much lower spread/fee when compared to Celsius — generally Hodlnaut’s is around 0.2% while Celsius charges around 1% depending on the pair from what we’ve experienced.

Neither platform seems to tack on any surplus fees for withdrawals or have any hidden fees of sorts other than the two fees we outlined above. Celsius has some fees related to their crypto-backed loans, but Hodlnaut currently doesn’t offer crypto backed loans so we can’t really compare them — generally Celsius has the lowest fees in regards to crypto-backed loans though, so if you’re interested in getting one you’ll likely want to go with them — at least for that product.

Which Has The Best Signup Bonus Offers - Celsius or Hodlnaut?

This category is largely a tie, with maybe Celsius coming out slightly ahead  — This is because Hodlnaut offers a $20 sign-up bonus for new users, while Celsius offers between $40 and $50 sign-up bonus for new users (varies), making the sign-up bonuses very similar — they have slightly different requirements though, which we’ll mention below.

With that being said, you can sign up through this link to be eligible for Celsius’s sign-up bonus — alternatively you can enter code “198971556a” when signing up via the app — You can read about the promotions they’re currently offering in detail on our page about Celsius’s current promotional offerings, most of which can be stacked with the sign-up promotion once you’ve signed up. 

As for Hodlnaut you can learn more about their sign-up bonus on our page about hodlnaut’s current promotions, but basically you can sign up through this link or the app while entering in our special code “Pp5zutEhQ” to receive the $20 sign-up bonus after depositing $1000+ in assets to Hodlnaut.

Which is more Trustworthy - Celsius or Hodlnaut?

We’d say they’re equally as trustworthy — maybe Celsius has been around a little longer and thus should be trusted a bit more, however ultimately we believe both are trustworthy and competent companies that we’d trust with our assets — in fact as we write this article around 20% of our cryptoassets are with Hodlnaut, while around 15% are with Celsius — this number may change, but this shows how much we trust them both.

We use them both, we hold tens of thousands of dollars with both — and we haven’t taken out any 3rd party insurance for our assets held with either platform.

With that being said, both are highly regulated and use top-notch security with multi-sig wallets, cold storage, and require collateral for most loans — and both have had venture-capital investment and partnerships — because of this we’re confident they’re not scams or anything like that, and we’re quite sure they’re here to stay.

What Advantages does Celsius have over Hodlnaut?

Celsius is clearly better if you have many altcoins in your portfolio you’re seeking to earn interest on, or you’re looking to get a crypto-backed loan, however Hodlnaut is generally better for earning the most interest on cryptoassets currently, so Celsius doesn’t really win out in that regard — but regardless Celsius has pretty decent rates, particularly for Ethereum deposits or small amounts of bitcoin (<0.25btc) so using them for earning on your crypto isn’t really a bad choice — it’s just not ideal if you have large amounts of invested capital –namely tens of thousands of USD worth of crypto you’re looking to earn on.

If you’re interested in the services Celsius offers that Hodlnaut doesn’t we’d recommend checking out our comparisons of Nexo vs Celsius and Crypto.com vs Celsius, as both of those platforms offer these products that Hodlnaut doesn’t yet. With that being said, of course if you just want to go with Celsius right now you can sign up to Celsius to be eligible for the up to a $50 initial sign-up bonus through this link — you can also read more about Celsius’s other sign-up promotions by clicking here.

What Advantages does Hodlnaut have over Celsius?​

Hodlnaut has clearly better rates on the cryptocurrencies they offer interest on — namely stablecoins, Ethereum, and Bitcoin — and overall Hodlnaut is a trustworthy cryptocurrency company with good security, support, and offerings — however due to being very narrow in offerings that’s really the only thing they have noteworthy worth mentioning that’s an advantage over Celsius currently. 

If you think Hodlnaut is the right choice for you then you can sign up through this link, or enter code “Pp5zutEhQ” when signing up to become eligible for Hodlnaut’s sign-up bonus offer that we mentioned above — but essentially sign up and deposit $1000+ of crypto assets within 7 days of your first deposit and you’ll get the $20 bonus paid in the cryptocurrency you deposited in — for example depositing $1k+ in bitcoin will get you $20 in bitcoin, or $1k+ in Ethereum will give you $20 in Eth.

Hodlnaut vs Celsius FAQ's:

Below we’ll cover the FAQ’s we’ve encountered, been asked, or have asked ourself about Hodlnaut and Celsius. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us on our contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can — and maybe even add our response below.

Can you buy Crypto on Hodlnaut or Celsius?

You can’t buy crypto directly crypto on Hodlnaut directly from your bank account currently — you’ll first have to funnel it through another exchange with ACH or wire transfer capabilities such as Voyager — with Celsius you can buy via the app through a 3rd-party partner service, but it has around 1.5% to 5% fees (generally 1.5% to 2%) which make it not ideal to say the least.

Does Hodlnaut or Celsius have insurance on your cryptoassets stored with them?

With hodlnaut you have the option to purchase 3rd party insurance via a DeFi protocol called Nexus Mutual directly on the platform while with Celsius you automatically have insurance that’ll protect you (and Celsius) from all but bankruptcy or a catastrophic level breach in security. 

Does Hodlnaut or Celsius have better customer service?

We’d say Hodlnaut’s customer service is a little a bit better than Celsius’s — they both have acceptable customer service but Hodlnaut’s is a bit faster due to them being a smaller company at this stage with less clients. Both Celsius and Hodlnaut’s customer service is competent and, well, you don’t need to go back and forth to get your issue resolved like with some companies who shall not be named.