Hodlnaut vs Crypto.com - Which is Better? [2022]

hodlnaut vs crypto.com comparison

Hodlnaut and Crypto.com are both trustworthy Crypto Lending & Saving platforms in our opinion, but which is the better overall choice for you? We hope to give you the information you need to decide for yourself which is better for you — while elaborating a bit about our experiences using both platforms extensively.

To be completely transparent, currently we hold the majority of our cryptocurrency assets with Hodlnaut and Crypto.com currently, with lesser amounts in the other crypto-lending platforms such as celsius, nexo, and blockfi. We have some funds with all of them, but the majority is with Hodlnaut and Crypto.com currently.

With that being said we’d say it’s essential to use multiple platforms to diversify your risk in any one company having any variety of issues — another good crypto-lending company to check out would be Nexo. You can read our comparison of Hodlnaut vs Nexo here and Crypto.com compared to Nexo by clicking here.

Below you’ll find a jump-to section if you want to just get to a specific part of the article right-away, but essentially we’ll start by going over which one is best for earning interest on your crypto assets followed by which one has lower fees both for withdrawals and trades on-platform.

After that we’ll quickly go over the current sign-up bonus offers Hodlnaut and Crypto.com currently have, how trustworthy both platforms are (and how they’re regulated), before finally ending with a summary of it all and some FAQ’s.

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Which Offers the Better Yields on Deposits - Hodlnaut or Crypto.com?

This category is a bit complicated — Hodlnaut offers better yields on deposits done without holding large amounts of loyalty token and non-locked deposits, but crypto.com offers more in those cases. I’ll make this real simple for you:

Crypto.com offers better yield when you hold and stake (for 180days+) at least $4000 worth of their loyalty token ($CRO) AND lock up your cryptocurrency for 90 days, making it unaccessible for the time period. In this case Crypto.com offers slightly better yields on deposits, between 0.2% and 2.5%~ or so more than Hodlnaut offers on deposits.

What this means is if you don’t want to lock your crypto up for 90days+ at a time, AND have a large amount of $CRO token, then you’d likely prefer Hodlnaut.

With that being said here’s what we do — due to having a large amount of CRO tokens we keep around 30% of our cryptoassets with Crypto.com to take advantage of their slightly higher rates, as we do not plan to sell it, trade it, or care to have access to it within the next 90 days. Around 20-30% we keep with hodlnaut due to their still good rates, with no lock-up required or penalties for withdrawing early. The rest we keep with other lending platforms.

To sum it up — With Crypto.com you earn slightly more than with Hodlnaut (0.2% -> 2.5%~) when you have USD $4000+ worth of CRO locked up on crypto.com AND lock your coins up for a minimum of 3 months — if you do not meet those requires crypto.com offers slightly less interest on deposits (3-5% less/year).

Which has less fees - Hodlnaut or Crypto.com?

This category is definitely won by hodlnaut — Both Crypto.com and Hodlnaut have very little fees for the products they have — however Crypto.com has higher fees for the products they offer compared to Hodlnaut — for example Hodlnaut offers a free withdrawal every month, while Crypto.com charges for each withdrawal. The fee crypto.com charges, and hodlnaut charges after their first free withdrawal is usually the same though — generally between $1 and $10, depending network fees.

When it comes to their internal crypto swap/trading thingy though Hodlnaut has a much lower spread/fee when compared to Crypto.com — generally Hodlnaut’s is around 0.2% while Crypto.com’s is around 1.3% depending on the pair from what we’ve experienced. Keep in mind if you’re using crypto.com in one of the countries they offer proper exchange services rather than a swap feature outside the US, so if you’re outside the US their fee is around the same as hodlnaut in this regard.

Neither platform seems to tack on any surplus fees for withdrawals or have any hidden fees of sorts other than the two fees we outlined above.

Which Has The Best Signup Bonus Offers - Hodlnaut or Crypto.com?

This category hodlnaut wins very slightly — This is because Hodlnaut offers a $20 sign-up bonus for new users, while Crypto.com offers…well it varies usually around $25, making the sign-up bonuses very similar to even identical — but hey now why do we say hodlnaut wins slightly if their bonus is less?

Well that’s because with Crypto.com’s sign-up bonus offers you have to stake $400+ worth of CRO for a crypto debit card from them, locking the funds up in their token for 180-days at a minimum, and that’s the only way you get your $25 bonus. If you plan to get a crypto.com card then it’s no problem of course, you’d be locking up the funds anyway. To get crypto.com’s sign-up bonus you can simply sign up up through this link, or simply enter in code “b8yarfx9bd” during sign-up in-app.

As for Hodlnaut you can learn more about their sign-up bonus on our page about hodlnaut’s current promotions, but basically you can sign up through this link or the app while entering in the code “Pp5zutEhQ” to receive the $20 sign-up reward after depositing $1000+ in assets to Hodlnaut. Much simpler, and no need to lock up your funds or buy their token or any nonsense. This is why we say hodlnaut wins slightly, despite having a smaller sign-up bonus.

Which is more Trustworthy - Hodlnaut or Crypto.com?

This category is more or less a tie — Both Hodlnaut and Crypto.com are regulated and trustworthy, and we believe both companies are legitimate — after-all Crypto.com owns a stadium, Super Bowl ads, and has celebrity influencers working with them — and Hodlnaut is regulated in Singapore which is the most stringent jurisdiction when it comes to financial service regulations — meaning they are required to be audited on an ongoing basis and have very strict security both for assets held with them as well as the methods they generate yield with.

Ultimately we’re more than comfortable keeping money with both platforms and don’t see any real major risks with either of them — they both haven’t made any business-mistakes or had any security issues, and overall clearly know what they’re doing.

What Advantages does Hodlnaut have over Crypto.com?

Hodlnaut has way better rates than crypto.com unless you lock up your cryptocurrency long-term (90days+) and hold large amounts ($4000+ worth) of crypto.com’s loyalty token — this makes them the better choice if you may need some liquidity or simply don’t want to have such a large amount in a centralized companies token.

Hodlnaut also has way less fees when it comes to swapping between cryptocurrencies on the platform, as well as a free withdrawal every month that Crypto.com doesn’t currently offer. Overall if you’re just looking for cryptolending services and don’t want a crypto debit card (which hodlnaut doesn’t offer) then they’re great.

If you think Hodlnaut is the right choice for you then you can sign up through this link, or enter code “Pp5zutEhQ” when signing up to be eligible for Hodlnaut’s sign-up bonus offer that we mentioned above — but basically sign up and deposit $1000+ of crypto assets within 7 days of your first deposit and you’ll get the $20 bonus.

What Advantages does Crypto.com have over Hodlnaut?

Crypto.com has slightly better rates when you hold large amounts of their loyalty token, and lock your crypto up for multiple months at a time — so if you’re bullish on $CRO, their loyalty token, and already have large investments in it then crypto.com is hands-down the best platform for earning interest on crypto in our view.

They’re also the better all-in-one platform, offerring a fiat onramp that Hodlnaut currently lacks, offerring crypto debit cards. If you’re interested in the services Crypto.com offers that Hodlnaut doesn’t we’d recommend checking out our comparisons of Nexo vs Crypto.com and BlockFi vs Nexo, as both of those platforms offer these products that Hodlnaut doesn’t yet.

With that being said, of course if you just want to go with Crypto.com right now you can sign up to Crypto.com to be eligible for the $25 sign-up bonus we mentioned previously in the article — keep in mind you may need to enter code “b8yarfx9bd” when signing up to recieve the bonus, as well as stake some CRO tokens to receive the bonus, as mentioned previously.

Hodlnaut vs Crypto.com FAQ's:

Below we’ll cover the FAQ’s we’ve encountered, been asked, or have asked ourself related to Hodlnaut and Crypto.com. If you have other questions feel free to use our contact page to reach us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can — and maybe even add our answer down below.

Can you buy Crypto on Hodlnaut or Crypto.com?

You can buy crypto on Crypto.com directly via a wire transfer (or ACH transfer) after filling out some forms online, however you cannot buy crypto on Hodlnaut from your bank account currently — you’ll first have to funnel it through another exchange with ACH or wire transfer capabilities such as Voyager.

Does Hodlnaut or Crypto.com have insurance on your cryptoassets stored with them?

With hodlnaut you have the option to purchase 3rd party insurance via a decentralized finance protocal called Nexus Mutual directly on the platform while with Crypto.com you automatically have insurance through a variety of different providers that’ll protect you (and crypto.com) from all but bankruptcy or a catastrophic level breach in security. 

Does Hodlnaut or Crypto.com have better customer service?

We’d say Hodlnaut’s customer service is quite a bit better than Crypto.com’s — Hodlnaut’s is a bit faster due to them being a smaller company at this stage with less clients, but in time this may change, and we have found Hodlnaut’s customer service to be…well quite frankly more competent and always seem to get things right and understand the first time — rather than needing to go back and forth a bit to get the answer/help you need.