Inbox Dollars Review: Worth it or Lousy Time-Waster?

Inboxdollars review legit worth it

We’re tried of all the “reviews” saying how great inboxdollars is – they aren’t horrible, but they honestly aren’t worth most peoples time in our opinion.

This is our honest review on InboxDollars — we’ll provide our experience using it and the results, as well as a few other options you should consider using. 

To not bury the lead — For 95%+ of people InboxDollars is not worth your time, as you’ll make only $1 to $2 an hour of frustrating work, or much less if you do the more unprofitable offers like watching videos or playing “”games”” on Inboxdollars.

Is Inbox Dollars Worth Your Time?

As we said above, for 95%+ of people it’s absolutely not — the only cases we’d say it’s worth your time is if you’re underaged and are simply trying to get $20 or $30 to buy something off Amazon you don’t otherwise wouldn’t be able to get due to financial or parental reasons — or if you’re living in a very impoverished country and are unemployed — as you won’t make much off Inboxdollars but you’ll make enough to eat and survive in a cheap place.

Otherwise, don’t bother even trying out Inboxdollars, for us it took us a few hours to earn the first $12 on the platform, and then about 4 hours to earn an additional 3 dollars, at which point we decided the user reviews online were right — while it’s not a scam like they claim, as they will pay out when you get to $30, it just takes horrendous amounts of time for you to get there.

We gave it a few more hours and ultimately the rates dropped further, to only $3 in 5 hours, at which point we stopped using the platform, as it wasn’t worth our time, potentially another 30 hours, to just get the minimum $30 payout.

This is echo’d by most user-reviews online — however most other websites omit this, as they’re an affiliate for InboxDollars and earn $5 for every user that signs up, so for them it’s worth their time. We honestly do not care about making $5 off referring you to such a garbage time-waster, so we’ll be honest about it.

How Do you Use InboxDollars?

If for whatever reason you’re still here — You use Inbox Dollars by simply logging in and going to one of the earnings sections of your choice, then clicking on the offers and completing them.

It sounds straight-forward, but because of the nonsense that is partial surveys (amongst other issues) due to being “unqualified” after a certain point it’s actually much harder to use InboxDollars than what it sounds like — generally you’ll have to do 4-5 surveys just to get one completed, at which point you’ll generally only earn $0.25, which means to earn 25 cents it may take you over half an hour.

Once you finally, after some 30 hours of work, get to the $30 payout minimum, you’ll either get paid, or banned for using a VPN or not having proof you’re a US Citizen, generally that doesn’t happen as inboxdollars pays members in most cases, but it has happened to some people, so beware.

Is InboxDollars Safe to Use?

Some people are concerned if S’more is safe; I don’t really see what the concern is. We all see advertisements all the time, which is the ads they serve in-app (or videos you watch), and many of us already give out our opinions for free online (surveys/reviews).

Personally we’ve had no problems when testing Inbox Dollars and don’t consider it unsafe to use, however keep in mind they will likely collect some data when you use the app and potentially sell it to 3rd parties — so if you’re concerned with location data don’t enable it in the app, and be careful which offers you complete.

Does Inbox Dollars Offer Sign-Up Promotions or Rewards?

InboxDollars has a single promotion currently — it’s a simple $5 sign-up bonus. You can get it by signing up through someone’s referral link (and they’ll get $5) or you can simply go to InboxDollars Website without an affiliate link and you’ll still get $5 for free when signing up.

We don’t have an affiliate link for InboxDollars, as we don’t recommend using it and there’s no benefit for you using it, so we didn’t even bother.

What are the Best Alternatives to InboxDollars?

If we’re being honest with you here like we have been before — there’s honestly not any really good alternatives etiher. They’re all quite competitively useless.

We’d say S’more is at least half-decent, you can read our review on it here, generally we’d say it’s still not worth it for most people, however it’s not nearly as frustrating as inboxdollars, requires way less effort, and has a pretty decent value per your time spent.

Beyond S’more there’s not really any good alternatives that don’t require capital ($$$) or spending $$$ that we’d currently recommend.

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