Is Dogecoin Dead or Is it a Good Investment? (2020)

is dogecoin dead

Many people wonder if Dogecoin is no longer a shit memecoin, or if it’s memes still breathe to this day and if the community is still active or if the project and doge is kill.

Figuring these things out aren’t an exact science — however we’ll do our best to explain the current dogerrite situation at this time and our outlook for the project/community and price of the coin.

Is Dogecoin Kill?

This is hard to answer, as the developers as well as community largely are memetic in nature and thus fade into obscurity when memetic vibrational waves tone down in the crypto space. We believe this to be problematic, as the continuing seriousness and real use-case for cryptocurrency increases the memetic frequencies and the frequency of their occurrences has been greatly reduced — and we expect this trend to continue.

We wouldn’t particularly say Dogecoin is kill, however it’s definitely not at it’s prime — it could easily experience a pump again in the future, and potentially go to $10 or more(!) per coin when the US government decides to throw so much money at people that we replace manufactured toilet paper with the real deal — US Dollars.

Is Dogecoin a Good Investment?

Absolutely — as 1 doge is always worth 1 doge, and thus you’ll never lose your doge if you own a doge. Tokenized Doges will fundamentally never go away, as unlike real ones they do not experience a burn rate. This is due to their tokenized and self-replicating nature.

There is a downside to this however — with tokenized doges it’s also easy to mint new ones, and due to them not being “burnt” like real doges there can be an oversupply of them, particularly because of Dogecoins 5% or so annual inflation rate. This makes the coin not the best investment in our view, as there’s a lack of scarcity, and in all honesty how many doges does one really need in their life?

In all seriousness, if you’re still reading and looking for a serious answer — you’re in the right place. Nothing more needs to be said by us, by now you should know Dogecoins real value. This real value is a Doge is equal to a Doge.

Enough pulling your chain — we really have given you the answer already. Long ago. Dogecoin is a joke. Through and through. It’s entirely a joke. A gag-currency. It’s clearly not a good investment — and it clearly isn’t dead if someone has meme’d you into looking this garbage up.

There’s your answer. If you want to actually invest in cryptocurrency we more serious pages dedicated to serious coins such as Dash and Monero on our website, both of which we do actually invest in our self for reasons we explain in those articles.

Our Take on Dogecoin: Do We Own Any?

I honestly can’t tell you — we invested in many cryptocurrencies during the ICO days back in 2017, and I know we bought dogecoin and wrote down our private keys in a notebook somewhere. I wouldn’t dare buy anymore of this shitcoin, as we probably have a healthy amount of dogecoins already — even if that amount is 0.