Humble Bundle Review: Is Humble Bundle Worth It?

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While there’s many places you can buy games online Humble Bundle is one of the cheapest due to the fact that they’re one of the only who consolidate large amounts of games into bundles with extremely heavy discounts.

Better yet all the keys they give you are steam-friendly, so if you’re an achievement/card hunter or simply are a steam fanboy (honestly they’re the best) then you’re in luck with Humble Bundle. We’ll break down if Humble bunlde is worth it for you, or if it’s not the best value for what you enjoy in gaming.

A brief overview you can skip if you are familiar with the service, essentially Humble Bundle Monthly is a service wherein you need to subscribe before you can get access to hundreds of PC games. It has a unique way to sell games digitally where they bundle up a ton usually including a AAA title, a couple good well-known titles, and finally around 10 lesser known titles mostly consisting of indie games.

Humble Bundle does this without revealing exactly what games you are going to get every month, so you’re gambling in a way in what games you get for your money — but you always come out ahead in value, so long as you like playing a variety of games. In other words if you are a new member, you have to wait until next month before your first bundle of games is released, or at least a few weeks, which means you won’t know exactly what you’ll be getting, although sometimes they announce the top few games that’ll be in the bundle.

Who is Humble Bundle for?

Humble Bundle is like a mystery box for players — just with skewed rewards to the box-opener unlike most mystery boxes you’ll find in games (which often are rip-offs and filled with garbage). To put it simply and directly: If you like a large variety of different games, like trying games out and always having something new to play, particularly like single-player games, or particularly love small indie games, then Humble Bundle is an absolute steal.

However if you’re more like I was when I was younger (I’ve changed a bit), and only really like playing multiplayer games and grand-strategy games, then it might not be for you as while it includes many decent multiplayer games and a grand strategy game every now and then 95% of the games will be single-player games and most of the smaller games won’t be strategy games but rather just general casual games of all types.

Essentially if you like a variety of games, and don’t mind single-player games, Humble bundle is a great value — but if you’re more of a multiplayer gamer and you’re on a tight budget you’re better off just buying what you want during a steam summer sale in most cases, as good multiplayer games are often free and the ones that aren’t can be picked up on occasion, as truthfully you only need a handful and you have thousands of potential hours you can play.

Why is Humble Bundle Called Humble Bundle?

This service has a deeper reason why it’s called Humble Bundle –The truth is, the “Humble” part reflects one of its purposes–to help charities by donating 5% of its proceeds. As part of your membership fee is going to a charity including Wikimedia Foundation, American Red Cross, GamesAid, and many other charities depending on what you select as how much you contribute to them, the game developers, and Humble Bundle their self.

Basically with Humble Bundle you don’t only pay for the games you play, but you also (theoretically) help people in need by subscribing to their services. Maybe it’s helps, maybe it doesn’t, but hey at least it’s something more than what steam promises — and that’s just to fill Gaben’s coffers.

How Much Does Humble Bundle Cost?

Humble Bundle’s subscription used to be only $12 every month in exchange for a mystery bundle, but now they’ve introduced multiple tiers with various benefits, as well as many more specific bundles including VR-gaming bundles,  Business software bundles, many book-bundles, etc. Generally they’re between about $10 and $15/mo, but if you go month-to-month on Humbles premium option it can cost up to $20/mo. I’d recommend checking the latest pricing on Humble Bundles site rather than relying on this section of the article though, as they’ve changed it a bunch recently.

You can get a discount for paying upfront for 6-12 months of the rotating-bundle thing that you’re probably most-interested in, which makes it an even better value — especially because it gives you and up to 20% off all purchases through their “humble store” (essentially all steam games), which includes newly released titles as well.

Isn’t that kinda expensive though?


You might say that this subscription is a bit expensive, and hey, if you’re cheap/poor it isn’t the cheapest. But that doesn’t take away that the discounts on the regular store price start at 92%, which is even more than the best deals of the steam summer sale offers, and generally way before the games are old enough to get heavily discounted on steam.

Essentially Humble Bundle is still better if you like to play many types of games, as even if it’s too expensive for an ongoing subscription you can still nab it for a couple months to get some good games, then cancel until you’ve played all of those out of those bundles.

What Is The Humble Store?

Humble Store is basically like an online shop where you can get most steam games. Aside from selling steam-games Humble Bundle has expanded the types of products it offers to include mobile games, books, and software.

If you have a Humble Choice (Humble Bundle monthly game subscription) then you get 10-20% off the price of essentially all steam games, as most are on the humble store and you get 10-20% off if you’re a humble choice subscriber. If you like playing newly released games this is a game-changer and pretty much makes the monthly cost nearly free when you add the savings you get from buying 1-2 new games through the humble store vs steam’s store.

Is Humble Bundle Worth it?

Humble Choice (Humble Bundle) is definitely worth it if you’re an active-gamer and enjoy various types of games, particularly single player games, casual games, and indie games — although they pepper in one or two multiplayer or AAA-titles in nearly every bundle, so really it can fit any type of person. It’s just the value is really had for variety-gamers verses multiplayer-focused gamers.

Are there Discounts for Humble Bundle or Humble Choice?

Some streamers or gaming youtubers may have an affiliate/partner link that will give you a discount off your first month, but often times it just supports them rather than giving you a discount. It varies, as sometimes they have discounts through such links, but other times they don’t.

We aren’t partnered/sponsored by Humble Bundle, so unfortunately we don’t have a link for you to check through as it’s not allowed for us to share someone else’s link. Go support your favorite streamer/youtuber if they have a link, if not just youtube something to do with the humble bundle and you’ll probably find a link you can check through.

Is Humble Bundle Safe and Legit?

Yes, Humble Bundle has been operating for many many years and has a secure payment method no different than Amazon or Walmart’s website has, so they’re entirely safe. In fact Humble Bundle doesn’t even get access to your card details as they just get an invoice from the payment processor that handles all subscriptions for them.

As far as their Legitimacy, other than being open for a long time, they were pretty much the first game-bundling service online and they have hundreds of thousands of active subscribers according to many authoritative gaming websites, so they’re definitely not going to be running away with your money or not delivering what they say they will.

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