Is Ivan On Tech's Crypto Academy Program Worth It?

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In our opinion Ivan On Tech’s Crypto Academy is the best (paid) educational resource in the Crypto-Space, and most people interested in crypto would benefit from signing up to the academy for a few months at a minimum to absorb the information they’re most interested in.

In this review we’ll cover our experience using the Crypto Academy and the quality of information compared to other crypto-education courses we’ve taken — but before we get into all the specifics we’ll give a brief overview below for those of you that just want an answer quickly.

If you don’t care about any of that and just what a no-nonsense simple and quick answer to trust blindly: Crypto Investors and Hobbyists would benefit from a month or two studying with the “premium” plan, or even a yearly package, but the yearly “professional” plan isn’t really necessary unless you are interested in starting a business or career involving Crypto or blockchain.

If you want to get discounts or better sign-up offers we won’t bury them either: this link provides you with over 50% off if you buy the yearly course and this link to a sales page should provide 20% -> 40% off, both links should provide the best offers available currently. 

2022 UPDATE:

In recent history Ivan on Tech Crypto Academy was merged and rebranded to Moralis Academy. If you’d like to read the updated review of the platform please check out our review of Moralis Academy.

What Does Ivan's Crypto Academy Have to Offer?

Ivan On Tech’s Crypto Academy has tons of courses, however you’ll only get access to them all if you get a “premium” or “professional” plan. In our opinion the basic plan, while good for complete-beginners, simply does not add enough value and ultimately you’d need/want to upgrade to get real insights into the space or opportunities when it comes to employment/business-ventures in the crypto-space.

Honestly, not all the courses within it are stellar in our opinion. The new ones are fantastic, like Defi 201, but some of the older ones such as “The essential blockchain job search guide” are quite frankly garbage that need to be redone in our opinion as they provide little value. With the “professional” plan they will help you with that (blockchain job search), and they’re very helpful with that, but the course on it is just not very helpful in our view.

However pretty much all their other courses are best-in-class and either better than or comparable to other courses on the topic available online. Ivan on Tech’s Crypto Academy has great programming courses for crypto and blockchain, as well as fundamental courses for beginners, and more niche information that can help you make informed investing decisions when it comes to Defi, privacy coins, and money in general.

Assuming you take these courses seriously most beginners and investors could absorb all the non-developer/programming information in a month or two assuming you study every day or two for a few hours, however if you are interested in developing a Decentralized Application or other simply get employed as a blockchain developer in the future (pays very well) then opting for a year long membership is definitely worth it, as their coding/programming courses are the best I’ve taken and have way too much material to simply absorb in a month or two, at least if you take more than one of them (we’d recommend taking the base such as eth before developing on a token built on eth).

How Does Ivan's Crypto Academy Compare to Competitors?

Honestly there’s not really many good competitors out there right now in our view, as most of the other crypto-educational resources simply only scrap the surface or are severely out of date (around 2 years in most cases), and thus there’s only a few we can really say stand their own against Ivan’s Crypto Academy.

Due to the above, rather than really comparing Ivan to the competition, as his academy wipes the floor with the competition, we’ll simply mention a few specific courses that are a good alternatives for people who want to become independent blockchain developers and do not want Ivan’s team to help them get a job in the industry.

If that’s you, or you simply want to learn about blockchain development but don’t care to pursue it as a career, we’d recommend a course such as Code with Solidity and Ethereum on Udemy, as it’s an overall good course that’s kept up-to-date and is more affordable (when on sale) compared to Ivan’s full-access style academy. It’s a fantastic course that covers everything you need to know about Eth in programming terms, although currently when writing this it doesn’t include much on Defi, so if that’d be core to you then opt for Ivan’s Academy instead for a month or two through that 40% off sign-up page and then cancel if you’ve already learned what you wanted to learn from it.

Our Personal Experience In The Program & Our Recommendations:

To get the “full experience” we decided to take the “professional” plan to truly get a feel for Ivan’s Crypto Academy and make sure the extras that come with such a plan are worth the cost/bother or if they are not-so-great half-baked garbage.

The extras that come with the bonus plans are pretty much as advertised, and we think 95% of people who want to become a blockchain developer would definitely benefit greatly by going with the premium-priced “professional” plan. They provide a good outline and study plan to keep you on-track and accountable, as well as provide guidance on-demand if you run into any troubles or come into any questions in your studies that you need answered by an expert.

We learned a lot in the courses we took in the Academy, and ultimately while we don’t plan to become blockchain developers we easily got our money’s worth if not for any reason other than learning how to program flash-loans in Defi when they first released guides on it earned us most of the cost of the course back. But now that more people know that skill it’s not basically free money — but point being we definitely don’t regret buying into Ivan’s Academy.

As we said before in this article, we’d recommend average investors to just get a few months in the “premium” plan, while we do think expiring blockchain developers would benefit from a full-year at the “professional” level. Other folks should probably just buy a couple months and work through a few courses that interest them to get a better understanding on crypto which will help you make informed investing decisions in the future.

Some discounts Ivan’s Team let us know of:

If you’re interested in giving the academy a try you can sign up through this link to get 50%+ off yearly plans or sign up on this sales-y page to get something 20% -> 40% off the regular price of membership to the Academy.
Those two links should provide the best available sign-up bonuses or discounts for the academy.

If you don’t want to pay any money you can get some free information and entry-level courses/books offered on occasion you can do so by signing up to one of Ivan’s webinars and getting an account with the Academy which periodically sends out free information or does free webinars with non-technical information that would benefit simple hobbyists and crypto investors.