Kickfurther Sign-Up Promotions ($10+ Bonus!)

kickfurther sign up promotions referral code

Kickfurther always has at least one promo or referral offer available, usually they’re around $10 + a few minor things such as first-access to the newest kickfurther funding projects.

Sometimes Kickfurther also offers bonuses for ACH-transfers (bank transfers), generally around 2-3% of your deposit, which is quite good, however for many people they’d be better off funding with a credit-card for a sign-up bonus, as this can easily net 10% -> 20% in a bonus on your “deposit.”

Ultimately you don’t have to choose between just one or two of the promotions they run; generally you can get the $10+ signup bonus with a referral link, a few early-access to new funding projects, and a bonus on ACH/bank-transfers.

$10 Sign-Up Bonus Promotion:

This is the easiest to get — and the first one people can get, as it’s exclusively for new sign-ups. All you have to do is sign up through this link and you’ll get between $10 and $25 in rewards (depends on the current offerings) — after that you should be all good to go — I don’t believe you even have to fund a co-op or project to collect the sign-up bonus and withdraw it.

You can of course flip this offer over and refer people yourself after being signed up — this will earn you $10 as well and some early-funding keys.

2% -> 3% Funding Bonus Promotion:

This bonus is available both for existing users and new users — however for new users the bonus ranges between 3% and 5% (depending on current offering) while for existing users it’s only 2% -> 3% in most cases.

As mentioned before this is only for ACH/Bank-Transfer funding and NOT credit-card or debit-card funding. To get this offer either sign-up through this link, or go to your kickfurther account page and check if this promotion is available to you — generally it is, however in some rare cases it isn’t.

Free KickFurther Priority-Funding Keys:

You can get these keys by either waiting for a certain period of time, signing up and depositing a certain amount of capital, or by referring clients to Kickfurther.

Essentially you get 1 key on sign-up, and then you get 1 per month as a baseline — if you deposit a few thousand dollars sometimes they’ll reward you with an extra key or two, or if you refer 3 clients to kickfurther they’ll give you a bonus key along with the $30 of referral rewards ($10 per client, flat-rate regardless of what referred customer got as a reward).

Ultimately while this sounds like an amazing feature, and it is to get in the best co-ops that are highest earnings and safest, generally you do not need keys to get into decent co-ops/projects that are worth giving funding to.