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Kraken Promotional Offers (Sign-Up, Staking, fee-discounts)

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Kraken occasionally offers promotional sign-up bonuses or rewards for their customers, or comes out with new features that they reward you for trying out – the bellow are all the following rewards Kraken currently offers.

As of updating this article there doesn’t appear to be a current sign-up bonus as of late-2020, however sometimes they have one, and generally you’ll be eligble for it by signing up through this link — sometimes you won’t get a benefit sometimes you won’t need the link, but referred clients get the best offer, which is why we mention it.

Beyond sign-up promotions/offers there’s many newer offers that Kraken has — the most exciting one is that they offer the best staking rewards in the industry, and also low-fee trading for higher volume traders.

Kraken's Discounted Trading Fees:

Kraken currently has a great (long-term) offer that gives you discounted trading fees if you do large-volumes of cryptocurrency trading — if you’re a trader and use Kraken you can get your fees below pretty much any other exchange out there with just moderate sums of capital and trading frequency.

You can read more about the current discounted trading fees Kraken offers right now on Kraken’s Fee Schedule.  If you aren’t a high-volume trader this promotion isn’t really meaningful to you though — you won’t save much from it.

Kraken's Bonus Staking Reward Promotion:

While these are generally temporary some seem to have have been included as a permanent ordeal — last we checked staking Polkodot offers 12% through Kraken, the best of anywhere currently, and this seems to have been made permenant rather than strictly just as a temporary promotion for new depositors.

You can read more about their staking promotions (or offers) on this page of their website — generally they’re the best of any Cefi platform.

Kraken's Current Sign-Up Promotions:

Currently Kraken doesn’t offer any direct sign-up promotions as we mentioned above — if you are interested in a sign-up promotion rather than general promotions they’re offering you may prefer to sign up for Voyager’s Crypto Exchange which offers $25 on signup after you buy $100 or more of cryptocurrency — they have similar offerings to Kraken but are a mobile-only crypto-brokerage.

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