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The Only 3 Landlord Forums Worth Visiting (2022)

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While there’s tons of Landlord forums on the internet most of them are inactive and unhelpful – these are the only ones we think are worth using currently in our view.

To not bury the lead – Biggerpockets is one of the best but there’s other good ones too, including r/LandLord and Airhosts Forum.

The other forums we’ve came across are either inactive and/or extremely local (such as specific to investing in NYC), and don’t really have any benefit to the above-mentioned 3 which we consider the best forums for landlords. We’ll go over why for each below.

Best Choice for Regular Tenant-Relation Advice - r/LandLord (Reddit)

If you do traditional single-family rentals, and are having tenant issues, or small multi-family property management then r/Landlord is the best place in our view, as this is where such investors generally populate. You can find decent legal advice on there, or help regarding a specific problem, or simply learn about issues other landlords are having and how to navigate them.

We’d say r/LandLord on reddit is the best for most people, and the others mentioned below are better for hard-core full-time investors or short-term rental folks. They’re generally good at giving advice about liability-related questions and concerns, qualifying tenants, and other such questions.

Best for Short-Term Lease Renting: Airhosts Forum

Airhosts is an independent forum for Airbnb hosts, but is also used by other multi-family or condo renters and is useful if you plan to rent apartments short-term or simply offer furnished apartments.

It’s not censored like the main airbnb forum is, so it’s useful to get the brutal honest advice from others who are experienced in the industry — particularly regarding little things to make your life easier and manage your airbnb rentals, doing quick repairs in-between clients, and all the hassles that short-term rentals often come with.

Best for Commercial & Renovation Advice: BiggerPockets Forum

While BiggerPockets is the biggest landlord forum out there, and one with quite a nasty reputation in media, it’s not our top pick despite being very landlord friendly and active — as it’s also filled with lots of inexperienced folks and not so high quality content.

If you don’t mind filtering through all the so-so content there are definitely gems in BiggerPocket’s Forums — and you can definitely get good advise, however there’s also plenty of bad advise and people pushing “their strategy.”

Because of this we’d say BiggerPockets is better for serious investors who know their stuff already and can filter through the nonsense — and really are there to just get in contact with and have community with other strictly investor landlords — or you want advise on a big remodel, as BiggerPocket’s community is big on BRRR strategies and remodeling units with materials that are cost-effective and long-lasting.