Is Learn Plan Profit Worth It? (2020 Review)

Ricky Gutierrez Learn Plan Profit Worth It

This isn’t a normal article of ours, where we give a general review on what we think of course, product, etc, and what value it provides. Instead we’ll answer the simple question of if Ricky Gutierrez’s Learn Plan Profit Program is a complete waste of your time, money, and effort, or if it’s actually a legitimate good daytrading course you should even consider buying.

In short, in my opinion, coming from someone who daytraded profitably for years in many markets (crypto, fx, and commodities), Ricky’s Learn Plan Profit Course is, to put it frankly, not very well-put together and not a particularly good value compared to other daytrading courses I’ve taken.

This isn’t to say Ricky’s Course is not good. If you want like Ricky’s Youtube videos and are still relatively new to trading/investing his course can provide quite a bit of value, however it’s not quite as cheap as comparable courses, although it gives some extra things such as access to the private chat groups and other things. Over-all we don’t place the value of such things high, but if you do, for community, then it may be worth paying the premium.

The course is, as I mentioned before, not very well put together in terms of an educational sense. It’s more like a friend is explaining things and what they do in detail to you in many hours of videos, rather than like a traditional educational course. This makes the presentation a bit sloppier, but likely more entertaining and less grueling to complete for most people.

With those two things in mind you can come to the conclusion on your own whether or not the course is right for you and if you should sign up for the course or go with another course. Personally our first choices when it comes to trading courses would be by TheChartGuys if you’re looking to learn the basics that are needed to trade, or Sasha Evdakov’s Traders Mastery Course that focuses more on psychology and creating your own system beyond the basics, however this is just because Ricky’s Learn Plan Profit doesn’t include enough of the critical information I believe is needed to be a successful trader, and thus you’d likely need to study more or buy another course after his to truly get the hang of things.

Regardless of which course you may decide to choose, I want to reiterate that trading is NOT easy and don’t believe Ricky’s nonsense claim about making 1% a day. That can be a goal, but it’s not realistically sustainable without blowing up your account. I did it for years barely staying break-even until I humbled myself and focused on more modest returns, like 1% a week, which ultimately is still fantastic, way less stressful, sustainable, and not at all as time-consuming.

Is Learn Plan Profit Too Expensive?

While it’s not the cheapest course we don’t think it’s too expensive — if you want to be a successful daytrader it requires hundreds of hours of studying, or a very well built course that crams in all what you need to know in much less time, AND then a couple hundred hours “on the field” trading and getting experience with real money.

However Ricky’s Course isn’t particularly cheap or a good value, as in our opinion it doesn’t provide all the information you’d need to truly become a successful trader in the long-term. As a result you’ll likley need to buy another course or study a couple hundred hours still before truly getting a grasp on the industry.

That’s why we mentioned a few other courses above that are simply better over-all if you’re looking to truly treat trading like a business and do it as a job and make real money off it, as they give you a better understanding on the industry rather than simply getting info on what Ricky does in a more straightforward format than his youtube videos.

Is Learn Plan Profit a Scam?

I’m not too sure what makes people think it’s a scam — Learn Plan Profit definitely isn’t a scam. Ricky markets it a bit shadily, and suggests that ridiculous 1%/day returns are reasonable and sustainable consistently, but he’s not scamming anyone. He’s sort of bamboozling people, as ultimately his course, or any course, won’t be able to give you the skills to make such outsized gains. 

But every industry has people/businesses who have large claims that just aren’t realistic and sell things at way more than the service/product they offer is truly worth. They aren’t really scamming people, but rather simply using deceptive marketing and overpricing their products.

Does Learn Plan Profit Teach You The Skills You Need to Day-trade Successfully?

We’d give a firm NO to this question. Ricky’s Course is a alright for learning some of the basics of daytrading, but it doesn’t teach you the psychology you need to truly become a successful trader that’s profitable rather than just break-even. It also doesn’t teach you all of the basics, or more advanced trading tools and strategies that other courses such as those TheChartGuys offer.

Ultimately it’s an okay course to spark an interest in trading, and help you understand some basics, but it isn’t suitable on it’s own to give you the right mindset and knowledge to become a profitable trader long-term or make a business around daytrading.

Will The Course Make You Successful?

We sort of answered this above, which is a firm no it won’t make you successful, but we’d like to expand on that a little.


Sorry about that all caps and bold, but I really want to emphasis this. No Course will make you a successful day-trader. It requires a couple hundred hours trading to really truly learn in-practice how to apply the knowledge any course gives you to start making consistent profits. It’ll be a few months at the bare minimum to really get a good grasp on how the market(s) you’re trading behaves and truly a couple years to understand how various market sentiments affect your trading style.

So don’t get giddy just because you buy Ricky’s Course or one of the ones we prefer over it, you’ll still have to take it and apply it for quite some time before you can really rely on making money from trading every single month. Once you get the hang of it though, it’s certainly possible to be profitable trader in the long-term.

While I’ve moved on from day-trading to long-term swing trading, both are certainly possible to be profitable in and don’t let the doom-sayers say otherwise. They might not be the best money-maker, but they’re certainly one that scales as your wealth grows and are a good choice for some people.

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