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Lolli Review 2022: Best Bitcoin Cash-Back Platform?

Lolli is the best crypto cash-back app/plugin in our opinion, as not only have we had successful payouts from them for years ourself but they offer the same to higher rates than other cash-back platforms.

To give a brief introduction — if you aren’t familiar with what Lolli is or how it works — with Lolli you can make purchases at their partnered retailers from your web browser or mobile app and receive up to 40% cash back in Bitcoin — which sounds unreasonable and it is — for most retailers you’ll get between 4% (big name retailers) and 12% (most smaller stores lolli partners with). There’s only a few that offer more than that, generally VPN companies and different digital-product or services.

Lolli Basic Feature Overview | Overall Rating 4.9⭐/5
💰 Relative Cash-backAbove-Average
💵 Payout Timeframe1-3 days, paid in BTC
🛠 Tracking QualityTracks Perfectly
🥇 Sign-up BonusYes, See Below

Keep in mind these rewards/cash-back comes from partnerships Lolli has with these retailers, and those partnerships aren’t exclusive to them — other cash-back companies like topcashback and honey have similar partnerships and offer similar cash-back. 

The only real benefit and difference is with Lolli that cash-back is paid in bitcoin, so it has the potential to raise in value over time, making it an excellent choice for people who are into cryptocurrency or just want cash-back that grows while you wait for that ever anticipated withdrawal minimum to be achieved.

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Lolli Unique Features:

Lolli is the only good bitcoin cash-back platform in my opinion so it’s really in a category of it’s own — so keep that in mind as we go over some of the features that differentiate Lolli from it’s competition — regular cash-back platforms like Topcashback and Rakuten.

Lolli Bitcoin Cashback Privacy Adblock Infographic


Above you can see the diagram for how Lolli works — you would be the shopper in this situation. Once you’ve created a Lolli account (do so through this link for a small bonus) you’ll be able to either shop through merchants on the Lolli platform or you can just install their browser extension and begin to use Lolli that way and activate it as you shop normally.

When you do that Lolli sends an anonymous token to the merchant that’ll report back to Lolli once you’ve made a purchase — once the purchase is verified you’ll get your cash-back.

What’s better about this is many cash-back platforms do not use ‘anonymized tokens’ and instead use regular cookies that stay with you indefinitely and may even have your account information unencrypted — with Lolli they do it in a more secure way.

Perfect Tracking of Cashback

Most cash-back platforms we’ve used in the past only record around half the purchases we’ve made — I can’t say why that is, but with Lolli every purchase we’ve made has been recorded.

This is likely down to Lolli having an adblock and cookie-blocker detector, so if your browser rejects the anonymous token or the redirect is blocked by your adblocker then Lolli will notify you before you make a purchase that isn’t tracked. 

Lolli Cashout Payout Options

Best-in-Class Cash-out Methods

Most cashback apps will only pay you out in crappy giftcards and at high thresholds — often $20-40+.

With Lolli you can get paid out with as little as $15 worth of cashback collected and they’ll pay you out in cold hard cash — to your bank account — or in Bitcoin if you so wish — all completely fee-free. 

I’m not sure about you, but if I’m spending time collecting cash-back I don’t want to get paid out in an itunes giftcard, I want actual cash-back I can spend wherever I want — and that’s what Lolli offers.

Lolli Biggest Pros & Cons:

We’ve mentioned some of the biggest pros and features of Lolli that make it unique, but we haven’t covered all the pros of Lolli — nor have we covered the cons of Lolli yet — so we’ll do that now.

To start with the Pros of Lolli:

  • Very Reliable Tracking
  • Has a signup bonus ($5 to $10 by signing up through this link)
  • Offers cashback on most big online branded stores
  • Fantastic travel cashback rates
  • Notifies you if the sale won’t count (such as if you use an adblocker)
  • Pays out in Bitcoin (or USD) rather than gift cards
  • Low payout threshold of $15
  • Lolli Accumulates cashback in bitcoin (cashback can go up during bull markets)
  • Overall better user experience than other cash-back platforms

But of course there’s not all pros when it comes to Lolli — there are some cons such as:

  • Lolli accumulates cash-back in bitcoin (during bear markets you might lose cashback value)
  • Doesn’t offer cashback on HUGE merchants like Amazon or Walmart anymore
  • Cash-outs/Withdrawals can take a few days
  • Requires adblockers to be disabled in many cases (all cash-back platforms are like this)
  • Only relevant for US-customers/folks (doesn’t support non-US stores)

That’s really all the cons to Lolli we’ve come across over the last few years of using them and researching the platform — they’re the best cash-back platform in my opinion if someone likes bitcoin.

Lolli Average Reward Rates:

Lolli Bitcoin Cashback Reward Rates Example

While Lolli advertises up to 30% cash-back when using them those rates are only provided for a few services like online dating platforms and software purchases

Most companies offer between 4% and 12% on select purchases and a few percent back on just about anything you buy when using Lolli — that’s pretty standard among cash-back platforms.

Lolli vs Competitors

Lolli generally offers very similar cash-back to most non-bitcoin cash back platforms such as Shopkick or Swagbucks, but with way less issues in our experience with tracking the rewards as well as withdrawing the rewards.

Due to Lolli being very comparable if you’re bullish on bitcoin (think the price will go up over time) it’s probably the best cash-back platform for you, as rather than collecting a few dollars in cash back and having to wait months to withdraw it (once you reach $20 or whatever the minimum is for other cashback platforms) your bitcoin rewards will continuously grow as you wait to hit the minimum withdraw — which is $15 with Lolli.

To put this in perspective we earned $500 in cashback over the last 2 years using Lolli, and because we didn’t withdraw the cash back until recently those rewards grew to $1637 — which is amazing. We had no issues withdrawing those funds to our bitcoin wallet, so Lolli is legit in our opinion.

Maybe you won’t be spending enough to get that much in cash back, we had some business expenses that we got cash-back on which is why it was so high, but if you get $80 in cashback over that same timeframe it would have grown to $250+ during the same timeframe. That’s phenomenal — of course this can work against you in a bear market where bitcoin is losing a lot of it’s value.

Who should use Lolli:

Lolli is only available to US residents (a bit unfortunate) and you must be over the age of 13 — which is great considering most cash-back platforms are available to anyone over the age of 18. Hopefully Lolli expands to allow non-US residents to use the platform in the future.

Anyhow, as mentioned before I’d say anyone who is bullish on bitcoin (thinks the price will go up over time) should use Lolli over other cash-back platforms as you’ll have rewards put directly in bitcoin upon a purchase, giving them the opportunity to grow before you request them to be paid out to you.

As Lolli is available both on Apple and Android phones as well as works through their website (for computer users) really there’s no reason not to use them if you believe the price of bitcoin will go up over time, especially the next year or two.

If you do want to join Lolli you can also get a $5 -> $10 signup bonus by signing up through a promotional link — you can do so by clicking here. You’ll need to use the platform to receive the bonus, so make a purchase through one of the retailers they offer bitcoin cashback on to get the bonus.

Who shouldn't use Lolli:

Really there’s only a few types of people who shouldn’t choose Lolli over other cashback platforms, these types of people are:

  • People who do not believe in Bitcoin

I don’t know why you’re here, but if that’s you then get outta here obviously you don’t want rewards in bitcoin if you don’t believe in it.

  • People who do not shop online or aren’t in the USA

As mentioned before Lolli is currently only available for people in the USA so if you are not you can’t use them — at least without using a vpn — and if you don’t shop online you simply won’t get any benefit.

  • People who think bitcoin is going into a bear market and will go down over time

If you’re in this camp I can respect that, however I’d argue Lolli is a good way to DCA into the market and using them during a bear market and withdrawing next bull market is a great way to get into crypto. That’s how we earned $1500+ in rewards from Lolli, by using it during a bear market and withdrawing in a bull market.

If you aren’t one of those groups of people I don’t see why you wouldn’t prefer Lolli over all other platforms, as from our experience Lolli is a legitimate and honest company that does exactly what they advertise to do — give bitcoin cash back rewards.

Lolli Crypto Cash-Back Conclusion:

So there you have it, our review of Lolli — the best (in our opinion) bitcoin cashback rewards platform out there — If you want to take advantage of their $5 -> $10 signup bonus make sure to click here to use the promotional link they gave to us to share with our readers.

Lolli Review FAQ:

Below we’ll go over some of the common questions we see asked about Lolli; if you have another question or two feel free to message us through our contact page and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible — and maybe add the question to the list below!

Where can you shop and earn Bitcoin back using Lolli?

As Lolli is in the USA it only offers payments through the retailers in which they partner with in the US, currently they have partnered in Udemy, Adidas, Groupon, Booking(com), Expedia, Purple, Verizon, Walmart, and tons of other online retailers -- you can see the full list of something like 1000+ partners they offer cash-back with here.

Does Lolli offer and sign up bonuses or promotions?

Yes, you can go ahead and join Lolli by clicking here -- it'll take you to their website and should apply a cookie that'll automatically apply a sign-up bonus of $5 -> $10 just for joining. Keep in mind you'll have to use the platform to earn cash back to receive the bonus, and once receiving it you'll still need to hit the withdrawal minimum of $15 to cash it out.

How do you cash out your Lolli Rewards?

Whenever you want to cash out your rewards you simply need a bitcoin withdrawal address or a bank account you can receive cash in, depending on which you prefer (bitcoin or US Dollars), and have at least $15 in your Lolli account.Assuming you meet those requirements you simply submit the withdrawal request from the wallet tab in the Lolli app (or on their website) and confirm the withdrawal via email. Once you've done that you can expect the withdrawal to be complete within a week -- it's not nessecarily going to be same-day, so don't worry if you don't receive the funds for a few days to a week. That's perfectly normal.

How does Lolli the Company make money?

Lolli makes money by getting a small commission from the websites, usually 10% or so of what they offer you in cash back rewards -- basically Lolli acts as an affiliate to these websites and gets a commission for referring you, then they pass the majority of it on to you as rewards while keeping a small amount for their self.They also presumably (not sure if they do or not) lend out the bitcoin on their balance sheet (and in your Lolli wallet) earning interest on it until you withdraw it. They don't need to sell your personal data to make money -- they have plenty of other ways.

Can Lolli pay out rewards in cryptocurrency other than bitcoin?

Currently Lolli only pays out rewards in bitcoin or US Dollars, they have not announced any plans to support other coins. If that changes I'll be sure to update this article if they begin paying in other cryptocurrencies such as ethereum or cardano.

lolli bitcoin cashback logo

Our overall Lolli rating



Bottom Line:

Lolli is the best cash-back app/platform, crypto or otherwise in our opinion — they offer comparable rates to other platforms, often slightly higher, while paying out in and holding accumulated balances in an appreciating currency (bitcoin), making reaching the payout threshold much easier.

The only downside to Lolli is they have a slightly lower sign-up bonus than some other non-crypto cash-back platforms, coming it at only $10~ when you sign up using a promotional link.

Table of Contents