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M1 Finance Promotional Offers (Up to $2,525 Free!)

M1 Finance Referral Code Signup bonus reddit

These are all the currently active codes & links M1 Finance offers — Currently there are two promotions which can net you up to $2,510 in rewards, however unless you have large sums of capital you’ll likely only be able to get between $10 and $25 as a signup bonus.

The easy one everyone can get is simply gotten by signing up through this link and depositing more than $25 into your account. If you do that you should receive $10 right-away once your funds settle in your m1 finance account and then you’re free to invest them as you please — or withdraw them as you please. 

Sometimes M1 Finance offers up to $25 for free when you do the above, however this is quite rare since they’ve grown in popularity — if this occurs the above link will grant you the $25, we’ve confirmed this with M1 Finance to ensure our readers don’t ever miss out.

How to Get Up to $2500 Extra After Signing Up:

Once you’ve signed up to M1 Finance you’ll visit M1 Finance’s Transfer Account Page, or simply contact their support, and request an existing brokerage account to be transferred under their custody — you’ll need to provide details of that account when prompted and a confirmation email or two, then you’ll be all set to receive a potentially massive bonus about a week after initiating the request.

Unfortunately if you do not have large amounts of capital invested they won’t provide you any bonus, but if you do have large sums to transfer here’s how much you can expect to be given if you do this after signing up to M1 Finance.

  • $250 Free if you Transfer/Deposit more than $100,000 within 60 days
  • $500 Free if you Transfer/Deposit more than $250,000 within 60 days
  • $1000 Free if you Transfer/Deposit more than $500,000 within 60 days
  • $2,500 Free if you Transfer/Deposit more than $1,000,000 within 60 days

All of these must be completed within 60 days of opening an M1 Finance account, so keep that in mind. If your money isn’t already invested you can contact their support and see if they’ll give you the bonus simply if you move the money into their brokerage and invest it — however there’s been mixed results about them granting bonuses or not when you do this. Otherwise just sign up for another brokerage like Webull and then transfer it from them right-away. 

Easy $10 -> $25 Sign Up Bonus

We’re putting this here for all you folks who skim and skipped the start of this article — Simply sign up through a referral like such as this one and deposit $25 or more and you’ll get between $10 and $25 as a bonus from M1 Finance. It’s really that simple.

If you want to withdraw this money afterwards don’t worry — as far as we’ve been told M1 Finance doesn’t claw-back their sign up bonuses, so if you decide you don’t like M1 Finance for whatever reason then you won’t be penalized for going elsewhere.

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