How You Can Use & Adsense Together

google adsense and media net together

There are many ways to use both and adsense together, but the easiest and most profitable method is to use an adnetwork that allows both of them to bid against each other for ad-space.

The reason it’s the best, easiest, and most profitable way is because it allows both adsense and as well as other ad platforms to compete against each other automatically. This means you get more money per ad, as you have access to more ads and there are more potential buyers.

First off we’ll cover that ad agency that allows you to place single ad units and get both google ads, ads, and many other types of ads as well all at once. The only problem is you need to have a decent amount of traffic coming in for them to accept you.

After that we’ll cover how to use both on your website without that ad network, which I don’t recommend doing.

Using Both Adsense + the Easy Way

Personally this is what I do and it’s why I’m going to cover it. Using this ad network I increased my ad revenue by 185% after about 6 months and it jumped up a bit right after joining their network compared to using ads (which I made more on than google ads).

Because of that I’d never recommend going through the hassle of trying to use and adsense ads together without them. Not only does using them make you more money, but all it requires is placing a single ad unit on your site and approving the ad network (Ezoic) to place and/or Google ads on your website/blog.

You can contact me if you have any further questions about this ad network, but essentially if you have more than 10,000 pageviews a month you’ll almost certainly get approved and get a huge increase in your revenue. If you have less than 10000 pageviews a month, but still a few thousand, I’d still apply as they approved one of my websites with only 3400 pageviews a month. You can apply for an account with them by clicking here.

Both Google Adsense & without Ezoic

As I mentioned above I wouldn’t recommend doing this without Ezoic, as it simply will not make as much money. It’s impossible to make as much money as Ezoic could forcing both google,, and others to bid for the same ad-space on your site.

This is because without their technology you cannot merge the ad-units together and thus they’ll never bid each other up for the ad-space on your website. Instead you’ll have to simply place each individual ad-unit from each respective platform in different places on your website.

Due to my experience using both and Adsense before using Ezoic, and attempting to use both together, I’d say without Ezoic it’s not worth the effort or the delay in payment (as it splits up the revenue your site gets and both platforms pay out once you hit a certain amount and not before). Instead I’d recommend simply using until you can get yourself approved with Ezoic.

I’d recommend applying to Ezoic now to see if you can be approved and if not apply again in a few months when your traffic has hopefully increased a bit more.