Is Meet Kevin's Real Estate Course Worth it?

Meet Kevin Real Estate Investing Course

I joined Meet Kevin’s real estate investing course when he first released it to support his channel and here’s my thoughts on it after finishing the course.

2021 EDIT I’d like to preface that this article was written (mostly) in 2020, and now in 2021 I wouldn’t recommend Kevin’s course as much. It’s still a good course, but he’s continued raising the price and has stopped providing as good of service, and updates, to the course and it’s members since he begun running for governor of California. It’s still worth it if you’ll take action on the information, but it’s no longer a complete no-brainer and great value. 

Back to the article — Essentially, to put it bluntly, if you will ever buy a house or apartment in your entire life the course will either save you around 80-120hours minimum of research, and probably another 100 hours of frustration for the things in the course I never found elsewhere, meaning I’d say the course is worth it for anyone who ever plans to buy a house or apartment for their self, even if they aren’t going to be a real estate investor.

You may be asking yourself how I came up with those numbers, and I’ll be upfront about that: I pulled them out of thin air. But that’s only because I never tracked the hundreds of hours I spent researching real estate for free using Youtube videos, forums like biggerpockets, and other free resources. I’m positive those numbers are on the low-end of time savings, and even using those numbers the course is a no-brainer for anyone who is considering buying or investing real estate.

Why do I believe the course is worth it?

Time is money in many different respects, as well as more valuable than money, and not only does Meet Kevin’s Real Estate Investing Course save you time, but it also saves you money in the long-run, on one condition: You actually apply what’s taught in the course.

I’m not sure how much I can reveal about the course, so I don’t want to go too much into detail and get in trouble, but essentially Kevin mentions very small specific things as to how to get better deals during closing, as well as how to fix-up things way cheaper, and all sorts of little “short-cuts” that don’t cut corners where it matters.

If you’ve watched Kevin much I’m sure you know about his “wedge deal” model and some specific hints he’s mentioned like buying floor-models of appliances that may have dents on the side or something, but there’s oodles more of those in the real estate investing course that alone saves you around $1200-$5000 on every House/Apartment unit you buy, which means even if you only buy one for yourself and not truly “invest” in real estate it’s well worth the price of the course.

Besides the tips, what's covered in the course?

Kevin covers all the basics of investing, the mindset you need, what to look for in a real estate agent, where to and how to find good deals, what a good deal really is, the type of loans you can choose from and what would be best for who, and much much more.

The only thing he hasn’t covered that I’d like to see covered is Tax-liens as it’s a common thing that’s promoted and it’s related to real-estate, but truthfully it’s a bit out of the scope of what he promotes and what people should focus on when it comes to investing, so that’s not an issue really at all as it’s irrelevant to 99%+ of people and can be quite risky or so I’ve heard.

Other than that actually everything imaginable is covered at this point in time. It wasn’t like that when I first signed up, but now he’s built it out quite a bit and it’s pretty close to complete in my opinion.

Are the private Livestreams or Discord any good?

YES. —— EDIT: I won’t change what I said, as it once was good, however since Kevin has begun running for governer the livestreams & discord have become more or less garbage; kevin has other priorities right now so I feel he isn’t giving the course the care and attention he once did.

If you are buying a house or apartment unit Kevin seems to give great advice in the private livestreams. He’s very direct and at times brutally honest in them, and that can really give you the slap into reality you need before you accidentally buy a bad deal or forget to account for something in it.

The Discord I haven’t used much and just popped in a few times, but I’ve been able to get some real estate agent recommendations for a family member to use from the group, so it’s useful to get those little bits of info from other folks, and I suppose there’s a community of other folks who are trying to invest in real estate too to keep your head in the game and you focused on your goals, but as I said I haven’t really participated much in the discord.

Who Shouldn't buy this course?

If you aren’t actually going to buy a house/apartment in the future then obviously you shouldn’t bother wasting your money on a course to teach you things you’ll never lose, unless you just are an addict for learning about everything there is to know.

I’m largely a “digital nomad” as they call it, meaning I don’t live in a single city nor country and aren’t planning to settle down in a specific place anytime soon. If you’re in a similar bucket you probably won’t be able to use the information you learn, at least for some time, so it may not be worth buying for you. I did as I’ve watched Kevin since he had only a few thousand subscribers and was curious as to how his course was, as at the time I was thinking of settling down and investing in real estate. My life simply went a different way since then.

If you do want to buy a house, apartment unit, or any sort of real estate, even if you know quite a bit, I’d say the course is well worth it. If the course was $1000-$2000 or something I’d be more cautious about recommending it, but at usually between $300 and $500 it’s an absolute steal for anyone who plans to invest or buy any property. Even without the time savings of learning in a structured course the little tips he gives save way more than the cost of the course, even if you only buy a cheap small house/apartment unit.

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