Nexo vs. - Which is Better for You?

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Nexo and are both trustworthy Crypto Lending & Loan platforms in our opinion, but which one is the better choice overall for you?

We hope to give you the information you need to decide for yourself which is better for you — personally we use both Nexo and as we believe it’s good to diversify-risk even though we believe they’re both trustworthy — ultimately we believe is better for most people though.

We’d say is a bit better overall as they have comparable interest rates on crypto but more crypto-services such as a proper exchange and fiat on-ramp — not to mention has great sign-up promotions while Nexo doesn’t have any sign-up bonuses whatsoever.

This isn’t to say Nexo doesn’t have anything better though, they have slightly better interest rates on crypto-backed loans, but ultimately Celsius is a much better choice for crypto-backed loans as we outlined in our Nexo vs Celsius article.

Which Offers the Best Yields - Nexo or

This is pretty much a Tie — Both Nexo and offer similar yields, within +/- 0.5% of one another in most cases, so really which you choose for Crypto-lending doesn’t matter all too much. Honestly if that’s the main service you’re looking for we’d say Celsius is better than both Nexo and — while we use all three services for different things most of our Crypto-lending is done on Celsius rather than these two platforms.

Keep in mind the above is assuming you do not stake over 10,000 $CRO tokens on, if you do this they’re DEFINITELY a better choice, as it increases yields on all cryptocurrency you deposit with them by 2%. This puts their rates as the best in the industry — Yes even better than Celsius.

Which has less fees - Nexo or

Nexo definitely wins this category — While’s fees aren’t much higher than Nexo’s theirs are usually a little bit higher. For example Nexo has no withdrawal fee, while charges network transaction fees (usually $5 or so) when you withdraw. Another example is charges 10% -> 12% for Crypto-backed loans, while Nexo charges only 6% -> 7% in most cases.

The only case has less fees is when it comes to their Crypto Debit Cards, as Nexo doesn’t have free international withdrawals, while in many cases’s cards are fee-free when withdrawing small amounts internationally.

Which Has The Best Signup Bonus Offers - Nexo or

Without a doubt wins in this category –– This is because Nexo has no sign-up bonus whatsoever currently while offers $50 in CRO if you stake 1000 or more $CRO tokens on the platform. Sometimes they have other promotions for new-users, you can find all the current promotions here.

Don’t let who has the best sign-up bonus sway you though — you can always snag the sign-up bonus and use the other platform — we’d recommend trying out other Crypto-lending/loan platforms like Celsius and BlockFi and the promotions they offer as well, because hey, if you don’t like them you can always snag the bonus and not use them. That’s entirely up to you.

Which is more Trustworthy - Nexo or

Both Nexo and are trustworthy and you shouldn’t stress about having a portion of your funds with either of them — however we’d say in the even of a market-collapse Nexo is likely to be a little safer simply because they do not offer margin trading or exchange services like does.

 Both companies have levels of insurance or pools of funds to reimburse users if funds are ever lost/stolen, and have been in the industry for many years, are backed by many respected venture-capital groups, and just overall definitely aren’t shady businesses.

Regardless — this isn’t something we’d really base our decision on where we put our funds, as they’re both safe, not scams, etc, but we always include this section just to reassure our readers that they are in fact trustworthy or not — as there are scam-companies out there. These ones aren’t scams though, in fact has best-in-class security procedures as we mentioned in our dedicated article on their trustworthiness and security.

What Advantages does Nexo have over

Nexo has better interest rates on Crypto-backed loans, however competitors like Celsius offer even lower rates, so in our view this isn’t that much of an advantage — but none the less is one compared to

Nexo also has better customer service in our opinion/experience than — ultimately we believe this is because offers so many other products like a cryptocurrency exchange, and thus they have more customers to serve. Regardless’s support takes days and is quite atrocious/Scripted while Nexo’s is slightly above average and generally doesn’t take more than a day or two to fix your issue.

Beyond this Nexo also offers free withdrawals, so if you don’t like the platform/service/company you can always jump ship to another company without issue.

What Advantages does have over Nexo?

We’d say’s main advantages are in the fact that it’s more of an all-in-one Crypto-Service provider — meaning not only do they offer Crypto-lending and loans like Nexo does, but they also offer fantastic Crypto Debit Cards and their exchange/fiat on-ramp is also one of the best in the crypto-space.

Beyond that the main benefits are is that offers the best rates if you actually stake $CRO tokens, but unless you’re doing this then their rates are just up to par with Nexo’s rates and competitors like Celsius — they also have pretty good sign-up promotions that are relatively easy to get.