Passfolio Sign-Up Promotions ($100+ Free!)

Passfolio Promo Code Referral Bonus Coupon

Passfolio is a newer international brokerage based in the USA that allows non-US persons to invest in US markets commission-free. They even offer up to $100 in free sign-up rewards for new users.

The first promotion and simplest promotion that Passfolio is running is a simple refer-a-friend bonus, you can get this by signing up through our link or you can ask another existing user of Passfolio for their referral link — either way this will grant you a share or partial share of a stock worth up to $100. 

All you have to do is is sign up through that link (or another referral link) and deposit $25 USD worth of your local currency or $50 worth of cryptocurrency to receive the bonus.

Get Up To $500+ in Promotional Rewards:

The only promotion they have currently is simply the other-side to the refer-a-friend bonus — You can earn up to $500 a year in rewards by referring friends/family to Passfolio — they’ll simply have to complete the above-mentioned steps of signing up through a referral link and depositing $25 cash or $50 of Crypto after signing up.

Once they complete that, assuming they signed up through your referral link, then you’ll get a portion of a share (or a full share) worth up to $100 and they will receive the same.

Keep in mind Passfolio doesn’t currently have a place to enter in a referral code on sign-up, so you must sign up through a link such as the one mentioned above to receive the sign-up bonus. If not for this Code “zacharyg” would work to receive Passfolio’s sign-up bonus.