Pi Network Working Referral Codes & Bonuses [2022]

Pi Network Referral Promo Code Active

These are all the currently available sign-up bonus offers, promo codes, and referral codes that you can use when signing up to the Pi Network, as well as how they work — generally with PiNetwork all you need to do is download their app and then enter code GREENERYFINANCIAL and the sign-up bonus will automatically be applied to your account (bonus varies, generally is 1Pi token + 0.05 per hour for life), but we’ll go in-detail below.

The easiest promotion to get currently with Pi Network is simply their Refer a Friend program which allows existing users to give (for free) extra rewards every hour, as well as a small sign up bonus, when they refer them to the platform and vouch for them. 

You can use our referral link simply clicking here as we already have a Pi Network account and have gone through the process to be able to refer people to the platform. Make sure when signing up you enter the code GREENERYFINANCIAL if it’s not already applied, as this is what grants you the bonus.

The above should give you the maximum sign-up bonus available from what we understand and have seen and heard from Pi Network directly.

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Pi Network Refer a Friend Offers:

Pi Network’s refer a friend program offers new users bonus Pi rewards every hour forever (varies depending on network usage) — to receive the bonus you simply need to sign-up with a referral link from a friend (use ours by clicking that one, friend 😉) and enter their code (ours is: GREENERYFINANCIAL) and then you’ll automatically be granted the sign-up bonus, whatever the maximum is that they’re currently offering — generally this is 1Pi + 0.05 Pi Extra per hour forever.

Once you’ve signed up, there will be a few steps to complete, a little tutorial, before you’ll see your bonus and all — but there’s no deposit requirements or payments required to receive the bonus. Simply sign up with the link + code and you’re good to go.

Pi Network Affiliate Program Offers:

ZenGo currently doesn’t have an affiliate program like most platforms/apps, so they’re lacking any affiliate offers or special hidden sign-up bonuses offered to affiliate partners exclusively. We’ll make sure to update this section when they come out with one, if they ever do, as we would qualify as a website to sign up to the program our self and get inside information on how it works and the bonuses available as an affiliate.

There are no restrictions to Pi Network refer a friend program, meaning if you want to become an affiliate you can just sign up to the Pi Network and use our code GREENERYFINANCIAL to get your sign-up bonus, then begin to refer your own friends or strangers online.

Expired Pi Network Promo Offers:

Pi Network has yet to have any other sign up promotions or bonuses other than the ones we covered above, namely the refer-a-friend program — their refer a friend program hasn’t even changed overtime, so from the looks of things this will be the only promotion they have for quite some time.

Pi Network Sign Up Bonus & Referral FAQ's:

There’s been some questions asked regarding Pi Networks sign-up bonus offers, so we’ve decided to expand this article to include the popular questions people contacted us about. If you have more questions feel free to contact us through our contact page and we’ll try to help.
#1. — Can you sign up without a referral code?

This is not possible from our understanding at least at this stage — if you want to sign up you need to use a signup code such as GREENERYFINANCIAL to be granted access to the Pi Network currently, as someone needs to vouch for you (we’ll be the ones doing that for you if you use that code) and be responsible if you are a bad actor on the Pi Network. Please don’t mess up our reputation if you use our code — we’re trusting you.

#2. — What Countries/Places Are Eligible for the Pi Network Sign-Up Offer(s) Mentioned Above?

As far as we know there’s no restrictions whatsoever, however you’ll need a functioning smart phone or emulator, and of course a sign-up code, to receive the sign-up bonus, as you cannot use the network without those two things.

You can use the above promotions in all the European Union (EU), The United Kingdom (UK), The United States of America (USA), Singapore (SG), India, Pakistan, Turkey, Brazil, and most of the world from our understanding as a result — so long as you have a smart phone or know how to set up an emulator on your computer.

#3. — Can you withdraw your Pi Tokens rewarded from the above promos from the Pi Network App?

No currently there’s no ability to transfer Pi tokens on or off the platform as main-net has not yet launched — once it’s launched you’ll have the functionality in-app as well as have it listed on multiple exchanges. Just be patient.