Top Earning Play to Earn Crypto Games [2022]

Crypto games are unique in that they offer players the chance to generate a real-life income via NFTs and cryptocurrencies that are rewarded within these games. In this way, crypto games are completely shifting the dynamic that is expected within the world of video games. Rather than all the profits going to the game developers alone, the players themselves have the chance to reap the rewards of their efforts in crypto games.

If we’re being honest most play to earn crypto games aren’t actually good for earning money, but there are a handful that are well-established that can earn users consistently good rewards, at least after a little investment of time or money into the games. 

Below we’ll cover the top games in the cryptospace that can actually be used to make money consistently over time, how to play them or make money in them, and approximately how much money you can expect to make from them.

The idea of crypto games may be a bit hard to pin down if you are not familiar with the concept of the blockchains and cryptocurrency, so we are going to be looking at exactly what crypto games are in greater detail and how players are able to earn money from them below before getting into the specific games and how to make money with them.

If you already are familiar with cryptocurrencies and blockchain you can skip the first few section by clicking here, which will take you right to the games and what matters most — how to play them, how to make money from them, and what to expect.

To not bury the lead — With most legitimate established play-to-earn games you can earn between $300 and $500 a month playing them a few hours a day, however it’ll take a few weeks or a few hundred dollars to get started making such earnings.

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Need-to-Know Basics about Crypto & NFTs:

Before we even start to think about what exactly crypto games are, it is important to understand what cryptocurrency and NFTs actually are and how they work. We’ll also cover some of the other terms that are important to understand that we use in the article below.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are just digital assets that are blockchain-based and have no central authority or governing body controlling them — traditional cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum are what most people mean by cryptocurrency, however in-game currencies in play to earn games, in some cases, are also cryptocurrencies that are tradeable outside the game and have non-game uses.

The value of them can fluctuate drastically so it’s important to check the price of what cryptocurrencies you may be earning in games before committing to playing them expecting a specific return. Earnings in these games can change over time.

What are NFTs?

An NFT is a type of token held on a blockchain that represents something that cannot be duplicated and is unique and non-fungible — often they’re art pieces or rights to real-life property, but in the case of play-to-earn games NFTs are often the in-game rewards you earn, buy, and sell to generate earnings. 

These items are called “Non-Fungible Tokens” (NFTs) because they are different from one another in terms of rarity and uniqueness and can be identified as unique and legitimate on the blockchain. They are often referred to as collectibles because they represent something that is in some cases rare and valuable.

What Are Play To Earn Crypto Games & How Do They Work?

With the rise of cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (known as NFTs), it is no surprise that the gaming industry – now a multibillion-dollar industry worldwide – is the latest entertainment sector to embrace this new technology. They’ve done so by creating play to earn games in partnership with crypto/blockchain developers with incentives to boost adoption — which is how you earn.

In comparison to most online multiplayer games now a days wherein in-game items such as loot, weapons, outfits, etc, are obtained using real life money (buying loot boxes) with crypto games, play to earn games, you must obtain these items through quests or in-game play, or a secondary market (how you make money) if you want to progress quicker or obtain certain rare gear.

Basically rather than a cool skin in a game blockchain allows developers and designers to create unique, transferable in-game rewards that the player is able to earn through play and sell on a secondary market for profit — similar to steam’s marketplace but decentralised and without having to buy keys.

When it comes to the rewards themselves, they can range from digital (in-game) currencies – which can then be transferred over into a crypto wallet and the converted to real-life fiat currency – to NFTs/skins/items which can then be sold to both secondary marketplaces or through in-game trading houses to other players (or investors) of the game.

How to Choose Which Play To Earn Crypto Game To Play

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to play-to-earn crypto games, especially with the rise in cryptocurrency in general and a huge expansion of the sector in 2021/2022. It can be difficult to know where to even begin looking — especially with all the new projects and propaganda paid influencers push.

If you are planning on getting in on the crypto scene via a play-to-earn crypto game, then there are certain elements that you should consider before you pick your game. While we’ve vetted the games mentioned below already if you are considering other less established games you’ll want to take a look at the factors mentioned below before choosing a game.

How You’ll Cash Out Earnings

You will need to know just how simple it is going to be to cash out the cryptocurrency earnings that you make whilst playing a particular game before you jump into it. That way, you can avoid any disappointment or confusion in the long run.

Most play-to-earn crypto games have been built upon popular blockchains – such as Cardano or Ethereum – which helps with the process, but it is still far from a simple situation when it comes to converting the coins that you win in the game.

Much like cryptocurrency as a whole, the values of in-game coins can fluctuate at incredibly fast rates, making for a level of uncertainty for consumers. If it is NFTs that you are more interested in obtaining from play-to-earn crypto games, then you need to be aware that they might not always sell immediately — In fact, most NFTs take a considerable amount of time (days or even weeks) to gain some traction and sell unless you underprice them. 

Make sure to do your research as well so that you are completely aware of how you can go about turning your in-game coins or rewards into real-life cash before playing a particular game with the intent to make money off it — as it may take weeks to get real-life earnings when factoring in the time it takes to sell NFTs you earn in-game if it’s an NFT-based and not a Coin-based earning system.

What You’ll Earn (NFTs or Crypto Coins?)

Another factor to consider before picking a game is what exactly it is that you want to gain from a play-to-earn crypto game. Are you more interested in NFTs or general cryptocurrency coins — or a mix of both? Generally earning NFTs has higher reward potential and earnings, but slower payouts/sale-times, while earning in games with crypto-coins generally pay less, but allow you to get real-life money from your earnings nearly instantly.

All Crypto games offer rewards in different forms, but most tend to provide a combination of both in-game cryptocurrency and NFTs (although some games offer popular currencies too, such as Coin Hunt World which rewards players with ether or bitcoin for answering quiz questions correctly). 

Knowing exactly what each game you are considering playing offers in terms of rewards is crucial, but it is also important to keep track of how long it takes you to earn them and what it is exactly that you will need to do to gain these rewards — as if you don’t keep track of such things you won’t know if a particular game or method of earning in-game is worth your time or if another method or game will make you more.

What Do You Need To Spend On The Game Initially?

Play-to-earn games tend to require a certain amount of money to be spent before you start playing if you really want to make money with them — otherwise it’ll take you many weeks of playing to really start earning decent amounts of rewards. Not all play-to-earn games are like this, but many of them are such as one of the most popular pay-to-earn games called Axie Infinity where the player must buy at least three Axie’s (the in-game creatures that also double as NFTs) before they can get started with the game. 

The amount that you’ll need to spend varies as well. Let’s use Axie Infinity as another example of this. There are different rarity levels of Axie critters, and the rarer kind can cost hundreds of dollars, whilst the more common ones sell for as low as around $35 up to $70 — this is pretty standard, most games are best started with at least $80 to $300 to get earning efficiently, or just start playing at all.

As mentioned, not all games require a substantial payment to begin with, but most will require some kind of cash payment further down the line, such as for access to premium features or to build up your portfolio of in-game cryptocurrency. 

An example of this would be the game Decentraland, where there is no upfront payment needed. However, the player is given the option to pay to claim their own username if they want to. A username costs 100 MANA in the game, which generally equates to $100+ depending on market conditions.

Keep in mind that these initial investments into playing these games carries risk, though the same can be said for all investments. You cannot guarantee that you are going to be able to make back what you put in, so make sure that you are always sensible when it comes to what you spend on these kinds of games. Do not pay more than you can afford, and be aware of what you are spending at all times — and try to stick to big-name games like the ones we mention below to minimize risk.

Now that we have had a closer look at play-to-earn crypto games and what you need to consider before you choose the one that is best for you, let’s now take a look at some of the best play-to-earn crypto games available today.

Axie Infinity - Turn-Based NFT Battles (PVP)

One of the most popular play-to-earn games, with more than a million users that are active daily, Axie Infinity is described by developers Sky Mavis as an idle battle system competitive game that was inspired by the likes of Final Fantasy Tactics.

That being said, there are various similarities to the global phenomenon that is Pokémon in that it focuses on players raising, breeding, collecting, and battling creatures and digital pets known as Axies. This is without the doubt the #1 Play to earn (P2E) game currently.

Ways to Earn In Axie Infinity:

There’s many ways to earn in Axie Infinity — if you are new and starting out with simple axies you’ll likely only make $10-20/day, however if you invest more or are particularly efficient in-game you can make up to and sometimes a bit more than $50 a day, at least during good market conditions.

#1 Farming And Selling SLP

Players are able to earn in Axie Infinity via the game’s in-game cryptocurrency known as SLP, which stands for Smooth Love Potions. Players used to be able to earn up to $50 a day, but recently this method got saturated and only makes a few dollars a day in profit on average. You can easily gain between 100 and 200 SLP a day, check current prices to determine your earnings.

Of course, SLP is bound to suffer from unpredictable fluctuation depending on the supply and demand of the in-game asset — it could make more again in the future, but at this point we wouldn’t recommend it unless you have no money at all to invest.

#2 Breeding Axies

The Axies are not only able to be bred by the player and battled with other players, but they are also collectible, mint NFT’s that can be traded. The player can also breed their own creatures in the game. The rarer the Axie, the more they will be worth when selling them as an NFT on the marketplace — generally this takes a bit of investment, and quite a bit to make good earnings from it.

#3 Axie Scholarships

Once you have bred or bought various Axies, the game offers you the chance to give them to friends so that they can then farm SLPs on your behalf. This process is known as a scholarship and allows the owner of the Axies to take a cut of any SLPs farmed by the scholar. 

#4 Digital Land NFTs

There are other in-game assets within the Axie Infinity world that can also be bought as NFTs, such as virtual land. This can all earn the player SLP, which can then be used in turn to breed more of the cute Axie creatures that can be traded or sold as NFTs.

Axie Infinity is one of the more prominent play to earn crypto games for a reason, offering various ways that the player is able to earn, whether through farming, or selling on the marketplace.

Sorare - Fantasty Football & Baseball on The BlockChain

Sorare is a digital blockchain version of fantasy football (or baseball soon) where you can compete in tournaments to earn rare collectable versions of players and packs of cards that may contain rare collectable versions of players. You can earn quite a bit of money with Sorare as the rare collectable versions of players can go for thousands of dollars — and more achievable ones easily go for $50 to a few hundred dollars each.

Ways to Earn With Sorare:

There’s only one real way to earn beyond logging in and collecting your common packs — and that’s to build a team you think will perform well and put it into a tournament — completely free to do — and earn the prizes if you win.  To win tournaments you’ll need good players and better than ‘common’ cards you get free for signing in every day — to get them you’ll either have to be patient and wait for you to pull them from a pack, or buy them from the marketplace. 

Sorare has many promotions for new users where they get free cards as welcome bonus to start you out — you can get them by signing up here.

CryptoKitties - Simple Kitty Creator

This is a blockchain game that is on the Ethereum platform, and it has a few similarities to Axie Infinity in that the premise of the game centers on breeding and collecting virtual critters that act as NFTs and can be sold for ETH, which is the cryptocurrency used on Ethereum.

Crypto kitties are unique in that each one has its own 256-bit genome which contains its own “cattributes” – such as the colors of the kitties and the shapes of their facial features – and DNA that can then be transferred to their offspring after the breeding process. Think of it like crypto-punks, but in game-form and with kitty cats that you can breed together to create new crypto punks, or in this case kitty cats.

Ways to Earn with Crypto Kitties:

Really there’s only one way to make money with Cryptokitties, and that’s by buying existing kitties and breeding them similar to Axie Infinity. After the player can sell their newly born kitties for ETH. Breeding rare kitties is the key to gaining the most attention on the game and earning more ETH.

The player will need to purchase a kitty before they can get in on the Crypto Kitties scene. 

Crypto Kitties is all about creating the rarest and most unique kitty possible, which can be incredibly difficult. However, seeing as there was a Crypto Kitty that sold for around $172,000 back in 2018, it’s clear that certain creations are more sought after than others!

This is of course a rare exception, though, with the average price of a Crypto Kitty being around $60, and the cheapest ones (not worth getting) being as low as $10.

Gods Unchained - Magic The Gathering Style Card Game

Another popular blockchain game, Gods Unchained, is much like a regular trading card game with the addition of blockchain technology. Players will collect cards that can be used against their opponents, whilst also being collectible NFTs. 

The in-game currency of the game is known as GODS coins, and there are around 24million of these coins in circulation as of the time of writing. These tokens are ERC-20 standard tokens that can be used to buy and sell in the marketplace on the game, but they can also be exchanged for other cryptocurrency tokens.

GODS coins fluctuate in value a lot currently, but you can generally earn between 10-20 a day if you’re new and don’t invest much and 200 if you’re experienced in the game and really know what you’re doing. Tournaments can even pay out thousands if you manage to win — but of course that’s not realibab

Ways to Earn on Gods Unchained:

There’s many ways to earn playing Gods Unchained — if you are new and starting out you’ll likely only make a few dollars, however if you invest more or are particularly good at the game you can make up to and sometimes a bit more than $100 a day, at least during good market conditions.

#1 Card Battles

Winning card battles are the main way that players gain rewards from God’s Unchained and thankfully, there are ways to do this without having to pay out too much money. Once you have increased your card deck and leveled yourself up in the game, the next step is to try to win matches.

These matches can reward you with in-game assets, especially weekend tournaments. 

#2 Selling Sealed Card Packs

Another way that players can earn God’s Unchained is by selling sealed card packs on the marketplace. Standard card packs- which cost around $2.50- have a small chance of containing a rare card, so selling any packs you have that haven’t been opened is always an option.

#3 Winning Consecutive Matches

Entering into the Mythic tier of Gods Unchained is no easy feat- you’ll have to win 25 games in a row- but it could net you around $175 worth of game assets. 

#4 Ranked Mode

Winning games in this mode will award the player with another in-game currency known as Flux. Flux will let you fuse your existing cards into new, unique ones that have real-world value and can be sold on the marketplace. This is a great way to make cards that could earn some cash. 

When it comes to earning cryptocurrency with God’s Unchained, the best thing to do is to keep playing the game, level up, and start winning matches. This is definitely a game where dedication and grind can result in huge rewards.

Cryptoblades - Simple Dialogue RPG & PVP Battles

Cryptoblades is a popular blockchain game on the Binance smart chain that takes on the genre of a typical role-playing video game. The game focuses on allowing players to build their characters, engage in battles with other players, and exchange items on the open marketplace.

How to Earn Playing Cryptoblades:

Really there’s only one avenue for earning in cryptoblades and that’s to earn SKILL tokens (the in-game currency of the game) — they can be earned through battling other players or trading on the in-game marketplace. These tokens are then used in-game to create better assets, such as weapons, which can be sold for profit or used to earn more in-game SKILL tokens.

Generally from what we’ve heard and seen $10 to $20 a day is reasonable — however if the crypto market is down a bit this number will typically drop until it recovers.

Town Star - Competitive FarmVille Simulator

Town Star is another blockchain game that allows players to earn in-game currencies that can be used in the Gala Games NFT marketplace. The game is a simple town/farming simulator with a blockchain twist that adds a new level to the genre.

Players are allowed to truly own their assets, as well as trade them via secondary markets and earn them through playing with said items.

How Earning in Townstar Works:

Although Town Star utilizes Gala Power and Gala Coin which is synonymous with Gala Games, TownCoin is the in-game token that is awarded to players in Town Star. TownCoin lives on the blockchain and can be bought and sold on third-party exchanges, as well as transferred between players.

TownCoin is gained when players use NFT items- and meet certain requirements- in their towns in the game. TownCoin can also be earned by completing in-game daily challenges. It’s quite reasonable to earn 1000 to 2000 town coin a day, which generally means around $30 to $100 a day depending on market conditions.

Town Star is an example of a play-to-earn game that has been designed to allow players to own their in-game assets and transfer them freely. This means that players can gain more control over what they want to sell and buy, rather than having to rely on the platform itself.

Decentraland - 3D Open World Game (Metaverse)

Decentraland is a virtual reality world game that was created using the Ethereum blockchain. The game focuses on allowing players to create their own unique characters via personalized avatars, which can then be used to explore the virtual worlds.

The means of exchange in this game are known as MANA tokens, which can be bought with real money or earned in the game. 

Earning In Decentraland

There’s many ways to earn in Decentraland (too many to list) but we’ll discuss the best ones currently below — however most of the ways to earn in decentraland require some skills, be it coding, design, or marketing – however it can make you the most of any game, potentially thousands of dollars a month.

#1 Land

Decentraland offers players the chance to invest in land in the game, which acts as a unique form of NFT. Land can be bought with MANA or Ethereum.

Much like real-life real estate, in Decentraland you can develop your land and values can increase due to the fixed number of properties (900,000 in the game). You can sell them to earn some money too!

#2 Freelance Work

Oddly enough, you can use your real-life freelancing skills within the games to make some money! Some jobs that can be picked up include coding, video creation, 3D modeling, art marketing, and more. 

#3 Creating And Selling Wearables

As a metaverse game, you can be sure that customization plays a big role in Decentraland, including as a method of making money in the game. It’s not the easiest to do, but if you have the skills and 3D modeling knowledge, you can sell your created wearables. It will cost 500 MANA tokens for each piece of clothing that you sell. 

Decentraland offers a wide variety of ways in which players can make money from the game. If you’re looking for a way to earn crypto while doing something fun, different and even by putting your real-life skills to use, Decentraland could be the perfect option for you.

Binemon - Simple RPG with PVP Elements & Quests

Binemon is a blockchain-based game that is run on the Binance Smart Chain and allows players to breed and raise virtual pets.

Much like Axie Infinity, the Binemon pets are essentially NFTs, each of which is unique and can be traded and sold. The game has role-playing game elements as well as Pokémon-like trading and collecting features. 

The game is hosted on the blockchain known as Drakken, which has a proof of stake consensus mechanism.

Earning On Binemon

There’s many ways to earn in Binemon — if you are new and starting out with basic characters you’ll likely only make $10/day or less, however if you invest more or are particularly efficient in-game you can make up to and sometimes a bit more than $40 a day, at least during good market conditions.

#1 Collecting Ambrosia

Ambrosia is earned as a reward from PVP battles, but it can also be bought by the in-game tokens known as Binemon Token (BIN). Ambrosia can also be used for Mon stamina and fusion, making it a critical asset when it comes to raising the best possible pet that will be worth more money.

#2 PvP And PvE Battles

Players can engage in battles with fellow players or with the AI in the game to earn cryptocurrency. PvP battles are free to enter and involve battling against other players. In these battles, players can battle their creatures and win rewards. Players can also participate in PvE battles to obtain rewards.

#3 BIN Tokens

BIN tokens – a BEP-20 token – are used to purchase eggs that can breed Mons (the NFT creatures) as well as be used to obtain that all-important Ambrosia. The NFT critters can then be  BIN, currently has a 24-hour trading volume of $2,351,349 and stands at around $0.36 per token.

Binemon is much like Axie Infinity in that the main focus is the digital pets themselves, which can then become a unique digital asset. However, unlike Axie Infinity, Binemon uses its own native cryptocurrency called BIN. This means that players need to buy BIN tokens via an exchange before they can start playing the game. 

Once they have purchased their BIN tokens, they can begin breeding their own pets, collecting Ambrosia, and earning more BIN tokens to eventually convert into real-life cash. 

Final Thoughts & Conclusions

So there you have several play-to-earn crypto games that you can try out. With so many options available, you should be able to find one that fits your needs perfectly. There are plenty of different types of games to choose from, meaning there is bound to be something that suits your interests. 

Just remember to do your research as mentioned above so that you know exactly how each game works, what you need to invest to get started, and how you will be able to get your earnings in the long run.

As long as you do your research, these games can make for viable future investments or a side-hustle, however ultimately they will not replace real skills and the job opportunities such skills provide — so while you may be well off earning from crypto games today you should plan for alternative work in the future.

Play to Earn (P2E) Crypto Game FAQ's:

Below we’ll cover the FAQ’s we’ve been asked, or encountered, or even had asked ourself about Play to Earn Crypto Gaming when we first learned about it — If you have other questions feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can — and maybe even add our answer down below.

Is Play to Earn a Ponzi or Pyrimid Scheme?

While many play-to-earn crypto games are not Ponzi schemes and have real user bases, players, and community — there are some that are Ponzi schemes that solely are being used by speculators and tricksters who just want to make a quick buck. You have to be careful with such games — try to only play games with real communities and player bases to prevent being caught up in a Ponzi. 

If people only play it to make money, and the price to start playing is high, it’s probably a Ponzi — but if some people play it for fun, some play it to make money, like RuneScape, then it’s probably legitimate and safe to invest in and earn money from.

Can you make good money from play to earn games in the Philippines?

Yes — not only can you play all play-to-earn games in the Philippines but they can offer excellent income to young Filipinos who have ample time on their hands to play these crypto games. Keep in mind they shouldn’t be your only source of income if you live in the philipines, and you should save what extra you may earn as earnings may not last forever.

 We’d recommend having alternative streams of income in addition to play-to-earn games and just playing them a little or during downtime in your work, such as if you’re a receptionist and there’s no clients to attend to, and to not invest too much into new games in particular, as you could lose your start-up capital.

How do Crypto Games Make Money?

Generally the developers used to make money by having an initial distribution of the games tokens/coins or assets, allowing them to sell them in the future to make money and sustain their development, cost of living, etc — this has largely changed now.

Instead now developers generally program in a small marketplace fee that is paid to them — so every $100 someone makes in-game and trades on the marketplace, or any marketplace trade, will earn the developers a few dollars in fees.