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Tally App Review 2022 - Free Credit Card Management

Tally is an enormously helpful app for managing your credit card repayments and can help lower your effective interest rate if you’re in credit-card debt and working to repay it as Tally allows you to consolidate such repayments into one bill and even refinance it through them generally at a lower interest rate than your credit card charges, saving you money in the meantime and helping you pay down your debts faster.

Keep in mind even if you aren’t in credit card debt Tally is still a fantastic app for simplifying your credit card payments and tracking your expenses — as it’s absolutely free and will allow you to pay off your cards without logging into credit card accounts and paying them off individually.

Tally Basic Feature Overview | Overall Rating 4.3⭐/5
💰 Fees & PricingVery Low
💻 Interface & UseabilityVery Simple & Easy
🛠 Support QualityVery Good Overall
🥇 Best ForPeople with $10000+ of Debt

Ultimately though Meet Tally is most useful to those who are in debt, as rather than just the quality of life improvement of easy repayments they’ll generally also be able to save money consolidating their debts into a lower interest loan with Tally.

With that being said if you’re in credit card debt, and not simply looking for easy credit card managing, we’d recommend also checking out Bright Money and our review on that app, as they also have credit card repayment offerings and in our experience for a little cheaper than Tally offers (depending on credit history).

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Meet Tally Unique Features:

Meet Tally is one of the only apps like it — however it’s not the ONLY one like it, there’s also Bright Money which we’d say is worth considering — these two are the best apps for managing credit cards and especially repaying credit card debt in an efficient manner. Below you’ll find some unique features to Meet Tally, as well as some noteable ones that both of the platforms have which we think are important and unique that make them stand out as the #1 and #2 apps in the industry.

Credit Boosting Effects Over-Time

This doesn’t really apply if you always pay off your credit cards in-full, however if you’re in any credit card debt or carry a balance on your cards from time to time Tally will boost your credit score over time — this happens in many ways. Tally helps you avoid late payment charges, which can negatively effect your credit score, and they also can help you automatically pay off your cards early which allows you to get a lower utilisation score, which raises your credit score.
If you carry a balance from time to time they’ll also give you a low-ish interest loan to pay off the cards, which will raise your number of credit lines/accounts and help with repayment history, not to mention also lower your overall credit utilization — all of which helps raise your credit score over time.
Auto Pay Feature Meet Tally Financial App Feature

Ease of Credit Card Repayments & Management

Meet Tally is the best app for this in our opinion — you simply link your cards and your bank and you can set them up to automatically be paid off at the end of the month, the day before your due date, manually pay them when you choose to, whatever you want without having to log into each one of your credit card accounts every single month, go through 2fa, etc.

This may not be a huge deal for people with only 1 or 2 credit cards, especially if they’re all with one issuer like chase, but if you have an American Express card, a few Chase cards, a CitiBank card, a Discover card, and some no-name bank card, well it’s a real time-saver to have this feature as it allows you to pay off everything just by logging into Tally, as well as easily review your expenses on the cards therefore helping you catch fraudulent transactions (if they happen) way easier.

Custom Payoff Strategy Feature Meet Tally

Low-Interest Credit Card Refinancing & Repayment Plans

Tally offers the lowest interest rates (generally) for refinancing credit card debt that we’ve found — they’ll give you a line of credit that you can use to repay your linked credit cards and accounts, effectively reducing the monthly interest rate you’ll be paying on your credit card debt (if you have any).

For example if you owe $10,000 on various credit cards they’ll not only simplify all of the payments into one simple monthly payment in the Tally app but they’ll also likely be able to offer you a slightly lower interest rate, such as from 20% (with credit card company) to 14% (with tally), which would save you $600 a year in interest payments — not to mention raise your credit score as mentioned above.

If you’re going to use Tally for this reason we’d say it’s likely worthwhile to get their membership (covered below) which costs $300/year but generally lowers your interest rate further, as well as grants extra features, making it worthwhile if you have large amounts of credit-card debt ($10,000+).

Meet Tally Biggest Pros & Cons:

Meet Tally has quite a few unique features as we’ve covered above, but that’s not all the pros to Tally so we thought to make a quick bullet list to give you a summary of all the pros at a glance.

  • Completely Free (although there’s a paid option)
  • Can Help Improve Your Credit Score
  • Makes Credit Card Payments Easier
  • Reduces Interest Fees (5%-10% on average depending on free vs paid)
  • Prevents Late-Payment Penalties on Credit-cards
  • Free Version is adequate for <5000USD worth of credit-card debt

Of course not everything is perfect with Meet Tally — there are some cons to the platform that we haven’t mentioned yet that make it not the ideal choice for some people who are trying to get out of debt:

  • Only offers Credit-card Debt Consolidation (cannot use credit line to pay mortgage or car payments)
  • Paid Version is more expensive than alternatives like Bright Money
  • Not Ideal for people with VERY bad FICO credit score (less than 520)
  • No desktop-only app

Those are the main pros and cons to the platform we think you need to know about — to explain further if your credit score is very bad the interest rate Tally offers likely won’t be much better than your credit cards. 

Meet Tally Pricing & Fees Overview:

Tally Basic and Tally+ Pricing Fees

Meet Tally as an app is entirely free to sign up for and use, however there’s a few features locked behind this Tally+ program they offer — which is billed at $300 per year if you opt for it — or $25/mo. You don’t pay this fee upfront, but they add it to your outstanding balance when they refinance your credit card debt.

The free version of tally is perfectly adequate for most people, if you have less than $5000 of credit card debt then you don’t need to bother paying for Tally+ in our opinion, however if you have more than that then it’s definitely worth considering — and above $10000 of debt it’s hands-down worth it.

Beyond the Free and Tally+ options there’s nothing else — they don’t have any nonsense hidden fees or activity fees or anything else. Either you use the free version and enjoy the baseline product, or you pay for a premium experience with Tally+ and get lower interest rates, amongst other benefits, which overall more than pay for the cost of the service — assuming you have $5000 to $10000 or more of credit card debt to refinance with them.

Meet Tally Support Quality:

While most people don’t need to contact support issues arise and when they arise you want to be in good hands — because of this we wanted to test Tally’s support out so we made up some nonsense problems, as well as just some questions (looking for advice) from them to see how their support team was.

The results personally were good — they took a little longer to respond than some competitors but overall were competent in their responses and gave sound advice, but so did competitors so that’s not really an advantage to Tally — companies in this industry seem pretty competent. 

With that being said, Tally users (myself included) don’t seem to have as many technical issues with the platform as with the competition — when we researched all the big companies in the industry Tally had the least bad reviews and overall was liked most amongst average folks. This mostly boiled down to other apps occasionally crashing or people have difficulties with automating their card payments, while with tally virtually nobody has such problems.

Meet Tally vs Competitors Comparison:

Meet Tally only has a handful of competitors, and only one real one we’d say is worth considering currently — Bright Money is that competitor that’s worth considering instead of Tally in our opinion. The only other real competitors are legacy financial companies that offer fixed-rate/term loans and require lots of paperwork. 

Tally vs Bright Money

We’ve tried both Tally and Bright Money and we’d say Bright Money is a great low-cost option, however they don’t offer a free version and Tally+ is comparable in pricing when we’re talking about large amounts of credit card debt being refinanced due to Tally+’s lower rates.

To help you avoid analyzation paralysis we’d say if you have <$5000 of credit card debt Tally (free) is perfect, however if you have between $5000 to $10,000 Bright Money ($7/mo) is likely better, while if you have $10,000 or more of credit card debt Tally+ ($25/mo) is the way to go.

You can check out our review of Bright Money here — we used the same format as this post so you can compare them both easily — but to give a short rundown Tally is more expensive, but has a nicer interface and seems to offer slightly lower interest rates on average, however when accounting for the extra annual fees both Tally and Bright Money are more or less identical. Bright Money also offers financial planning help, while Tally is simply for paying off debts cheaper and faster.

Our Experience Testing Meet Tally:

When we tested Meet Tally we didn’t have any issues with the platform, as mentioned before their support-quality was more than adequate when we tested it with fake made-up problems and overall the platform worked as expected for us. There’s not really much more to say about it than that — the platform worked as advertised and expected and all my credit cards linked up flawlessly and were paid automatically via the Tally credit line

My main/only real gripe about Meet Tally is that they seem to push everyone who joins into signing up for Tally+ claiming it’ll save them money, which it usually does, however for people with small debts below $5000 and who want to repay their debt quickly generally don’t benefit (usually breakeven) greatly from paying for Tally+ over the free version of Meet Tally.

Meet Tally Review FAQ's:

Below we’ll cover the FAQ’s we’ve been asked, or encountered, or even had asked ourself about Meet Tally when we first were checking them out and as we tested them — If you have other questions feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can — and maybe even add our answer down below.

What Banks does Tally Work With?

Tally works with all the online banks we’ve tried and traditional big-name banks — for example we tested them with both Chime and Current, as well as Aspirations, and a few traditional banks like Schwab and Chase and it worked flawlessly with all of them. The only banks Tally may not work with would be small community banks that lack online banking, or predatory credit card issuers that do not allow digital payments or communications.

How Does Meet Tally Make Money?

Meet Tally charges a small fee for their 'premium membership' which lets people using the platform get discounts on interest rates and additional features, which makes them money, and they likely get a small kickback on loans/credit-line interest fees they charge you when using the credit line they offer — their business model is simple, low-cost, and highly profitable.

Does Meet Tally offer any sign-up bonus rewards?

Currently it does not seem like they do or ever have offered sign-up rewards or discounts — however if you want to support our website you can sign up through this link — when you do so, if you meet certain criteria, Meet Tally may give us a small kickback/reward for sending you over to them.

Is Meet Tally 100% Legit and Trustworthy?

Meet Tally is a well-funded fintech company with around 300-350 employees, is partnered with many quality insured banks, and has top-notch security features that are required amongst the fintech space — there’s no real risk in using MeetTally, your money is held in an insured bank account and other highly regulated entities and all information relating to you, such as your social security number, are either not stored at all after signing up or are heavily encrypted to prevent potential leaks.

Tally App review Logo Example

Our overall Tally App rating



Bottom Line:

Tally is a fantastic debt consolidation app/service, particularly for people who are severely in debt with over $10,000 in balances — they’re a good choice below that as well, however some people may prefer competitors like Bright Money if they have very low (<550) credit scores.

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