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Tastyworks Promotional Codes (Up to $900 Free)

Tastyworks Sign Up Promotions referral code

These are all the currently active codes & links that are updated every month with the latest promotions. Currently there are two promotions which can net you up to $600 for free (although likely in the mid-200s) or potentially a combined value of up to $900 if you get extraordinarily lucky in the free 100 shares offering as well as the trader challenge promotion.

For all of the below-mentioned promotions you’ll first need to sign up through this link (or on their website) and enter in code “PWS444GBQG” in the referral code box when signing up. Doing so will give you the ability to apply/collect the below promotional offers Tastyworks currently offers.

Up to $250 Free Money (Risk-Free)

This one is my favorite although it’s not definite you win the $250 (the second promotion below is definite so if you don’t want to implement advanced trading mechanics (hedging) then we’d recommend opting for it, then later trying to see if they’ll let you do the trader challenge as well.

Anyhow, all you have to do is sign up through this link or the button above and make a deposit of at least $2000 in the first 60 days, then reach out to tastyworks support once your account is set up saying you’re funded and would link to participate in the Trading Challenge.

You can read more on this promotion and the terms and conditions of it on this page of my website.

Essentially they give you $5000 in a papertrading account and two days to trade, and whatever you make (up to $250) you keep, and anything you lose will not be taken out from your account funds.

100 Free Shares of a Random Stock (Usually around $200-220 in Value)

It’s a pretty good offer, particularly if you don’t want to take the risk or do some complex hedging strategy with the above promotion. With an Average of $210 according to the terms and conditions of this offer and up to $600 in rewards, well, I’d say it’s an overall safer and potentially more rewarding bet than the above trader challenge.

Personally I’d say this new promotion is better than the above — although I believe it’s possible to do both, however I cannot say for-sure as since I’ve been using tastyworks for years I’m not eligible for new promotions like this one.

Just like with the first promotion you should deposit a minimum of $2000 in the first 60 days, and once you’ve done that you’ll either receive it right away or may not to contact Tastyworks Support to claim the offer.

We’ve heard mixed results of it being automatic and needing to be “claimed” so if you don’t get your bonus around 10 days after funding your account I’d suggest contacting Tastyworks support to claim it. Just shoot them an email and they usually respond in less than a day or two and credit you.

$200 Crypto Sign-Up Bonus or $50 Bonus for Existing Tastyworks Clients:

Starting in early 2021 Tastyworks begun offering a new sign-up bonus that isn’t just available to new users/clients — for new users you simply get $200 after depositing $2000+ into your account after signing up using a promo code and buying some cryptocurrency — for existing users you simply need to buy $50 -> $100 of cryptocurrency and you should automatically be given your bonus for trying out the crypto-side of tastyworks (ZeroHash).

We haven’t been able to confirm if you can combine the $200 bonus or not with others mentioned above, however we’ve heard and personally received the $50 bonus as an existing tastyworks user, so we’d recommend signing up using a referral link, getting one of the other bonuses, and also buying $50 -> $100 of crypto and hoping you get this bonus as well.

A Quick Warning/Disclaimer:

If you take advantage of one of the above promotions in the terms & conditions you’re supposed to keep your account open with the $2000 for at least 180 days (6 months) before withdrawing or else Tastyworks may “clawback” your bonus/freebies.

I can’t say if they actually do this, as I love the tastyworks platform and never pulled my money out, nor was I lucky enough to know about these promotional codes when I signed up years ago.

 I believe they didn’t even have these promotions back then, which is a bummer, but getting free money to sign up for a brokerage account isn’t why I signed up for tastyworks. I did that because I believe they’re the best options platform out there.

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