Voyager Crypto Sign-Up Promotios ($25+ Free!)

Voyager Crypto Sign Up Bonus Referral Codes Reddit

These are all the currently active codes & links Voyager offers — Currently there’s only one real promotion which can net you up to $25 in rewards so long as you buy $100 or more of Cryptocurrency on the platform.

The easiest promotion to get is simply gotten downloading the app and then when signing up make sure to scroll down and enter in code “ZACYAJ” and you should be all set — Simply buy $100 or more of Crypto and you’ll get $25 free in Bitcoin. No strings attached.

Voyager's Refer-A-Friend Program ($25 on Signup)

While this is the same promotion as we mentioned above, we know many of you skim rather than read from top to bottom — so if that’s you I’ll keep it short, simple, and straight-forward for you to get your sign-up bonus.

If you don’t have a friend using Voyager already, or don’t want to bother asking around, you can simply use our referral code “ZACYAJ” when signing up and after you deposit $100 or more and trade it on the Voyager Platform you’ll earn $25 of bitcoin. You can download the app through this link.

Once you receive the bonus you’re free to withdraw it or switch it to another Cryptocurrency — or transfer it off-exchange to your own private wallet. As far as we’ve heard and understand Voyager doesn’t “claw-back” bonuses if you aren’t a loyal customer, so don’t worry about that — although we’d say they’re one of the better apps to use to buy Crypto if you’re a US citizen.

Other Cryptocurrency Signup Bonus's to Get:

If you’re here because you like free stuff like I do, then you might as well sign up to some of these exchanges or create an account with these companies to get free bonuses as well. If you don’t have time or just aren’t interested, no worries — just remember if you ever go signing up for one of these accounts to get yourself a promotional code for them as they often offer quite nice discounts in trading fees or decent sign-up bonuses.

It may not sound like much, but truly every bit counts in Crypto, and if they offered such discounts back when I first signed up I’d have saved around $100’s in trading fees already, and I’m not an active trader or anything like that. Just a regular investor who buys alts here and there.

With Coinbase you’ll get $10 right-away for signing up, which isn’t all that great, but you’ll be able to apply to their “earn” program and be on a waitlist to earn over $155 in cryptocurrency in the future. You can learn more about Coinbase’s promotion on this page of our site.

Can You Receive the Voyager Sign-up Bonus if you used Ethos?

As many people have contacted us and asked about Ethos and if you can get Voyager’s sign up bonus if you received a sign-up bonus from Ethos in the past.. From what we understand and personally experienced you can definitely receive a bonus from Voyager even if you received one from Ethos in the past.

While Ethos and Voyager merged and the Ethos token/coin was changed to be the Voyager token it appears that you’re allowed to “double-dip” and receive the sign up bonus again if you simply sign up again using a code like we explained above.