Voyager Crypto Sign-Up Promotions (2022, $50+ Free)

These are all the currently active codes & links Voyager offers — Currently there’s only one real promotion which can net you between $50 or so in rewards so long as you buy $100 or more of Cryptocurrency on the platform and hold it there for at least 30 days.

The easiest promotion to get is simply gotten downloading the app and then when signing up make sure to scroll down and enter in code “ZACYAj” and you should be all set — Simply buy $100 or more of Crypto and you’ll get $50 free in Bitcoin. No strings attached.

There’s a few other ways to earn more free bitcoin with Voyager, such as referring your friends which can earn you small rewards, or signing up to Voyagers affiliate program and marketing for Voyager — however currently there’s only one sign-up bonus — which you get by entering in a reward code such as ZACYAj when signing up and deposting/trading $100+ of crypto.

This is one of the best overall sign-up bonuses you can currently get in the crypto-industry, as it requires low minimums and the reward is quite high — in comparison Coinbase only gives around $10 in sign-up bonuses/rewards, with the potential to earn a bit more over time through their ‘learn’ feature (still less than Voyager).

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Voyager's Refer-A-Friend Program ($50 on Signup)

While this is the same promotion as we mentioned above, we know many of you skim rather than read from top to bottom — so if that’s you I’ll keep it short, simple, and straight-forward for you to get your sign-up bonus.

If you don’t have a friend using Voyager already, or don’t want to bother asking around, you can simply use our referral code “ZACYAj” when signing up and after you deposit $100 or more and trade it on the Voyager Platform you’ll earn $50 of bitcoin. You can download the app through this link.

Once you receive the bonus you’re free to withdraw it or switch it to another Cryptocurrency — or transfer it off-exchange to your own private wallet. As far as we’ve heard and understand Voyager doesn’t “claw-back” bonuses if you aren’t a loyal customer, so don’t worry about that — although we’d say they’re one of the better apps to use to buy Crypto if you’re a US citizen and you shouldn’t just snag the bonus and abandon them. Give the platform a chance.

How to Earn $50 – $100+ more in Crypto from Voyager:

While Voyager used to offer some other sign-up promotions they’ve cancelled all the others but the one we mentioned above — however you can earn more from that program than just $50 — you can earn between $50 and $100 depending on how much of Voyager’s loyalty token you hold in-app when you refer a friend of your own, which is quite good especially if the topic of investing in crypto comes up amongst friends. It’s a win-win, they get a bonus and you get one as well.
There are some limitations on the program though, so make sure to read the terms and conditions — the main thing is technically you shouldn’t refer family members in the same household, but like most of the terms and conditions they don’t seem to enforce this restriction in practice.

Voyager's Affiliate Program (Referral Program is Better)

Voyager has an affiliate program where you can refer anyone and market for Voyager on a commission-basis, however the earnings per referral is at best the same as the Voyager refer-a-friend program, and at worst half of what the refer-a-friend program offers. Because of this we’d not really recommend using it or exploring it as an option — but rather to just stick to the above refer a friend program.

With that being said if you’re interested in it and have a business it can be more tax-efficient to use their affiliate program if you’re a business entity and want to limit your tax issues. If that’s you check out the program on the impact platform — otherwise don’t bother.

Voyager Sign-up Bonus & Promotions FAQ:

There’s been quite a few people who’ve had questions or problems regarding Voyager’s promos codes, so we’ve decided to expand this article to include some of the most common ones we’ve seen and had people message us about. If you have others feel free to contact us through our contact page and we’ll try to help.

Can You Receive the Voyager Sign-up Bonus if you used Ethos in the past?

As many people have contacted us and asked about Ethos and if you can get Voyager’s sign up bonus if you received a sign-up bonus from Ethos in the past.. From what we understand and personally experienced you can definitely receive a bonus from Voyager even if you received one from Ethos in the past.

While Ethos and Voyager merged and the Ethos token/coin was changed to be the Voyager token it appears that you’re allowed to “double-dip” and receive the sign up bonus again if you simply sign up again using a code like we explained above.

Can you apply a referral code after signing up with Invest Voyager?

You can message Voyager support and try to, explaining how you forgot to enter in your friends code (ours or someone else’s) and that you want to apply it, however you must do this before you deposit funds into your account, and it’s not 100% guaranteed to work. I’d say it’s probably better to just sign up again, as voyager’s support is swamped with new signups so you likely won’t be able to get them to do it before the terms would disqualify you from receiving the bonus.

Can you withdraw your funds after using a referral or promotional code from Voyager?

Yes, however if you do so before the terms of the bonus say it’s allowed you’ll forfeit the bonus — for Voyager this time period is within 30 days of a deposit. If you withdraw before then you will cancel the promotion and not be eligible for it again — however you can withdraw the funds if you want, it’s just you will lose the bonus.

Can non-US citizens sign up to Invest Voyager and receive a sign-up bonus?

No, currently non-US citizens, or rather people who are not residents of the USA (green card holders can sign up I believe), cannot sign up whatsoever to Voyager, and thus they cannot get any of the sign up bonuses voyager offers currently. 

Are there any voyager reward codes without deposit requirements?

Unfortunately no, there is not — you’ll have to make a deposit of at least $100 and/or buy or sell at least $100 worth of crypto to receive any of Voyagers sign-up bonuses or ongoing reward code offers.

Other Cryptocurrency Signup Bonus's to Get:

If you’re here because you like free stuff like I do, then you might as well sign up to some of these exchanges or create an account with these companies to get free bonuses as well. If you don’t have time or just aren’t interested, no worries — just remember if you ever go signing up for one of these accounts to get yourself a promotional code for them as they often offer quite nice discounts in trading fees or decent sign-up bonuses.

While they ‘only’ offer $50 for signing up through a referral link, after depositing $500+ there are some other promotions they offer that can net you well over $500 more that we talk about on this page of our website. 

With Coinbase you’ll get $10 right-away for signing up, which isn’t all that great, but you’ll be able to apply to their “earn” program and be on a waitlist to earn over $155 in cryptocurrency in the future. You can learn more about Coinbase’s promotion on this page of our site.

While BlockFi isn’t our preferred app for crypto-lending, they still offer decent bonuses and there’s no harm in spreading the love and risk around a bit and putting some of your crypto earning interest with BlockFi. Just like with Celsius sign-up with that link to receive the bonuses — no promo code needed!

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