Voyager vs. Celsius - Which is Better for You?

Celsius vs Voyager Crypto Compare

Voyager offers the best all-in-one service for a crypto-exchange + interest baring platform, however Celsius generally offers slightly better rates than Voyager, so you may prefer them if you’re purely seeking yield.

We hope to give you the information you need to decide for yourself which is better for you — personally we use both Celsius and Voyager as they both have advantages that we’ll outline below, and we believe they’re both trustworthy — not to mention they both offer great sign-up bonuses that we’ll go over towards the end of this article.

To Summarize: We’d say Celsius is much better for long-term holding and earning interest as they allow lending of more cryptocurrencies and higher yields + Crypto-backed loans, however they’re not the best platform to buy/sell/trade cryptocurrency on, and thus we’d say using both is best, Voyager for purchasing, then Celsius for long-term holding more substantial amounts of cryptocurrency on.

Which Offers the Best Yields - Voyager or Celsius?

In our opinion this is the most important category in this comparison, and Celsius wins this category firmly — they have higher rates across the board with around 1% -> 3% higher interest rates on pretty much every cryptocurrency on the platform, from stablecoins to the big boys such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, Celsius generally has significantly higher yields on deposits — and when they don’t they have comparable or marginally higher yields.

With that being said not all coins are supported by both platforms — Voyager for example allows staking/lending of Cosmos/ATOM for 3%/year while Celsius currently doesn’t offer yield on Cosmos/ATOM — in the same regards Celsius offers 4.51% yield on PAXG (Gold-backed stablecoin) while Voyager doesn’t support gold-backed stablecoins at all currently, nor offers yield on them.

Which has Lower Fees - Voyager or Celsius?

This category is a bit of a draw — Voyager has way lower fees for buying/selling cryptocurrencies and trading them back and forth, one of the lowest of any cryptocurrency brokerage, however their withdrawal fees are not the lowest, but rather quite standard at around $5-10 per withdrawal in most cases.

Meanwhile with Celsius their buying/selling fees are atrocious as they use a 3rd-party company to facilitate them rather than have an actual exchange on the platform, and thus the fees are not up to them but rather the 3rd party companies — however Celsius does offer fee-free withdrawals (they cover the transaction costs) and otherwise have no fees.

Ultimately what this boils down to is if you’re buying/selling/trading don’t do it on Celsius, but rather opt for Voyager or another crypto-exchange, and use Celsius only for Lending out your crypto or taking crypto backed loans out against it.

Which Has The Best Signup Bonus Offers - Voyager or Celsius?

This Category is a bit of a draw as well — While technically Voyager has a slightly better sign-up bonus as it’s worth $25 in Bitcoin and Celsius’s is $40 in bitcoin they’re both extremely easy to get — for Voyager you just need to download their app and then sign up with a promotional code (ZACYAJ) and buy/sell a bit ($100+) of crypto, you can read our article on Voyager’s Sign-up bonus by clicking here.

Celsius you simply need to deposit a few hundred dollars worth of crypto after being referred by someone. You can be referred to Celsius by us by downloading Celsius’s app and using our code “198971556a” during the sign-up process; but we’d recommend checking our page on all of Celsius’s current sign-up promotions as they often have multiple you can take advantage of at the same time.

Which is more Trustworthy - Voyager or Celsius?

We’d say this category is also more or less a draw as well, maybe with a slight edge towards Voyager — This is because we believe both to be trustworthy and keep crypto on both of the platforms personally, and believe both of their business models are not only sustainable, but highly profitable and thus the financial security of both Voyager and Celsius are likely excellent.

Beyond that though, Voyager is technically a publicly owned company, traded under the ticker “VYGVF” (Voyager Digital Ltd), and thus it’s transparency is quite good if you understand how to read the financial reports and statements and corporate-garbage the parent-company of InvestVoyager releases quarterly — while Celsius is a private company and thus doesn’t publish such information — however they are more transparent in terms of livestreams, Q&A’s, and how their business works.

What Advantages does Voyager have over Celsius?

Voyager has an in-house exchange and thus has significantly lower trading fees, making it the downright superior fiat on-ramp — they also may be a little more transparent and trustworthy depending on what you value in that department (human interaction, or financial statements).

Beyond that Voyager doesn’t really have any advantage over Celsius — They’re a great all-in-one solution as they’re one of the best (lowest cost and ease of access) crypto-brokerages and they have decent yields as well, only beaten out by pure-lending platforms like Celsius and BlockFi.

Ultimately if you don’t have thousands invested in cryptocurrency and plan to hold for the long-term then Voyager is probably the better option for you, however if you have a few thousand dollars of cryptocurrency at least and plan to hold it many months, then it’s probably worth getting an account with Celsius as well.

What Advantages does Celsius have over Voyager?

Celsius offers better yields and free withdrawals — but they aren’t a good choice at all when it comes to buying/selling cryptocurrency due to not having an in-house low-fee brokerage platform like Voyager does.

Celsius also has fantastic support, while Voyagers is so-so in our experience, but hey all cryptocurrency brokeragers seem to have not so great support so we don’t really think that’s a big deal — to us the deciding factor is if you will hold cryptocurrency long-term and if you have enough crypto to make it worth paying the withdrawal/transfer fee to Celsius.

If you have enough to make it worth-while and plan to hodl we don’t see a reason to not use Celsius for crypto-lending and loans.

So Which is Better for You?

As we covered above, ultimately we’d say if you have more than a few thousand USD worth of cryptocurrency, and plan to hold it for more than a few months, we believe it’s worth moving funds over to Celsius due to it’s higher yield and no-fee withdrawals if you ever do decide to cash out — of course make sure to get Celsius’s new $40 sign-up bonus and the others they offer that we covered in this article.

However if you’re new to cryptocurrency and just want a simple all-in-one brokerage with low-fees, that also gives decent yield on deposits, then you may be better off simply going with Voyager — make sure to get the $25 sign-up bonus we mentioned above if you decide to sign-up to Voyager with a referral code.

Personally we use both Celsius and Voyager — we buy via Voyager and then after we’ve accumulated a few thousand USD worth we transfer it to Celsius, as before then the transfer-fee Voyager charges is too high to make it worthwhile in our opinion.