Voyager vs. Gemini - Which is Better for You? [2022]

Both Voyager and Gemini are incredibly easy to use and are some of the best fiat on-ramps available, however one really shines with it’s much lower fees and alt-coin options.

Personally we use both Gemini AND Voyager, however this is because occasionally we do very large buys/sells and use wire transfers — this isn’t what the average person would do — as a result we’d generally say Voyager is the better choice for most people.

The reasons we believe Voyager is better for most people is because they have WAY lower commissions/trading-fees than Gemini, and a better variety of quality alt-coins to trade and invest in. Voyager also provides passive income via interest on your crypto holdings by staking the POS coins you hold within your Voyager account — Plus they offer a tasty $25 sign-up bonus.

With that being said we think Gemini can be better for certain types of people, especially high-net worth people who want to buy large volumes with fiat ($10,000+ in a week), we’ll explain more below.

We’d also recommend you check out our articles comparing both Gemini vs Coinbase and Coinbase vs Voyager to get a better idea of how Voyager and Gemini compare to other big-name popular exchanges, such as Coinbase.

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Which has less fees - Voyager or Gemini?

While this may seem relatively straight-forward as Voyager has 0 commissions, this is largely marketing — when you buy or sell on Voyager’s app they price the coins up or down by about 0.3%, so you get wrecked a bit on the spread — but otherwise there’s no commissions.

Meanwhile Gemini charges between 1.5% to 5%  — The only way around this is to wire-transfer in your money or wait 1-2weeks for the funds to settle then buy DAI then transfer it to another exchange, and all that effort will save you only 0.1% in commission, or about $1 on $1000. That’s just not worth all the effort for most people.

So Voyager is far better in terms of fees at least for now — maybe one day Gemini will lower it’s fees, but that day has yet to come.

Which Has The Best Signup Bonus Offers - Voyager or Gemini?

Voyager definitely wins this category — They require the same $100 or more of purchases/sells that Gemini requires, however Voyager offers $25 for that rather than $10 like Gemini offers.

Ultimately Gemini’s $10 just for buying or selling some ($100 of) cryptocurrency is still a good deal it’s not as good as Voyagers, but ultimately you can collect both sign-up bonuses if you wish so there’s no reason to not snag them both.

Voyager offers only a $25 bonus, but it’s very easy and straight-forward to get, all you have to do is sign up for an account and enter in the promo code “ZACYAJ” when signing up and buy $100 or more of crypto through the app and you’ll get $25 in bitcoin right-away deposited into your account.

Overall it doesn’t make sense nabbing just one sign-up bonus, but hey if you aren’t interested in giving out your info to extra exchanges you don’t plan on using don’t collect them both, it’s all up to you of course.

Which Offers the Best Yields - Voyager or Gemini?

Voyager definitely wins this category as well — We always include this category in comparisons because most exchanges have the ability for you to stake or loan out your cryptocurrency and earn a yield on it — well Gemini really doesn’t allow this currently at all so Voyager wins this category by default as they at least offer 1-2% per year on most cryptocurrencies you hold on the Voyager Exchange.

While Voyager offers some yield it’s still not very good compared to actual crypto-lending platforms such as Celsius or Blockfi which offers 5% -> 12% on most cryptocurrencies per year in yield. So if you’re looking for yield, opt for one of them — personally we prefer Celsius to BlockFi.

Which is more Trustworthy - Voyager or Gemini?​

This is pretty much a draw — Both Gemini and Voyager are quite literally the most top-notch of top-notch exchanges in terms of trustworthiness and safety — they don’t have any bad elements, history in their past, or troubling connections. They’ve got insurance against loss, they are huge multi-million dollar companies, they’ve been around for many many years, they have amazing teams, they use multi-sig cold storage for the majority of assets held by them (the gold standard), etc, etc, etc — they’re both definitely trustworthy.

What Advantages does Gemini have over Voyager?

The main advantage I’d say to using Gemini is if you’re dealing with large volume transactions and are willing to send a wire transfer you can get your funds quicker and send them off to buy rare altcoins/shitcoins that aren’t on either of these exchanges.

Beyond this there aren’t any other big advantages to Gemini, ultimately we’d like to say they’re a little more trustworthy as they’re one of the biggest crypto-custodians, but ultimately as we mentioned above in the trustworthiness section they’re both best-in-class and have similar procedures, so this advantage doesn’t really exist — but rather has been marketed into our head.

If you want to go with Gemini, or simply grab their $10 sign-up bonus, you can check out all the promotions they currently offer (including the $10 one) by clicking here.

What Advantages does Voyager have over Gemini?

Voyager has way lower fees than Gemini, offers interest on your Cryptocurrency holdings (albeit not much, Celsius offers much better interest on Crypto) while Gemini doesn’t offer this for any cryptocurrencies, and the sign-up bonus is better than Gemini’s sign-up bonus.

Really the only downside to Voyager is the lack of a Wire-transfer option, and as a result they do not allow you to buy cryptocurrency and withdraw it the same day you send the money to them — instead with Voyager they must wait for the ACH (bank) transfer to clear. But unless you were willing to pay the $25+ fee for wire-transfers this isn’t relevant to you, as Voyager has the same policy for ACH transfers.

Of course if you think Voyager is right for you then go to this page and check out Voyager’s current promotions — including their $25 sign-up bonus before signing up.

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