Youhodler Working Sign Up Bonuses & Promos [2022]

These are all the currently available sign-up bonus offers, promo codes, and referral codes that you can use when signing up to the Youhodler, as well as how they work — generally with Youhodler all you have to do is use a special sign up link like this one,  complete the KYC documents, and then you’ll either automatically get the current fee discount they’re offering. In some cases you have to contact support though.

The easiest promotion to participate in currently with Youhodler is simply their Refer a Friend program, which allows friends to give (and receive) a 1% interest yield bonus for a short time after signing up for a new account. 

You can use our referral link by simply clicking here however as this promotion is manually applied you’ll need to let support know which coin you want to earn extra interest on after signing up.

With this being said if you have a friend who uses Youhodler sign up through their link and let support know about them so they get the bonus, we don’t mind — help your friend out if you have one that uses Youhodler already.

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Youhodler's Refer-a-Friend Offer:

With Youhodler’s refer a friend program simply need to sign-up with a referral link from a friend (use ours by clicking that one, friend 😉) and then you’ll generally need to contact support and let them know which coin you’d like to earn bonus interest on. 

Once you’ve signed up and gone through the sign-up processes like verifying your email address, identity, and phone number, you can participate in their refer a friend program and refer your friends to Youhodler — doing so can grant you a small bonus of 1% on the coin of your choosing whenever a friend signs up (doesn’t stack) for a short period of time after they sign up, usually sometime between 30 and 90 days.

Youhodler's Affiliate Program Offer:

Youhodler has an affiliate program for influencers, websites, youtubers, or people who refer many people that allow the referrer to earn extra money — usually around $10 per sign-up — that joins the Youhodler platform. This doesn’t give the referred any bonus though, so it’s not that interesting in our opinion.

To join the program you need to apply directly with Youhodler, and after a review and some emails back and forth you can become an affiliate if you have enough traffic and produce good content that’s not click-baity or spammy.

Expired Youhodler Promotional Offers:

Youhodler often has temporary promotions — in the past they’ve given away iphones and Teslas as well as travel packages — but these have all expired for some time now — you can learn more about the promotions that have expired on Youhodlers page about their current and past promotions.

Youhodler's Sign-up Bonus FAQ's:

Some questions have been asked to us about Youhodler’s sign-up bonus offers, so we’ve decided to expand this article to include the most common questions we have seen and had people ask us about or we saw people ask on other sites such as reddit.

Does Youhodler offer a monetary bonus, like a free $50 for signing up?

No, while other platforms like Celsius or Nexo do, currently Youhodler doesn’t offer any fixed sign-up bonus offer from our understanding. You can always check their promotions page on the Youhodler website for new sign-up offers we may have not yet included above, but in the past they haven’t done this and don’t seem to plan to in the future from what we understand.

What do you do if you haven’t recieved a bonus?

Contact support and let them know — bonuses with Youhodler are not automatically credited from our understanding. They’ll usually email you, but if they do not message them if you have recently signed up simply message their support and let them know what coin you want to earn the extra interest on.

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