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S'more Sign-Up Promotions (2021)

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S’more App often has sign-up promotions that range from a certain amount of points just for signing up with a specific code to a percentage-bonus to rewards you earn in the app for a set period of time.

Currently there’s only one sign-up promotion for S’mores — Simply use Code CN4FD6 when signing up and you’ll get the currently sign-up reward they’re offering — or use a friend’s code, anyone’s referral code will work for this promo.

The rewards for it vary, sometimes it’s as little as 25 points, sometimes it’s a percentage-bonus of your earnings in the app for a certain period of time — regardless there’s no point not doing it, so give it a go.

How much are S'more Points worth?

This may vary, but generally for redemptions for say Amazon Giftcards you can get 1 cent per point, meaning for 300 points you can receive a $3 Amazon gift-card. You can get this passively every month simply for having the app installed on your phone, which is pretty good.

Is S'more Safe to Use?

Some people are concerned if S’more is safe; I don’t really see what the concern is. We all see advertisements all the time — this is all S’more does — advertise to you using your home-screen. Ultimately we’ve had no problems when testing S’more and don’t consider it unsafe to use, however keep in mind they will likely collect some data when you use the app and potentially sell it to 3rd parties — so if you’re concerned with location data don’t enable it in the app.

Is S'more Worth Your Time?

While normally we’re very negative towards “free rewards” apps and websites, S’more is actually pretty good and doesn’t seem to rip users off like most of them do. They don’t pay much, but they also don’t take much of your time.

Ultimately it’s up to you — if you are an adult who’s making over $40,000 a year then it’s not really worth the bother for an extra $40 a year, but otherwise it’s up to you — it could be worth your time, at least if it doesn’t frustrate you being delayed half a second until you unlock your phone and swipe off the S’more adscreen.

Does S'more have any other Promotions?

No currently the only one is a sign-up bonus when you sign-up with a referral code such as CN4FD6 — well you can also refer friends and receive 25 free points for everyone who signs up and uses the app for a certain period of time. But ultimately it’s the same promotion, just the other end of the offer.

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