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Moralis Academy Review - Detailed Courses & Guides

In our experience Moralis Academy is the best (paid) educational resource in the Crypto-Space, and most people interested in crypto would benefit from signing up to the academy for at least a few months to absorb the information they’re most interested in — of course for people interested in taking blockchain development more seriously will generally be better off going with a yearly membership, as the relevant courses take quite some time to complete in our experience.

In this review we’ll cover our experience with Moralis Academy (formerly Ivan on Tech Academy) and the quality of information compared to other crypto-education courses we’ve taken — but before we get into all the specifics we’ll give a brief overview below for those of you that just want an answer quickly.

Moralis Academy Basic Feature Overview | Overall Rating 4.4 ⭐
💰 Fees & PricingLower Than Most
💻 Course QualityAbove-Average
🛠 Support QualityAbove-Average
🥇 Best-ValuePremium Plan

If you don’t care about any of that and just what a no-nonsense simple and quick answer to trust blindly: Crypto Investors and Hobbyists would benefit from a month or two studying with the “premium” plan, or even a yearly package, but the yearly “professional” plan isn’t really necessary unless you are interested in starting a business or career involving Crypto or blockchain.

With that being said if you want to do blockchain development or be involved in the crypto space more than casually hands-down I’d say Moralis Academy is the best choice for this. The Premium plan is adequate for this, but we’d recommend the professional plan if you’re planning to do this as a job. The personal guidance is worth the extra price and helps tremendously if you hit a road block and are struggling to understand the course-material.

If you want to get discounts we won’t bury them either: this link provides you with 50% off if you buy the yearly course (for pros) and this link to a sales page should give casual crypto folks (or anyone) a 14-day free trial or a small discount depending on the current promo they’re offering, both links should provide the best offers available currently.

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Moralis Academy Unique Features & Benefits:

If we’re being honest here Moralis Academy is unlike any other blockchain education platform/resource out there currently — other than Moralis Academy there’s only a few blockchain development courses, and there’s basically no guidance or structured courses for most of the topics Moralis Academy offer such as advanced DeFi transactions and enterprise blockchain courses. 

Because of this we won’t really dive deep into this section like we normally do, as there’s really no competition that compares, meaning almost everything about morals academy is unique. The most unique notable things though is that Moralis Academy has experts who can help you if you run into trouble when studying, they will also make you a custom study plan if you pay for their professional package, and they just generally offer courses and topics that are much more in detail and valuable, actionable, than any other resource online.

Moralis Academy Biggest Pros & Cons:

While we mentioned some pros above we didn’t really cover the cons of Moralis Academy yet, or all the pros, so we’ll dive into those below in a quick list — anyhow here’s Moralis Academy’s biggest pros:

  • Clean User Interface
  • Courses are kept up to date
  • Support is fantastic
  • You get many many courses in one membership
  • Has unique course topics like enterprise blockchain and defi

With that being said there are some cons with Moralis Academy:

  • Doesn’t really work well on mobile
  • Doesn’t provide notes for all courses, so you’ll need to take your own
  • Costs more than other resources (but is more comprehensive)

Overall we’d say the disadvantages aren’t really issues for most people — if you’re going to be studying, especially blockchain development, you’ll likely want to use a computer and take your own notes anyway — and paying a bit of a premium to get access to all of the courses moralis academy offers, and better more up to date courses, is hardly an issue to me.

Moralis Academy Pricing for Average Users:

Moralis Academy Pricing

We can all check Moralis Academy’s pricing page and see what prices they charge, but not all of us know which plans are best for who and which type should someone go for depending on their plans and goals — we’ll try to help you decide if you’re on the edge which plan to choose yourself.

To not bury the lead though — the basic plan is best taken on a monthly basis if you are new to crypto and just want to learn some basics, the premium plan is best if you want to really become a crypto expert but aren’t going to try to get a job in the field and is okay either on a monthly or yearly basis, and the professional plan is best for people wanting to become blockchain professionals and work in the industry and really it only makes sense if you’re committing to a year of it.

Basic Plan ($32/mo or $264/year)

The Basic plan Moralis Academy offers is either $32 a month every month you’re signed up, or you can get it for $22/mo if you sign up an pay for a year upfront making it $264/year in that case. If we’re being honest we wouldn’t recommend buying a year of their basic plan as there’s simply not enough content to justify it, you can easily cover the content available in the basic plan in just a few months, so we’d say it’s better to sign up monthly if you think the plan is right for you.

With that being said the basic plan is right for newbie cryptocurrency investors who want a good foundation and understanding of cryptocurrency and how it works, but don’t care to get a job in the sector, engage in advanced DeFi transactions, or do anything like this. If that’s you then you should sign up using this link which will take you to a page that’ll have a quick survey then offer you a 14-day free trial to get you started as there’s no discounts for this plan level.

Premium Plan ($77/mo or $696/year)

Similar to the Basic plan Moralis Academy gives you a 25% discount when you pay for a year upfront rather than month to month, and in this case we believe it’s worth paying for a year up front as with their premium plan you get access to all the courses in the academy, including the DeFi courses, programming courses, basic and technical analysis courses, everything — and well to cover all the material it’d take you a year or more, and to cover the material that you’re most interested in will likely still take over half a year or right around it, making the yearly option a good value. But either yearly or monthly can make sense depending on your goals.

This plan is good for anyone who is a serious investor, trader, or crypto enthusiast who may want to do something on their own in the space in terms of programming or projects, or simply get a good grasp on technical analysis, trading, DeFi protocols and daaps, etc, and is the program we’d say most people are best off going with as unless you’re going to pursue a career in blockchain development you don’t really need their professional plan that just includes extra guidance & help.

Professional Plan ($157/mo or $1404/year – $697/year with promo below)

Likewise with the other plans you also get a 25% discount when choosing yearly here, however with this plan really it doesn’t make sense to do a monthly plan as the benefit over the premium plan is dedicated experts who develop you a study plan and are on-demand for guidance and help regarding your studies, for any questions you may have or any troubles you may encounter, and well it doesn’t make sense to get a study plan and guidance if you’ll only be using the academy for a month.

This plan is really if you are committed to making blockchain development or cryptocurrency your full time job, as it’s quite a big expense and is meant to be a A to Z solution for learning everything you need to learn and getting to the point where you can be placed in a relevant job, generally within 6 months to 1 year if you are studying frequently and following the guidance they provide.

You can also get this plan for $697/year but simply signing up through this promotional link, which gives you 50% off the public price.

Moralis Academy Support Quality:

Moralis Academy has the best support of any crypto/blockchain education platform we’ve used, however keep in mind the support isn’t 1 on 1 unless you go with their premium plan or higher, and instead would be simple forum support — and the 1 on 1 support doesn’t entail you to detailed walkthrough or discussions with experts, but rather simple support for basic problems and questions — which is more than most courses already and adequate for most people.

For their full-service expert level support and guidance you’ll need to get Moralis Academy’s Professional Plan, which gives you a personal study tutor, 1 on 1 support, and access to experts in the field who will help you with career advice and explanations if you need any along your learning journey.

Moralis Academy vs It's Competitors:

There’s not really many good competitors out there right now in our view, as most of the other crypto-educational resources simply only scrap the surface or are severely out of date (around 1-3 years in most cases), and thus there’s only a few we can really say stand their own against Moralis Academy.

Due to the above, rather than really comparing Moralis to the competition, as the academy wipes the floor with the competition, we’ll simply mention a few specific courses that are a good alternatives for people who want to become independent blockchain developers and do not want the help Ivan and the Moralis team provide in regards to guidance and helping people secure employment in the sector.

If that’s you, or you simply want to learn about blockchain development but don’t care to pursue it as a career, we’d recommend a course such as Code with Solidity and Ethereum on Udemy, as it’s an overall good course that’s kept up-to-date and is more affordable (when on sale) compared to Moralis Academy’s full-access style where you get all-in-one rather than a specific course. 

Anyhow it’s a fantastic course that covers everything you need to know about Eth in programming terms, although currently when writing this it doesn’t include much on Defi, so if that’d be core to you then opt for Moralis Academy instead for a month or two to learn about DeFi and other topics not covered in the course that in my opinion are critical for most Ethereum Development projects now.

Our Experience Using Moralis Academy:

To get the “full experience” we decided to take the “professional” plan to truly get a feel for Moralis Academy (formerly Ivan on tech academy) and make sure the extras that come with such a plan are worth the cost/bother or if they are not-so-great half-baked garbage.

The extras that come with the bonus plans are pretty much as advertised, and we think 95% of people who are aspiring to become a blockchain developer would definitely benefit greatly by going with the premium-priced “professional” plan. They provided a good outline and study plan to keep you on-track and accountable, as well as provide guidance on-demand when we ran into some troubles in understanding the course material. Basically you get an on-demand expert in the topic that’ll help you, a teacher, if you struggle with any part of the courses or have questions about implementation of what’s taught (security/etc).

We learned a lot in the courses we took in the Academy, and ultimately while we don’t plan to become blockchain developers we easily got our money’s worth if not for any reason other than learning how to program flash-loans in Defi when they first released guides on it earned us most of the cost of the course back. But now that more people know that skill it’s not basically free money — but point being we definitely don’t regret buying into Ivan’s/Moralis Academy. 

As we said before in this article, we’d recommend average investors to just get a few months in the “premium” plan, while we do think aspiring blockchain developers would benefit from a full-year at the “professional” level. Other folks should probably just buy a couple months and work through a few courses that interest them to get a better understanding on crypto which will help you make informed investing decisions in the future.

Some discounts Moralis Academy let us know of:

If you’re interested in giving the academy a try you can sign up through this link to get 50%+ off the professional yearly plan or sign up on this survey-y page to get a small discount and/or a 14-day free trial (depending on current promotion) — keep in mind for the second offer you’ll have to complete a silly survey first.
Those two links should provide the best available sign-up bonuses or discounts for the academy.

If you don’t want to pay any money or use the free trial you can get some free information and entry-level courses/books offered on occasion you can do so by signing up to one of Ivan’s webinars and getting an account with the Academy which periodically sends out free information or does free webinars with non-technical information that would benefit simple hobbyists and crypto investors.

Summary & Closing Thoughts

Moralis Academy has tons of courses, however with many of them you’ll only get access to them all if you get a “premium” or “professional” plan. In our opinion the basic plan, while good for complete-beginners to crypto, simply does not add enough value for people who already know the basics about crypto and ultimately you’d need/want to upgrade to get real insights into the space or opportunities when it comes to employment/business-ventures in the crypto-space.

Pretty much all the courses are best-in-class and either better than or comparable to other courses on the topic available online. With that being said Moralis Academy has especially great programming courses for crypto and blockchain, as well as fundamental courses for beginners. A few of their courses aren’t that great, such as the blockchain job search guide, however almost all of them are exceptional.

Assuming you take these courses seriously most beginners and investors could absorb all the non-developer/programming information in a month or two assuming you study every day or two for a few hours, however if you are interested in developing a Daaps or other simply get employed as a blockchain developer in the future (pays very well) then going with a year long membership is definitely the way to go, as their coding/programming courses are the best I’ve taken or seen anywhere and have way too much material to simply absorb in a month or two.

Moralis Academy Review FAQ's:

Below we’ll cover FAQ’s we’ve been asked, or encountered, or even had asked ourself about Moralis Academy when we first were checking them out and as we used them — If you have other questions feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can — and maybe even add our answer down below.

Is Moralis Academy the same as Ivan On Tech Academy?

Ivan on Tech Academy was rebranded and merged with Moralis Academy, so more or less yes they're the same now -- however in reality Moralis Academy is a bit different, better refined and with a bit more information/detail and courses than Ivan on Tech's Crypto Academy offered in the past as the team that runs it is bigger and more advanced after rebranding + merging with Moralis Academy. All the courses Ivan use to provide with his academy are provided now through Moralis Academy, and he still is involved with the academy just like before, so don't worry you'll be in good hands with Moralis Academy.

Does Moralis Academy offer any discounts or sign-up bonuses?

Yes Moralis Academy offers 50% off their yearly professional plan when you sign up through this page on their website. If you aren't interested in such a big commitment, or are a more casual learner and not planning to become a blockchain professional then they also offer a 14-day free trial which would be better for such users, you can get the free-trial by signing up through this page on their website.

Does Moralis Academy Update Their Courses Regularly?

Yes from what we've seen and experienced their courses are kept up to date and aren't just made once and abandoned -- not a lot will change after it's produced generally,  however over time new sections are added as updates to the blockchain and crypto space in general occurs, or bugs/errors are uncovered which new developers should be aware of and how to ensure the security of the protocols they're developing is maintained.

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